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Issuemerge existing tools for data upload mmicotti42 hours 57 min ago
Releasecarto_sync 8.x-1.0-alpha2 plopesc02 hours 58 min ago
Releasecarto_sync 8.x-1.0-alpha1 plopesc02 hours 58 min ago
Module projectFlag With Feedback Ram_doss02 hours 58 min ago
Forum topicRecipe cost calculator project Ryssbowh02 hours 59 min ago
Forum topicDrupal 8 Group Module: How to add a role to a group member? midhunps72 hours 59 min ago
IssueOverriding 'Display access settings' changes all displays unless 'Access control type' is also overridden David D643 hours 22 sec ago
Issue Views 3: Date field filtering based on another exposed filter date field makbuk23 hours 42 sec ago
IssuePort to Drupal 8 jian he33 hours 2 min ago
Issue[D7] Profanity Rules rishikant0583 hours 3 min ago
Issueuninstallation troubles due to outdated entity info Scatterspell173 hours 3 min ago
IssueAfter applying views filter, Reset goes to invalid URL ExTexan83 hours 6 min ago
IssueAdd external BrAPI site management interface guignonv13 hours 7 min ago
IssueCreate new account on slave subdomain (error: redirect back to slave) msajko13 hours 7 min ago
OrganizationKellton Tech Solutions Ltd abhishek@kelltontech.com03 hours 8 min ago
IssueSettings menu not visible in Admin/Config section gaurav.kapoor53 hours 10 min ago
IssueUse media bundles of individual media entities in MediaEntityDropzoneJsEbWidget::submit VladimirMarko43 hours 10 min ago
IssueOffering to maintain AdobeAnalytices, Need Full Access rights. kmoll43 hours 12 min ago
IssueUpdated [link, fakeobjects] CKEditor plugins from 4.6.0 to 4.7.0 RajabNatshah53 hours 13 min ago
Releasesearch_api_solr 8.x-1.x-dev drunken monkey03 hours 13 min ago
IssueHighlighter erroneously overwrites excerpt.snippets and excerpt.fragsize configs Les Lim113 hours 15 min ago
IssueCan not create 2 different Columns (Equal) paragrah types drupalfan213 hours 16 min ago
IssueRequest for 'confirmed' user role Shafi13feb13 hours 17 min ago
IssueAdd BS modal support njagojevic123 hours 17 min ago
IssueHow do you set default language? hkirsman13 hours 19 min ago