Who should use this module
Drupal websites/communities that need to allow users registered in IPB to login in Drupal. The registration process and user management will still be handled by IP.Board.


Estonian ID card integration

Estonian national smartcard ID card login using http://openid.ee OpenID provider.


1. Download the module and copy to your module directory (most likely sites/all/modules)
2. Enable the module (note: it also enables openid.module)
3. Navigate to admin/build/block and enable "Estonian ID card login" block

Note: the new block is only visible to non-logged users. To test it, run another browser where you are not logged in to your Drupal site.



Google Analytics Custom Variables

Note: As of version 6.x-3.1, most of this functionality is now built into the Google Analytics module. Use this module only if you're using an older version of GA, or if you need the statistics support.

This module allows arbitrary/custom variables to be tracked with Google Analytics.
(These variables can then be queried using the Google Analytics API.)



OpenChurch 2x dev

About OpenChurch

The OpenChurch distribution is for churches and ministries. It is a flexible platform with common features for churches that can help streamline development of these websites.


Ubercart Multiple Discount Coupons

This module is used for applying multiple coupons to the same order. Ubercart Discount Coupons module is required for the working of this module. uc_multi_coupon is not providing a way to create new coupons but a way to add any number or coupons to the order. Inorder to enable the feature go to order settings page at http://example.com/admin/store/settings/orders/edit/basic and check the box saying "Enable multiple coupon discount".


Keyword SEO

Perfectly Optimized Page

Do you want to be #1 in search engine results? Want to be in the top 10 listing for more than one set of keywords? This module is for you.

My business has a problem. We have a product that we would like people to be able to find from various search queries:

  • Odor Neutralizer
  • Odor Control
  • Odor Removal
  • Odor Eliminator

Google is pretty smart, it can figure out that similar words should be show in the same results, such as "Removal" and "Remover". Unfortunately, it won't group search results for more distinctive words like Neutralize and Eliminate.

This means you either need to stick with one search keyword or manually duplicate your content and modify it to include different keywords.

Until Now! Keyword SEO will dynamically generate pages with your keywords. It's easy to use.

After enabling and configuring the module, you will be presented with two fields attached to each page. The first field where you type the keyword phrase that is already present in your content. The second is where you put the keyword phrases you would like to replace the first field. It works like a "Find and Replace" feature of a text/code editor.



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