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United Kingdom
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Community Mental Health Nurse Older Adults
NHS - Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust
Independent Researcher
Independent Researcher

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NHS - Community Mental Health, General Nursing, Informatics Specialist

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Community Mental Health Nurse Older Adults & Researcher
CMHT Brookside
Aughton Street
Ormskirk L39 3BH, UK
Blogging at "Welcome to the QUAD"
RMN, RGN, CPN(Cert.), PGCE, BA(Hons) Comp/Phil, PG(Dip) COPE, MRes.
Hodges' Health Career - Care Domains - Model
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Learning Drupal in order to create a new dynamic website to replace a static site started in 1998:
My blog - "Welcome to the QUAD"
- will slow down in an effort to focus (I can't stop writing)!
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