The following is a list of organizations that indicate they provide Drupal training services.

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DAVYIN Internet Solutions / 戴文信息科技有限公司

DAVYIN Drupal Trainings / 戴文Drupal培训

We provide enterprise Drupal training services and community training(free). Know more about enterprise training, please contact; for community training please follow the publish on https://groups....

Debug Society

We teach highly in-demand software development.

Individual attention: 5-12 students per class.

Curriculum is personalized based on students' needs.
Work on functionality-rich websites.

Graduates have been hired as developers by Acquia, Debug Society, Taoti Creative, and more.


Droplabs is an event venue for Drupal classes for trainings from local Drupal user groups as well as companies, including:


Dropsolid offers Drupal training through its Academy. We have an extensive training catalogue, offering training for every possible person: Drupal Developers from Junior to Senior, Project managers, Front end developers, Webmasters and End Clients. Besides standardized training packages we also offer custom training to cover your specific needs. - Die Drupal CMS Experten aus Ostwestfalen-Lippe

We're providing individual Drupal CMS trainings for your custom needs.
Tranings can take place in your company and may contain practical just as theoretical components. Demonstrations or proof-of-concept workshops are possible. Just as you like!

One-day trainings start at a cost of € 800,- plus taxes, travel and expense. More-day...


Drupal oriented training for:

  1. Long term studying program - stage 1
  2. development
  3. project management
  4. individual training
  5. skype consultations



All Drupal Trainings including site building,theme development,module development etc. For live online trainings visit

Drupal Partners

Drupal Partners

Our team of Drupal developers have been developing Drupal sites since 2009. We’ve seen what works, what doesn’t and what makes life easier for our clients. Because of our years of experience, we offer detailed, comprehensive and fun Drupal Training!

Beginner Training - $1,250 (Cost/Day/Group)


Career Training: The Drupal Career Starter Program is the premier comprehensive training course for those who wish to get a kickstart to a career in Drupal. We broke the funding barrier to Workforce Investment Boards for open source technology training with our highly-regarded, immersive, skill and confidence...

Drupalize.Me Drupal 8 rocket


We offer personal and organization memberships to suit everyone's needs. Sign up today and start learning!

(Hint: If you are a member of the Drupal Association, you can get 20% off!)