Rules Geocoder

Rules Geocoder provides a geocoding action for the Rules module.


Entity Translation

Beta 4 introduces some database schema changes, read carefully the release notes before upgrading.

Allows (fieldable) entities to be translated into different languages, by introducing entity/field translation for the new translatable fields capability in Drupal 7. Maintained by the Drupal core i18n team.

This project does not replace the Internationalization project, which focuses on enabling a full multilingual workflow for site admins/builders. Some features, e.g. content language negotiation or taxonomy translation, might overlap but most of them are unrelated.


  • Title module allows to replace entity labels with fields to make them translatable.


Entity Translation requires core version at least 7.15.



Profile Setup API

This module will be the successor to the Profile Setup module and will be available for Drupal 6 & 7.

The concept is the same as the Profile Setup module, to provide users with a form wizard to "set up their profile" once registered at a site.


CSS Watch

CSS watch allows themers to live edit theme CSS files. When a css file is saved, the file is reloaded on the page without a page refresh. This can save thousands of refreshes and may end up saving you considerable time.

It works by using JavaScript to poll the server for theme css files and ask if it has been modified. If yes, it will reload the stylesheet.

Only css files declared in your theme and base theme's .info file are polled, potentially saving the overhead of polling 30+ stylesheets.


Entrainment - Fluid Grid Layout

Entrainment theme is an expanding-multicolumn-fixed grid layout. It started as a simple proof of concept as a way to distribute blocks across the page in a strict grid and is expanding to become a complete theme. Entrainment theme is most suited for video, music, and photography sites but can be adapted to work with any drupal site.


FileField Sources Reference Options

This module is an extension of FileField Sources and adds the functionality described in #730578: Options for Autocomplete (restrict file list). It modifies the official Autocomplete Reference options, adding the ability to restrict the files retrieved by the autocomplete field using a view.



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