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IssueDeprecate entity_get_bundles() for the injected entity manager Mile2376 hours 6 min ago
IssueKernelTestBaseNG™ sun1696 hours 7 min ago
IssueRequest message help text Matt B56 hours 8 min ago
IssueUser edit form status radio buttons empty if user status is blocked masipila76 hours 8 min ago
IssueConvert entity_get_bundles to a method on the entity manager dawehner196 hours 8 min ago
IssueImprove consistency in EntityFormInterface::save() implementations plach16 hours 8 min ago
Releaseauditfiles 7.x-3.0-beta2 oadaeh06 hours 12 min ago
Releaseauditfiles 7.x-3.0-beta1 oadaeh06 hours 12 min ago
IssueEnsure #markup is XSS escaped in Renderer::doRender() joelpittet2816 hours 13 min ago
IssueIntroduce PluginDefinitionInterface Xano1056 hours 14 min ago
Issueadds not displayed loparr86 hours 21 min ago
Releaseauditfiles 7.x-3.x-dev oadaeh06 hours 22 min ago
IssueRemove unused varibles from D8 rrfegade26 hours 22 min ago
IssueDiscuss deprecating or removing drupal_render_children() Cottser36 hours 33 min ago
IssueNot safe to use with "Administration Views" module spira226 hours 33 min ago
IssueSafeMarkup::checkPlain() and SafeMarkup::escape()'s behaviour is confusing alexpott16 hours 33 min ago
IssueImprove SafeMarkup class documentation alexpott16 hours 39 min ago
IssueAllow to honour ApacheSolr module commit settings amontero06 hours 43 min ago
Module projectQuatriceps pmagunia06 hours 49 min ago
Forum topicUnable to send e-mail. Contact the site administrator if the problem persists. shwchil46 hours 50 min ago
IssueAuto-placeholdering Wim Leers26 hours 54 min ago
Module projectCaascade pmagunia06 hours 54 min ago
Forum topicAdd programatically existing fields to a view Angelysto56 hours 55 min ago
IssueI need my public key added to devwww joachim146 hours 56 min ago
IssueRefactor MailFormatHelper to allow injection and testing. Sutharsan36 hours 57 min ago