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IssueRemoved link to hacked demo-site killes@www.drop.org01 hour 45 min ago
IssueSearch reindexing should invalidate cache tags Wim Leers141 hour 46 min ago
IssueCache rebuilt lock hit: event_init FSheFF11 hour 46 min ago
Forum topicHow to Modify File Attachment Links to add target="_blank" mikeque21 hour 46 min ago
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IssuePush CSRF tokens for forms to #post_render_cache Fabianx21 hour 48 min ago
Releaseresponsive_menus 7.x-1.x-dev drastik01 hour 48 min ago
IssueClean-up forum module test members - ensure property definition and use of camelCase naming convention Mile23141 hour 48 min ago
IssueUnlock the "units" for the width settings progpapa41 hour 49 min ago
IssueInactive items keep disappearing anrikun01 hour 49 min ago
IssueReplace all instances of user_load(), user_load_multiple(), entity_load('user') and entity_load_multiple('user') with static method calls Temoor1161 hour 52 min ago
Book pagePHP mitchell121 hour 53 min ago
IssueIncorporate Select or Other Taxonomy module populist481 hour 54 min ago
IssueProblem with timezone handling (caused by date_get_timezone_db returning only UTC) brenk28791 hour 54 min ago
Module projectGQRCode balintcsaba01 hour 54 min ago
Module projectSelect (or other) haydeniv01 hour 55 min ago
Module projectBlock display control/duration devendra.yadav01 hour 55 min ago
Book pageStep 9 - Select your project on localhost nikhil.chavan138801 hour 56 min ago
Book pageStep10 - Select installation profile nikhil.chavan138811 hour 56 min ago
Book pageStep11 - Choose language nikhil.chavan138801 hour 57 min ago
Releaseentitybulkdelete 7.x-1.1 Rahul Seth01 hour 57 min ago
Releaseentitybulkdelete 7.x-1.0 Rahul Seth01 hour 57 min ago
IssueToken support Paul Lomax71 hour 57 min ago
Book pageStep12 - Database Configuration nikhil.chavan138821 hour 57 min ago
Book pageStep13 - Installing Drupal nikhil.chavan138841 hour 57 min ago