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Issue8.x tests are failing svenryen37 hours 27 min ago
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Issueurl alias compatibility? Stephen Rockwell37 hours 28 min ago
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IssueBlock View - Take away options Stephen Rockwell37 hours 29 min ago
Issueoauth/authorized should have its own permission, not "access content" garphy37 hours 36 min ago
Issue_drupal_error_handler_real() should not throw notice on unknown error level andypost57 hours 37 min ago
Module projectUniversal validation jiv_e07 hours 37 min ago
Releasefullcalendar_view 8.x-1.x-dev Mingsong07 hours 39 min ago
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IssueEditing a completed order and clicking on the void link in the payments section links to PHP error alexpott87 hours 57 min ago