Commerce Product Reference View Widget

Coming from the issue:

Update product reference field widget to allow a Views based product options list.

Integrates with View Field
Display formatter using commerce vanilla formatter.


Adding crossmedia with own written APIs for many media hosters, adding and managing easily videos, music and more content types by adding the URLs and adjusting the information of the media. Also the on-the-fly creation of media (images, music, ...) will be added.

Goal is to create an open source alternative to many well known paid software packages like VIMP and add even more great features using open APIs.

It is the "plugged" version of our Unplugged Video Portal that you can download from our Github account.

Provision Remote

Provision Remote is the corresponding backend for the Hosting Remote module, which allows Aegir to create and manage additional remote servers.

Initial development is focused on using the Ubuntu Ensemble project for the deployment of remote servers, but the goal is to make the actual framework pluggable.

Hosting Remote

Front-end add on for Aegir to allow the deployment of remote servers.

Initial work is focused on using Ensemble for the deployment framework, but the end goal is to make that pluggable.

About Ensemble

More can be read about Ensemble at

WE Javascript

WE Javascript is a core module and suite of javascript oriented tools for Drupal 6.x. They have been created by the need of improved web interfaces using javascript. Some are used to improve development, others are javascripts interfaces or UIs.

All this features can be tested on

WE Register

WE Register is a ressources register. It allow to index prefixed files and save location in cache to simplify access to it. For example, you can scan all modules to detect files prefixed by "class" like class.myjavascript.js and uses the path or the file into your own application. This example is exactly what we_javascript module do with it.

WE Javascript

WE Javascript is an Drupal / AJAX loader. It offer th ability to dynamically load function by javascript only when called into the page instead of load it at page startup.

In case of cascading calls (my function A call my function B who call my function C), WE Javascript can detect it and agregate all javascripts in one AJAX call (it returns A+B+C).

It optionnaly can compress JS files in the same time using the Dean Edwards JavaScript's Packer. You can also load some other data types like CSS or Images.

WE Javascript example

Test page used on development to check if all WE javascript features are ok.

Commerce Email

Commerce Email for Drupal Commerce

- Adds a configuration page for the order email
- Email content can be entered into textarea/wysiwyg (if available) form
- Email content can also be set to be loaded from a template file: commerce-order-email.tpl.php
- Allows the insertion of the order items into the email, token addition: [commerce-email:order-items]
- Supports Commerce Shipping
- Allows different language versions of each email
- Optional administrator email


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