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Retired data processing and systems development manager from New York State. Started in the punched card era, through mainframes, PC's, LAN's and into the Internet. Wrote and conducted RFP's and contracts, hired and managed staff and consultants, got a help desk going, dealt with unrealistic demands, used Y2K nonsense to justify buying 350 new PC's and generally did what needed to be done.

After retirement ran a bicycle club web site using RavenCMS and wrote PHP/MYSQL based ride calendar and membership system as well as Paypal interface to collect membership dues and register people for events. Worked on development team for RavenCMS. Made themes W3C compliant, eliminating numerous bugs. Wrote block management facility and contributed to administrative interface.

Now retired from full time web work. Manage my own Drupal8 based site for travelogues and photo albums as well as whatever else I choose to post. Would love to help with Drupal 8 but estimate it would take 10 to 20% of the time that actuarial tables say I have left just to learn enough to make minor programming contributions. Not going to happen.

Ride my bicycle a lot (3000+ miles a year).


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