iCal Aggregator

iCal Aggregator module extends Core module Aggregator to support iCal formatted data.

Menu Maker

description = [menumaker] Create menu items automatically and bulk manage.
dependencies[] = menu
core = 6.x
package = Administration

* API and bulk edit functions for menus.

Allow All File Extensions

This module reverts Drupal 7's file upload widget to the Drupal 6 behavior, and trusts the site administrator to be smart enough to allow uploads with any file extension. It also lengthens the allowed file extensions box from 128 characters to 2048, allowing you to specify a larger number of extensions.

Access Links

This modules builds on the Node authorize link project. It provides view, edit and delete links for nodes. Users with an access link can view, edit, or delete a node without login.

Access links is a small project that might go into the Node authorize link module later.

Meta Recipe

This project is an extension for the Recipe module.
It aims to provide additional functionality that Recipe module lacks.

Nodes and Comments RSS

This module was developed as a feed of "nodes and comments" for a particular author.

It seems like a good place to also build a feed of "nodes and comments" from a particular forum, since people often want that.


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