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IssueHook to add / alter headers sent to HTTPRL adrien.felipe215 hours 30 min ago
IssueAJAX error on config and no background image displayed laurencefass155 hours 31 min ago
IssueCan't log in with boost activated (File does not exist: /user) yan25 hours 32 min ago
IssueTransaction id is not validated tuutti115 hours 34 min ago
IssueMigrate D6 and D7 language negotiation settings pcambra1095 hours 34 min ago
Releasegesso 8.x-1.x-dev dcmouyard05 hours 35 min ago
Releasescheduler 8.x-1.x-dev pfrenssen05 hours 35 min ago
IssueUse drupalSettings instead of data-attribute to pass config to js StryKaizer75 hours 35 min ago
Issue[views_fieldsets] Views fieldsets legaudinier25 hours 36 min ago
IssueModify core block UI to seperate blocks into categories with tabs dsnopek155 hours 37 min ago
IssueMissing thumbnail preview can cause endless loop and 500 error rohnjeynolds35 hours 37 min ago
Releaseconfig_rewrite 8.x-1.x-dev brantwynn05 hours 40 min ago
IssueField display ajax returns "HTTP Result Code: 200" glass.dimly25 hours 41 min ago
IssueCustom Search + Views using custom search path adnasa55 hours 41 min ago
Issue2Checkout not posting shipping or tax fatmarker85 hours 42 min ago
IssueIssue queue UI has been broken for a while skyredwang155 hours 42 min ago
IssueAdd documentation for migration plugin discovery alter claudiu.cristea95 hours 44 min ago
Issue"String data, right truncated" - field mapper handling of long text fields jamsilver45 hours 44 min ago
IssuePanelizer's permissions don't play well with IPE permissions cboyden95 hours 46 min ago
IssueHow to call Full, Simple or Custom TOC ? tepelena15 hours 46 min ago
Documentation pageIntroduction to update API for Drupal 8 jhodgdon45 hours 47 min ago
IssueZoom animation elgandoz45 hours 50 min ago
IssueUser Autocomplete filter stops reset button from firing benjamin.merkley15 hours 52 min ago
IssueCreate an issue per language to track translation progress jungle55 hours 52 min ago
IssueWhat is hook_install() doing? m.stenta15 hours 53 min ago