OpenID Profile

The OpenID Profile Module allows easy mapping of user fields to the official Attribute Exchange OpenID specification. This allows websites to transfer user information from the OpenID provider to relying parties.

This modules works perfectly with the modulesOpenID Provider AX and OpenID Client AX. And can be used to transfer information from or to applications which are not based on Drupal, but implement the OpenID AX specification.


Payflow Pro integration

Implements a payment handler using Payflow Pro for use by the Payment API


Prediction game

The module in action—displaying a form for submitting bets.

The Prediction game module lets administrators create leagues or tournaments consisting of several matches, on which bets by players can be made. After each round of matches, the results can be entered and players receive a certain number of points for their bets, depending (of course) on their accuracy.



Tipsy Tooltips

Seeking co-maintainer
Tipsy is a jQuery plugin for creating a Facebook-like tooltips effect to textareas, textfield, anchors or any other HTML element you specify.



Views Date Range Filter D6

Views Date Range Filter demo screenshot

This module provides an alternative date filter for Views which gives options like 'today', 'this week', etc.


This module was developed for a project's specific needs, and as such doesn't provide complete functionality. Users of this module are invited to take up the baton and provide patches for things such as an admin UI which is currently lacking.


Views System

The Views System module extends the Views module and allows to create customized lists (pages, blocks) of modules, themes, and theme engines that are or have been installed in Drupal's file system.



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