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IssueLocation and Gmap module locpick support dan1eln1el5en82 hours 49 min ago
IssueWebform 4 Support jannis12 hours 49 min ago
IssueImageeditor doesn't work as expected after core update to 7.36 sophiejones62 hours 49 min ago
IssueThe double quote in title is being escaped Chloe Chen52 hours 50 min ago
Forum topicContent published without permissions amarcanth32 hours 50 min ago
IssueCourse object report override josebui32 hours 52 min ago
IssueSupport Image (and other) Fields sonicthoughts82 hours 52 min ago
IssueBest way to access Drupal db through casperjs javascript? glass.dimly12 hours 53 min ago
Releaseroomifycasa 7.x-1.x-dev cecrs02 hours 56 min ago
Releaseredis 7.x-3.4 pounard03 hours 27 sec ago
IssueUpdate module Bible 7.x-1.5 I has the following bugs: albee53 hours 1 min ago
Releasesegmentio 7.x-1.1 gobinathm03 hours 1 min ago
Releasesegmentio 7.x-1.0 gobinathm03 hours 1 min ago
IssueMake favicon overlay optional mparker1743 hours 1 min ago
IssueSecurity: API key sent as cleartext amontero03 hours 1 min ago
Issuefix object referencing issue when cloning node objects djdevin13 hours 1 min ago
IssueBasic settings write field to short. jucallme33 hours 1 min ago
IssueNo tabs with multiple search pages temem93 hours 4 min ago
Releasetwentyfifteen 7.x-1.x-dev sergeypavlenko03 hours 6 min ago
IssueTinyMCE skins leanderl43 hours 6 min ago
IssueSpecific preprocess functions for theme hook suggestions are not invoked gleroux022593 hours 7 min ago
IssueUse assert statements to prevent cryptic error throws from the Drupal TwigExtension when modules are misconfigured. Aki Tendo503 hours 8 min ago
IssueAvatar sergeypavlenko33 hours 10 min ago
IssueStyle for comments sergeypavlenko33 hours 10 min ago
Releaseviews_slideshow_swiper 7.x-1.0 JamesAn03 hours 11 min ago