The following is a list of organizations that indicate they provide Drupal training services.

For upcoming Trainings check Events section and Global Training Days.

Magic Logix

Magic Logix provides onsite and offsite training to utilize a standardized and proven approach to learning Drupal. We work with professional developers who need to learn Drupal and with non-developers who want to learn how to build Drupal sites while utilizing the best practices and live demos.

Makina Corpus

A Drupal player since 2006, Makina Corpus provides training in every aspect of Drupal work: content creation, site building, module integration, development and theming.

Training sessions are conducted by active Drupal developers sharing their real-world experience, they can be organized either at Makina Corpus' or in a location choosen by the client.

Format is flexible...

Multimedia Information Systems


I have trained at least 3 teams in the Portland area since 2006. I have been using Drupal since v4.5 and am very well versed in module development, theme design & development and site building and site operations using many of the core & contributed modules.

Modules Unraveled Logo

Modules Unraveled offers premium training videos on contributed modules, and topics related to Drupal sitebuilding. There are videos on Organic Groups, Simplenews, Views, Search API and many more.

MTech, LLC

MTech, LLC

Since November of 2014, MTech has been a leading sponsor of Global Training Day events in Nicaragua, where they have pioneered curriculum to teach dozens of Nicaraguans how to use Drupal 8. They are also active in camps and DrupalCons.

multimedia partners logo

Multimedia Partners

Need to learn Drupal quickly? Multimedia Partners delivers courses in Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 Site Building, Theming & Layout, and Module Development. We can deliver these courses using live virtually technologies such as WebEx or at the customer's location. Multimedia Partners training is focused on getting you and your team up to speed quickly on Drupal.

New England Regional Developers


No matter your skill level, NERD educators are ready, willing and able to help.

Join us in learning:

  • Content Management Systems like Drupal and WordPress!
  • Coding languages like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP and more!
  • Concepts such as responsive design, ​efficient workflow, SEO, and mobile-first...

net2Community Logo

net2Community, Inc.

net2Community, Inc. has been providing training and support for hundreds of people on the Drupal system since 2007, providing training for all skill levels. We offer custom and structured instruction for the following:

  • Content Editors
  • Webmasters and Site Administrators
  • Site Builders
  • Advanced Drupal Topics

We understand that you have...

New Valley Media Logo

New Valley Media

We offer varied levels of training based on your teams needs. We can do training remotely via webcasts, videos, Q&A sessions etc. We also offer onsite training for a more personal approach. This allows us to customize the material based on the knowledge level and needs of the individuals or groups. With this option, we will teach the theory along with a demonstration and then let...

North Studio

North Studio

We provide world class Drupal training tailored to individuals and corporations across the US and Canada. Our clients include web content managers, CTOs, marketers and business owners of all ability levels. We can cover Drupal 6, 7 and 8 content administration training as well as provide cross training from other popular content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla.