Placeholder for the activiti integration module


Inject render element

This module is an experiment to allow injection of arbitrary render elements into arbitrary parts of a render array. It works, but has no user interface (and could use some performance improvements).

Ubercart stockfoto

This module is a project for my own drupal 7 driven stockphoto website. It will allow
stockphoto sellers to use a special field in drupal 7 that will automaticaly resize the
photo's to specified sizes (images styles). When the images are resized it will connect
the images as downloadable files to the product.

Please note: This module is not finished yet in fact at the time of writing this no single
line of code has been written. This is why i want to ask some developers from the community
to help me out with this project.

Profile UX

Profile page made with blocks and Context.

This was a great experiement but the things I really want to do are just not possible without breaking so many things. A case-by-case solution might be the real solution, but I don't think there's a way to solve all the problems with this module. Finally, I cannot longer mantain this module the way I want. I'm looking for a new maintainer or a co-maintainers.


The Profile User Experience rewrites the profile page and the user edit settings page. Although the module is stable enough, I urge you to test it before considering installing it in a live site. Remember at all times, this is a proof of concept module and please, understand what this module will do to your site before installing it.

The project consists in two modules:

  • PUX Profile
    This is a module to rewrite the profile page and also provides some common used blocks.
  • PUX Settings
    This module will hack the user edit page and create a new settings page. This change is made only for users, not administrators.

Upon installation of both modules, you'll need to configure some aspects of your site. I strongly recommend you to use the Context module for both versions.


Yandex News export

display style settings

Yandex.News views powered export module.

Creates new views display type - Yandex.News, that can be used to publish your website content to Yandex.News feed.



ThemeKey CiviCRM

ThemeKey CiviCRM provides additional CiviCRM related properties for use with the ThemeKey module.

ThemeKey, itself, provides an infrastructure to switch Drupal themes, according to rules which can make use of such properties.

ThemeKey CiviCRM 6.x-1.x requires at least ThemeKey 6.x-2.x or 6.x-3.x.

Additional Properties currently provided by "ThemeKey CiviCRM":

  • civicrm:contribution:id
  • civicrm:contribution:type

Using these additional properties, you can achieve amazing feats like:

  • Use a special theme for specific CiviCRM Contribution Pages
  • Use a special theme for specific types of CiviCRM Contribution Pages

Related Projects



ThemeKey CiviCRM is being developed by Tom Kirkpatrick (mrfelton) of SystemSeed. The author may be contacted for paid customisations of this module, Drupal consultation or other Drupal-related projects.

How can you get involved?



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