Drupal CSS for Monks

A javascript module which implements Theming tools and Drupal specific modifications to the CSS specification

Useful for:
Base Theme Builders

Apache Solr Custom Path

This module replaces 'apachesolr_search' string in a default search path 'search/apachesolr_search/%' of Apache Solr Search Integration module with more appealing 'search/your-custom-string/%'.

Sponsored by http://drupion.com, a Drupal-optimized hosting company.

Installation Instructions:

Members Page


Drupal sites are subject to web-bot registrations that target Drupal's /user/register url.

The Members Page module was crafted to fight this nuisance by creating a dedicated members page and registration page. The latter is available even if /user/register access is blocked. For added security, both page locations (url's) can be changed. Web-bots simply don't know where to look.


The Members Page module is available for Drupal versions 6 & 7.

The Members page

The Members page has a two panel content block with 3 different viewing modes:

  1. for the anonymous visitor
  2. for the member -- a user who has logged in by way of a session cookie or by providing a valid username and password
  3. for admins or members who have edit permissions

The visitor view has a greeting, a login block for existing members, and a link to a special registration form for new members. This registration form has elevated privileges. A visitor who completes this form will be registered immediately without admin approval (but still subject to email verification) regardless of the current site settings.

The members view has a greeting and a personalized configurable user-menu block.

Feeds FTP Fetcher

A Feeds plugin that will fetch files from an (s)FTP server.


Expermiental port of JFusion for drupal (JFusion without Joomla)

Link Hub

Link Hub is for collecting users' links to third party social networks (and other third-party sites). It is meant to be a scalable, customizable way to be the "hub" for all your users' "links".
In development by Ben Buckman for AntiquesNearMe.com.


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