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Issue[D7] Selfi das.gautam2771 hour 38 min ago
Releaseoa_core 7.x-2.x-dev mpotter01 hour 38 min ago
Issue.inc File default message - Lead to Registration wouser01 hour 39 min ago
IssueCan't import product types and associated products. paulbooker41 hour 39 min ago
IssueDefault file entities are not exportable by features (Sibling Issue) sylus311 hour 39 min ago
IssueDefault Filename not honored? bisonbleu31 hour 40 min ago
IssueWebform no longer sends emails Lizcx311 hour 40 min ago
IssueCorrection needed for hook_views_query_alter in views.api.php abhishek-anand131 hour 40 min ago
IssueMove the issue metadata to the top in markup tim.plunkett71 hour 40 min ago
IssueBubbles missing on latest dev. Collins40511 hour 42 min ago
IssueDocument not using t() in update functions Dave Reid71 hour 42 min ago
IssueFederated login link redirecting to simplesaml welcome page weavie41 hour 42 min ago
Module projectCommerce Views Better Balance jasonrichardsmith@gmail.com01 hour 43 min ago
IssueSeparate patches from other files for automatic credit & committing markcarver211 hour 43 min ago
IssueInter- plus intra-page conditions don't get inter-page values DanChadwick01 hour 43 min ago
Releaseoa_workbench 7.x-2.0-alpha3 hefox01 hour 43 min ago
Releaseviews_linker 7.x-1.x-dev Robert Castelo01 hour 43 min ago
Releaseoa_workbench 7.x-2.0-alpha2 hefox01 hour 43 min ago
IssueAdd a web.config to the several directories similar to the .htaccess file greggles161 hour 44 min ago
IssueInteresting solution combining admin menu and mobile izmeez101 hour 44 min ago
IssueApache solr auto complete function not working fires javascript error in firebug saifthe151 hour 45 min ago
IssueConflict with core patch OpenAtrium is running, causes fatal error sophiejones81 hour 46 min ago
IssueUse date format in select date range agrozyme51 hour 46 min ago
IssueHow to hide a TAB menu made by Views if the view itself return no results: is there a better way to accomplish this? MXT81 hour 46 min ago
Issuegetting php fatal error by trying to enable oa_moderation sophiejones191 hour 46 min ago