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IssueConfigurable position of the ajax response ziomizar34 hours 5 min ago
IssueUncaught TypeError: tileSource.getTileGridForProjection is not a function larsmw44 hours 5 min ago
IssueAdd Finnish default config mErilainen54 hours 7 min ago
IssueBox widget color settings are in palette, not default_colors trl09154 hours 11 min ago
IssuePort SA-CONTRIB-2016-009 to the 8.x branch juliencarnot104 hours 12 min ago
IssuePromote to contrib kristougher24 hours 12 min ago
IssueCertain modules can't be enabled when Suhosin is used Andrej Galuf244 hours 19 min ago
IssueWrapper for multiple value fields are not affected by states. alexd7384 hours 19 min ago
IssueAjax http error 500 using two different pricing attributes alpinemedia44 hours 22 min ago
IssueNo effect on Date field with boolean target field Yousab44 hours 22 min ago
Releasebootstrap 7.x-3.x-dev markcarver04 hours 23 min ago
IssueAdd composer.json to Bootstrap markcarver84 hours 25 min ago
Releasebootstrap 8.x-3.x-dev markcarver04 hours 27 min ago
IssueAccess level of Drupal\address\Repository\CountryRepository::getDefaultLocale() jaapjan64 hours 32 min ago
Releasedrupal 8.3.x-dev xjm04 hours 33 min ago
IssueBlock add links should respect destination tim.plunkett164 hours 37 min ago
IssueCompletely re-do all the things. Mixologic134 hours 37 min ago
IssueRoute validation does not preserve request method, defaults to GET sjuvonen94 hours 42 min ago
IssueAdd a field formatter for the player dawehner104 hours 43 min ago
Releaseviews_slideshow 8.x-4.x-dev vbouchet04 hours 43 min ago
IssueCannot Browse Fonts (This webpage has a redirect loop) i25854 hours 47 min ago
IssueAdd the require jquery cycle library in composer json file. heykarthikwithu144 hours 47 min ago
IssueCreate an injectible service for drupal_set_message() Xano1804 hours 48 min ago
IssueMake use of proposed entity table relationship refactor chx154 hours 51 min ago
IssueConvert \Drupal\book\Tests\BookTest::testBookOrdering() to a JavascriptTestBase test claudiu.cristea394 hours 51 min ago