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Issue\Drupal\views\Plugin\views\display\EntityReference::render returns the wrong datatype for empty results dawehner23 hours 26 min ago
Module projectListJs subhojit77703 hours 26 min ago
Issue[D7]-passwordwidgets amit.drupal243 hours 26 min ago
IssueAdd hooks before and after a feature's installation DuaelFr43 hours 27 min ago
Issue[D8] Help Text Toggle lee.cocklin53 hours 27 min ago
IssueThe "User has a revision" views argument handler generates a SQL error Artusamak123 hours 30 min ago
IssueReset the CurrentContext for every processed request e0ipso53 hours 32 min ago
IssueImport moodle words from csv? fishfree103 hours 35 min ago
IssueChange the hook_form_alter hook by the hook_form_BASE_FORM_ID_alter hook adriancid43 hours 43 min ago
IssueVisually indicate style miro_dietiker153 hours 43 min ago
Issue[D7] Available Hooks yogesh.kushwaha89273 hours 44 min ago
IssueAllow upgrading core with the update manager dww1143 hours 45 min ago
IssueAddress requires the commerceguys/addressing library. hass293 hours 45 min ago
Releasecontest 8.x-1.x-dev bkelly03 hours 49 min ago
IssueUndefined index error in Drupal\ajax_comments\Utility::getWrapperIdFromEntity() danmuzyka53 hours 52 min ago
Forum topicHide block if view is empty Polyspiral583 hours 53 min ago
IssueMigration process plugin doesn't call setMessage on the migration idMap NickWilde83 hours 54 min ago
IssueRevision UUIDs are not unique using bean_uuid badjava93 hours 54 min ago
IssueFix spelling errors in Drupal core comments vaplas493 hours 54 min ago
IssueRefactor simpletest's *_phpunit_*() functions etc. to a class Mile23703 hours 54 min ago
IssueAdd support for responsive images dan2k3k423 hours 55 min ago
IssueAllow other group type fields to be used as the label imclean33 hours 56 min ago
IssueUpdate to use packages.drupal.org ccjjmartin163 hours 58 min ago
IssueHow to use superlolo9514 hours 8 sec ago
IssueMarking date field as required does not display red asterisk indicating it is required Elijah Lynn24 hours 9 min ago