At Themery, we specialize in web design and development. Of course, as our name implies, we love designing and developing amazing custom Drupal themes. We are experts. We know Drupal’s theme system inside and out. We even wrote a book about it.

We believe in the Drupal project because of its openness, power, flexibility, and the top-notch experiences it allow us to create for our clients. We take pride in delivering compelling, cutting-edge websites that make our clients and their users happy. We strive to not only give our clients the best possible online presence, but to also give them a solid foundation on which to grow. Drupal helps us make this a reality.

Over the last six years we’ve worked on all types of websites, large and small, and continue to work with some of the very best Drupal developers out there. We’ve enjoyed every minute of it, and have managed to receive some cool awards along the way.

Contributing to the Drupal project is at the heart of our workflow. Web standards, performance and accessibility are very important to us and our clients, so we’ve made it a priority to be involved in helping to make Drupal’s future bright. We’ve contributed both modules and themes and we’re also key contributors to Drupal core, including the HTML5 Initiative, which is led by one of our own.

Drupal contributions