Draggable Captcha


  • Extended the captcha module, offered a mobile friendly, draggable & clickable style.
  • Originally used a free lib from blog.lukeblackamore.com, which had been changed and improved a lot in this module.


  • Install as usual modules.


  • Draggable and Clickable.
  • Refreshable.


Embed Content

This module is used to embed any drupal site's content into the embedable javascript to display drupal site content on external sites. Javascript will render an iframe to fetch dynamic site content from Drupal website.

K2F Adapter

The K2F Adapter for Drupal is brings K2F and its many features to Drupal.

Access applications and develop faster with K2F, while reaching a wider user base with its cross-host feature!

Freebase Reference

This module defines a 'Freebase Reference' field type which can be used to reference freebase topics via Freebase's suggest widget.

The field stores the label and mid of a Freebase topic. It renders values either as (1) 'Topic Name + mid ('Harold and Maude [mid: /m/03gmw] '), (2) just the topic name ('Harold and Maude'), or (3) just the mid ('/m/03gmw') .

The list of topics which can be referenced can be limited to specific Freebase types.

Possible uses for this module include:

Context Admin + variable set page

This sandbox is a proof-of-concept branch of Contextual Administration, trying out the concept of having pages where you can set system variables.

Screencast with a quick demonstration is available here:
http://vimeo.com/24673708 / http://www.archive.org/details/ProofOfConceptContextAdminVariableSetter


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