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Have you ever wanted to include Javascript or CSS asset when a particular view, path condition or block is being rendered? Or have you ever wanted to include JavaScript or CSS for just the front page without having to write code?

Context add assets allows you to do this. It has an easy to use UI to allow you to do this all without writing any code. In addition to that, all of your configuration can be exportable because it uses CTools.



  • Add sorting support - #913886
  • Add user friendly separation of parents (group by theme, module, etc) - #914700
  • Add support for Context Editor (via Admin Menu) - #1154044


Currently seeking co-maintainer(s).

Current maintainer:

Past maintainers:




Provides a Views display, style and row plugin for displaying nodes using Adam Shaw's FullCalendar jQuery plugin.


There is a good deal of info in the issue queue, but if you're on IRC, come by the #drupal-fullcalendar channel and say hello!


As of 7.x-2.0-beta1, the Colorbox integration is part of the FullCalendar Options submodule.

Please remember to run update.php first, or clear all caches.

The FullCalendar Colors submodule requires the Colors API module. There is an upgrade path, be sure to run update.php and clear your caches.
Specifically, if you are using FullCalendar beta2, you must use Colors beta2.

The template files (*.tpl.php) have been removed, if you still wish to use those, please install FullCalendar Templates.


See the documentation for installation instructions.


See the documentation for usage information.


Maintainer and developer: tim.plunkett


Open City


OpenCity is going to represent the opne source solution for city web sites. Built on the open-source framework Drupal, OpenCity makes it possible to create city web sites in a matter of minutes. OpenCity will allow users to create feature-rich web sites.


Currently we define the outlines and welcome partners to support the development.


HTML5 user geolocation

This is a simple module to let users store their location on the edit account page. It uses HTML5’s geolocation API and stores latitude and longitude. How you use that data is up to other modules.

It was used on when used Drupal 6.



Heatmap preview

Reinvigorate is a simple, real-time web analytics + heatmaps solution that measures your influence on the web. This module provides an easy to use interface to adding reinvigorate tracking to your Drupal site.

Read more at their website.

Maintained and developed by: devkinetic.


Betting system

Betting system is a set of modules that can transform your Drupal site into betting shop. It's mainly designed for course betting.

For better extensibility is created with more modules. It also defines own hooks.
The core of the Betting system adds the following:

  • allows administrators to define basic parts for betting
  • brings two new content types: Abonents and Games. Without abonents it is not possible to create games. Abonents are players (teams) that attend a game (for example Manchester United in the English Premier League, or Roger Federer in tennis).
  • users can bet on games, but only if they have points
  • each Abonent and Game have to be in a sport (which are defined by the Taxonomy module)
  • administrators can set many options (like eventualities) in the Settings of the Betting System

Betting system also contains other smaller modules for functionality extension.

  • Betting system relation allows the creation of relationships between games (like a half in a soccer game)
  • Betting system flexible eventualities allows administrators to create special kinds of games, that do not have attending of Abonets and administrator can type own eventuality of result.



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