i18n comments

A very simple module which would allow you to show all/any comments attached to all node translations. Just a great way to communicate in truly multi-lingual environments.

For example I have node in English and Spanish. Drupal natural way would be to show comments for en/es translation separately (attached to en/es content). But i18n_comments will aggregate all English and Spanish comments for any translations. It doesn't matter if user will leave a comment to any node translation.

How to use:

- Works with Drupal core comment module (not nodecomment).
- Works with Drupal core localization/translation modules, doesn't require i18n to be present (but works fine with it too).
- Just enable the module. There are no settings.

Need help:

- Tested on a few very different D7 setups, but not perfect yet most probably, please do test it and submit any bugs.
- Might not make sense with Drupal forums, pleas submit your experiences.

Alternative approach


Rules Bonus Pack

This module is a greenhouse for Rules functionality – triggers, actions and conditions that could be included in the Rules module, but probably should be tested out and voted on first. Feel free to add your own ideas, opinions, examples and feature requests!

Note 1: I do not plan to make a stable release of this project. It is a greenhouse for building and trying out new functionality for Rules, and should always be open for new and untested ideas.

Note 2: The Views integration in this kind of broken. It will be rewritten, but that has not started yet. If you want to use Views to load entities into Rules, I recommend Views Bulk Operations. See the VBO chapter at http://dev.nodeone.se/node/984 for a tutorial on how to do this.


The usual. Download, enable. You will need the Rules module. (Surprise!)



Use Views and drupal cache to aggregate views-fields into the <head> tag of the page.

Signup Rules Integration


Signup Rules provides Rules integration for Signup module (http://drupal.org/project/signup). Administrators can use this module to automatically modify users, nodes, and signups when certain site or Signup related events occur. Signup Rules can also be used to replace and enhance actions that are native to Signup module, like sending e-mails to users who have signed up for content.


Userreference Role

The Userreference role module makes it possible to grant roles to users who are referenced in a CCK Userreference field. Each Userreference field on a site can have a specific set of roles that are granted to referenced users.

Stay tuned for a README and initial release.


Bookmark Organizer

Bookmark Organizer

Bookmark Organizer extends Flag module by providing functionality to

  • arrange bookmarks by drag and drop them
  • create folders and place bookmarks into them
  • rename bookmarks and folders
  • show previews about bookmarks and contents of a folder
  • publish bookmarks stored in a folder to others

Bookmarks are always user related. However, a user who has access to 'administer users' can edit other users' bookmarks as well.





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