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Steering Commitee and Art & Science Group at IMéRA - Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies, Performer, composer and sound technology researcher, Former Executive Director at Camargo Foundation, Former Sr. Software Engineer at Inxight Software and Xerox PARC, Former Software Engineer at Sony on SuperAudio CD Mastering Workstation (Sonoma)
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Audio, Visualization, R&D, Knowledge Management

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Jean-Pierre DAUTRICOURT is a composer, performer, informatician and sound technology researcher. He serves on the Steering Committe of IMERA ( in Marseille, France. He previously served as Executive Director of the Camargo Foundation, a US non-profit organization which operates a residential and cultural center in Cassis for scholars and artists from around the world. His previous experience includes 20 years as R&D professional in music and media arts, bioinformatics, visualization and knowledge management. He also composed and taught music at several American universities. Dautricourt trained both as an engineer and as a musician, and holds a PhD in music composition from Harvard University. He has published multiple articles and essays, notably on pattern recognition, database similarity searching, and software tools for music composition. His current research interests include new sound transformations, new performance virtual spaces and high-resolution audio over networks.


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