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IssueCertain roles should be exempt from redirection laughnan32 hours 27 min ago
IssueTwigExtension Assertions Aki Tendo42 hours 28 min ago
IssueRequest for 'confirmed' role luk_196902 hours 28 min ago
IssueNotice: Undefined index: *EXIF_FIELD_PLACEHOLDER* in exif_custom_process_entity() FreeAndEasy132 hours 28 min ago
Issuewebform id is changing after submit wil209112 hours 29 min ago
Forum topicMake Commerce Shipping Profile NOT required when changing shipping option. joeuk02 hours 30 min ago
Issueadd/remove somebody to/from discussion (Privatemsg forwarding) igorik932 hours 31 min ago
IssueAdd CompositeConstraintBase for conditional validation involving multiple fields fago182 hours 31 min ago
IssueMake processors, datasources, service classes into proper plugins drunken monkey202 hours 31 min ago
Issue[D7] Date Multiselect jackbravo72 hours 33 min ago
IssuePrevent blocked users from logging in heatherwoz72 hours 33 min ago
IssueRobots.txt fails to be generated somatics22 hours 34 min ago
IssueMove D6 dumps to avoid collisions with D7 dumps hosef302 hours 34 min ago
IssueDrupal Behavior Use Context EAnushan32 hours 34 min ago
Issuemenu link deployment - correctly deploying menu items in a language other than the current interface or current context joseph.olstad242 hours 35 min ago
IssueHow to get views to display a listing of the field collection items in alphabetical order? Nolza62 hours 35 min ago
Module projectViews Linker Robert Castelo02 hours 35 min ago
Issuedrush wfx range command does not work Liam Morland32 hours 36 min ago
IssueInvalid token validation error Alan D.72 hours 37 min ago
IssueRefactor navigation/menus Kristina Katalinic612 hours 40 min ago
Releaserng 8.x-1.x-dev dpi02 hours 40 min ago
IssueProblem with timezone handling (caused by date_get_timezone_db returning only UTC) brenk28752 hours 41 min ago
Book pageChart HowTos Pierre.Vriens02 hours 41 min ago
IssueUncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'profile' of undefined alberto5632 hours 42 min ago
IssueNeed to delete the file and clean up record in tables pvasili22 hours 43 min ago