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Releasesocial_network_user_detection 7.x-1.0 Mschudders09 hours 23 min ago
IssueMake entity operations translation aware dawehner389 hours 25 min ago
IssueReplace array_merge_recursive by \Drupal\Component\Utility\NestedArray::mergeDeep() pcambra69 hours 28 min ago
Issuemove node.admin.css into classy mortendk139 hours 29 min ago
IssueTable select radio button bug Sinan Erdem09 hours 30 min ago
Issuestringencoders library now moved to github DamienMcKenna09 hours 42 min ago
Book pageTesting module (D7) / SimpleTest (D6) webchick09 hours 43 min ago
IssueSkins don't work at all 5n00py29 hours 45 min ago
Issue[meta] Make Drupal 8 work with SQLite amateescu389 hours 47 min ago
IssueRemove "ul.menu" dependency to prevent theme clashes hass579 hours 49 min ago
IssueUpdate JS library picturefill to 2.3.1 MustangGB99 hours 51 min ago
IssueDoes not work for me, get http error when uploading thaistore269 hours 57 min ago
IssueViews integration problem 5n00py210 hours 6 min ago
IssueUpdate CSS and README to the lacking span element lolandese010 hours 7 min ago
IssueProblem when converting a node to type biblio lejon510 hours 10 min ago
IssueDrop more browser specific prefixes sqndr710 hours 13 min ago
Issueok I'll start something clean. fugazi010 hours 15 min ago
IssuePathProcessorImageStyles needs tests likin710 hours 20 min ago
Forum topic[SOLVED] How to get a timestamp when using Date Popup from the Date module? lbelloq410 hours 22 min ago
Releaseslick 7.x-2.x-dev gausarts010 hours 22 min ago
Issue404 error l4f110 hours 22 min ago
Forum topicHow to use Cpanel and database password in settings.php aktarjahan2003210 hours 27 min ago
IssueAdd support for Private Message module ExTexan110 hours 38 min ago
IssueDeleting an entity translation from the UI deletes the whole entity amateescu14910 hours 39 min ago
IssueDoes linkchecker report its progress somewhere? ExTexan110 hours 40 min ago