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Webform Entity

This module exposes webform submissions as a fieldable entity on behalf of webform and optionally provides a bundle for each of the content types for which webform functionality is enabled. This allows you to configure fields on a base form that are appended to the fields for the webform for that individual node and these fields can be exposed to views.

Please note that these fields, while exposed to views, do not integrate with the core webform reporting, emails or exports at this time. Supporting this will likely require upstream patches to the webform module itself.

Example Use Case

Say that you have a daily survey site. Each time someone fills out a survey you want to collect their name and email but you create new surveys every day with whatever fields are appropriate. With webform entity you can make views of all of the names and emails you've received (because they are part of your field api powered base form) without tripping over hundreds of fields from the one-time use fields for each featured survey.

Why this module exists

OG Role Reference Field

This module allows a group_content entity (any entity with a group_audience attached to it) to also contain a reference field to role(s) within the selected audience.

"og_role_field" integrates well with:

  • Rules
    • Grant a group role on checkout using Drupal commerce
    • Grant a group role on a specific event
    • Use rules_scheduler to remove a group role after a certain amount of time
  • Views

Wysiwyg Geshi Plugin


Allows to use GeSHi Filter with Wysiwyg module for Drupal 7 and CKEditor.

Need help to port it as a full module.

Developer Quick Links

Note : This module has been abandoned and any free time I have, I will be using it to work on

Quicklinks is a drupal module that helps the developers to quickly find the
right urls(menu paths) that they are looking for. It is available in the form of a block
as well as a page.

For those of you who are used to the linux style auto-suggest this can be
very handy.

One Page CV

One Page CV

Currently this profile is simple pre-defined set of nodes, blocks, views, etc covered by beautiful theme.

But that's just a first stage of development. Nearly plans are: configuration wizard, base theme, additional features, vertical and horizontal settings, etc.

Feel free to post thoughts via issues queue.

There is a separated branch of a great one page websites distribution. These are usually personal pages, small business, products presentations etc.


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