Ubercart Order Uploads

Ubercart Order Uploads provides ability for Ubercart to allow customers to attach files to orders. Administrator can set site-wide setting for uploads to work with individual product class selection for which to enable Order Uploads. Allowed File Types via comma separated extensions and Maximum Size with optional upload settings.

Further Node level settings can be enabled to set Per Product specifications for the file attachments to work.

Mediawiki Flexifilter filter

The main goal of this project is to create a filter for the Flexifilter module that behave exactly ad the Mediawiki formatting.

More infos about the MediaWiki formatting could be founded here:

TwitterCron For Managing News

You Have a website made With Managing News and you want a module which is gonna post a Tweet about news feeds added as soon as the cron is run

Field display weights (per node)

Customise the weight/order in which fields on nodes can be displayed on a per node basis and not just globally per type. Individual fields can also be hidden from display.

For any node types that are enabled, a 'Field display weights' tab will appear on nodes (for users with adequate permissions). From this page administrators can customise the order in which fields are displayed on each node by using a draggable table (or manually select weights).

MediaWiki Filter

The MediaWiki Filter module (aka mediawiki_filter) provides an input format, compatible with MediaWiki markup. Opposed to older approaches, it does not emulate the MediaWiki parser, but wraps the original MediaWiki's library for parsing and rendering MediaWiki syntax.

Built-in features (no additional modules required):

  • 100% compatibility with MediaWiki markup;
  • Table support;
  • Distinction between internal and external links;
  • ToC. Table of content support;
  • Templates. A content type can be defined as Template. Usage: {{Name}}
  • Interwiki links are supported and can be specified by providing a mapping of interwiki targets and mapping URLs. A special interwiki target is given for linking to a drupal path.

Module status: To gain full project status, this sandbox project has been submitted to the Drupal.org Project applications queue on September 1, 2011.

Speak Up!

HTML5 compatible theme developed for SpeakUp!, New York City's first civic engagement website. The site is an information and discussion portal for residents of New York to connect with each other and improve the city.


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