Uc penny auction

Ubercart penny auction module extends Ubercart's functionality so the user can choose whether some product is penny auction's product or not. User can define own penny auction types with different price increment, different start and end time.
This module add functionality like on swoopo.com or beezid.com

Menu Admin Splitter


This module provides enhancement for Drupal core's menu administration page when dealing with hundreds of menu items in a single menu. There's two obvious benefits for using the module:

  1. Delay of javascript processing is shorter on the Administration » Structure » Menus page
  2. Menu items are much easier to organize when there's less items on the list

Enable the module and you'll see filtering options added to the Administration » Structure » Menus page. Those you may use to select which sub part of the menu to edit.



The "development" project is an install profile setting up a D7/D8 instance the way I tend to deploy it by default when coding:

Picasa Slideshow Input Filter

This module provides an input filter to add a Picasa Webalbum Slideshow anywhere input filters are accepted.

To add a slideshow from Picasa Webalbum you simply add the following code to your input field:

[picasa_slideshow id=xxxx user=yyy] 

where id=xxxx is the album id from Picasa Webalbum and yyy is optional user id if different from default user id.


WYSIWYG Code Button


This module integrates with the Wysiwyg module to provide a very simple "Code" button for Wysiwyg editors (currently, CKEditor is supported) that allows user to insert preformatted code, using <pre> tags, without having to leave the editor.



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