Statuses (Social Microblog)

This is the new home of the Facebook-style Statuses (Microblog) project for Drupal 7+.

Provides status updates / microblogs like Facebook's Wall / News Feed, Twitter's Timeline, and Yammer's Feed. Users can update their own status or write messages to other users, nodes, Organic Groups, taxonomy terms, or other entity types. @mentions and #hashtags are supported, as well as comments on status updates, viewing conversations between users, the ability to "like"/"reply" to/RT a message, automatic updates without page refreshing, and integration with over 20 modules.


Use PhotoSwipe to display picture galleries on your Drupal website. This Javascript lightbox library offers very nice mobile browsing features (in particular swiping to the next picture)!

Media HTML5 video

This feature implements two presets for Media derivatives API, that will create two derivatives for every video that is uploaded (h264 and ogg versions). It also implements formatter, that would use created derivatives to display video using HTML5 <video> tag, that should work in most popular browsers.

Simple ffmpeg engine

This is a simple ffmpeg derivation engine for Media derivatives API. It is simple since it allows user to enter ffmpeg command line arguments directly into a textfield. This offers us a great power and flexibility, but also requires user to be familiar with ffmpeg.


Phonegap Android App List of View

Phonegap is an open source platform that allows HTML5 and JavaScript created apps to be compiled into native apps that can be uploaded onto the app stores for Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

This project comprises of two parts:

  • an Android application based on the Phonegap libraries
  • a Drupal 7 module which interfaces the Android app with Drupal

The Phonegap HTML5 code is generic, and will also work on iPhone and Blackberry devices, when compiled within the Phonegap framework.

The module currently handles three key functions:

  • Login / Authentication
  • Uploading of articles
  • Listing of articles - which must be from a pre-defined view (for example the standard frontpage view)

Quick step guide to getting started:

1. Install the Phonegap Drupal module on your Drupal site
2. Enable the module, and make sure your user has permissions to create content from mobile
3. Enable the views module, and for a default view you can enable the frontpage view
4. Go to settings on the mobile app (bottom left corner)
5. Enter the URL of your site,
6. Enter the name of the view to display content
7. Enter the name of the views display
8. When you go to the upload content area, you will be prompted to enter your username and password, which you must do before continuing

OG Classic

A less functional but more functional alternative to og_notifications module. Handles notification of new nodes and comments posted to groups. Also handles sending of group broadcast email.

This module is largely built form the notifications code that was in OG before the big switch to Notifications framework. I now regret that switch, and this module is a small penance.


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