File admin

File admin extends the File entity module to add administrative options to files, including published, promoted, and sticky status.

The File entity module provides a lot of functionality for creating and editing file items, making it possible to use files as stand-along records rather than, for example, needing a node attached to a file. However, it's often important to be able to filter and sort files by the sort of criteria that nodes have: is a file published? sticky at the top of lists? promoted?

How to use File admin

  • After enabling the module, navigate to the file types page at admin/structure/file-types. Click the "Edit file type" link for a given file type. At the bottom of the form you will see a set of vertical tabs. Configure them to set the defaults for that file type. For example, to have videos default to unpublished, click the "Edit file type" link for video, click the "Workflow" tab, uncheck the "Published" checkbox, and submit.
  • Navigate to the user permissions page and optionally assign the "View own unpublished file details" permission to selected roles. This permission allows users to see their own files before they have been published.


Soga one is a theme for a corporate website.

Wysiwyg - Choose Image Style

Adds a listbox selector for wysiwyg editors, that enables the user to select an image style for images in the editor.

For now this module only supports the TinyMCE editor, but porting the functionality for other editors would probably be trivial for someone working with those.

Speech recognition

Examples of speech administration and usage of speech recognition.

Adds speech recognition to forms.

Allows site admins to enable experimental Speech Input API features on form inputs through a convenient user interface.

Speech recognition can, by configuration, be applied to all applicable form inputs, or enabled individually through a widget that appears next to form inputs. There is also an option to make a speech input automatically submit the form when it is used.

Idea Informer Widget

Enables the Idea Informer feedback widget on you website. First you need to create your project at, and then you enable this module, fill in the configuration options, and the widget is enabled.

Right now the implementation is very basic with only the most simple widget available, but that can easily be extended. I accept both co-maintainers and patches to improve the module.

This module is sponsored by Vejle Idrætshøjskole.


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