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Forcontu is specialized in Drupal training and consulting since 2009. We have developed a training program that facilitates Drupal learning and it is suitable for developers and people without programming skills.

Forcontu also offers development and consulting services, our Drupal experts can help you in developing Drupal sites and improving your professional future with Drupal.

Forcontu organizes diferent kinds of Drupal training programs in English and Spanish:

  • Online Course of Expert in Drupal 7 - 420 hours - 3 modules and a final project
  • Online Course of Expert in Drupal 7 Flexible - You can learn monthly and stop when you need it.
  • Online Course in Drupal 7 Site Building (without programming skills) - 180 hours - 2 modules
  • Online Course in Drupal 7 Development (programming custom modules and themes) - 180 hours

With Fran Gil we have published 10 books about Drupal in Spanish and English:

  • Aprende Drupal 6. Nivel inicial
  • Aprende Drupal 6. Nivel intermedio
  • Aprende Drupal 6. Nivel avanzado
  • Experto en Drupal 7. Nivel inicial
  • Experto en Drupal 7. Nivel intermedio
  • Experto en Drupal 7. Nivel avanzado
  • Experto en Drupal 7. Nivel experto - In collaboration with Drupal community experts
  • Expert in Drupal 7. Beginner
  • Expert in Drupal 7. Intermediate
  • Expert in Drupal 7. Advanced

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Forcontu contributes with several projects in the Drupal Community:

We have sponsored different Drupal events in Spain and South America:

We have participated in several sessions of the Global Training Day:

  • 14/12/2012 Online Course and two presencial sessions of 38 hours
  • 15/03-2013 Online Course of 60 hours
  • 15/11/2013 Two presencial sessions of 16 hours
  • 28/02/2014 Two presencial sessions of 16 hours
  • 27/02/2015 Presencial session of 4 hours
  • 04/05/2015 10 x Drupal Training Scholarships for the Expert in Drupal 7 online course


Drupal Association Organization Member

forcontu helps support and grow the Drupal community with the Drupal Association.

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