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Datasources provides a framework to describe and manage datasource to import in Drupal.


Module can register datasources.

Once you have defined your datasources, the module provides an UI to map datasource fields against entities fields and define import policies.

You can declare sharable preprocessors to do some field level transformation.

There is a basic support for list fields.

The module manages the find/update/insert stuff.

You can define import policy (multiple update, update only if untouched, etc).

Datasources provides a Drush command to import data.

Datasources uses Entity API (dev branch).

Datasources provides a sub module : Unique (by) datasource identifier wich creates a new type of field to describe a unique identifier by datasource.

More infos in the README.txt.

NEW Basic support for RSS via the aggregator module. So you can define datasource from Feeds and import RSS into nodes !

NEW (dev) Added a contrib module to import data from a folder tree (folders with text and images).

Datasources VS Feeds


Views Argument Inherit

This module allows arguments to inherit a default value from another argument.

This module provides a new default handler for Views, allowing the argument to inherit the value from another argument.

This is probably not extremely useful in most cases, but in some cases it is kind of important that two different arguments have the same input values. This could for example be the case if you're using DraggableViews and Node References in Views together, and want to have a null argument with a parent nid and one argument with all the referenced nodes.

Free pager

Here's a quick video showing how this module works and also how to set up a Free pager block with Views:

A note on performance: Free Pager iterates through all view results, to find a match on the current URL. If your Free Pager views have a lot of results (say 100+), this will have serious effects on page load times. It can partly be helped by standard Views caching, but not completely.
Free Pager has just got a new co-maintainer, so hopefully the performance issues can be solved soon.

Related modules

See the comparison of previous/next modules.

Quick comparison: Free pager is (afaik) the only Drupal module that allows putting pagers on basically anything – not only content. If you want to paginate content, compare with other modules.


This module allows you to use Views to create simple forward/next pagers. It
provides a new display, Pager block, which will create a block with pager for
items listed in the view.

This pager module is a bit more difficult to wrap your head around than most
pager modules. In return, you get much more flexibility in what you can put
pagers on, and how the pagers should work. The basic concept is this:


Referenced nodes in Views

This module allows you to use a Views argument validator to transform an argument from a single nid to a list of nids separated by plus signs, where the list of nids is fetched following node references on the original node.

So, when is this useful?

If you just want to display information in Views, then you can just skip this module and use standard relationships in Views instead.

The thing is if you don't only want to view data, but also act on it in one way or another. In many cases, actions are performed on the base objects in the view, meaning the node that your node references are attached to. One example of this is Views Bulk Operations, which by standard assumes that you want to act on the base object – and if you really want to act on the referenced nodes you have to do a bit of vodoo magic to make it work.

With this module you can load a node using a nid argument, and then replace the nid with all the referenced nodes, making the argument be 2+3+4+5 instead of the original nid. If you check the "Allow multiple terms per argument", your view will end up listing all the referenced nodes as base objects. Yeah!

Another Views module acting on base objects is DraggableViews, but those are the only two examples I know if.

I hope you find it useful.

First documentation!

Clipboard Button

Clipboard Button allows you to design templates for the clipboard view mode of any node. This is useful for pasting formatted descriptions of products to online listing services such as Craigslist or eBay.

Knowledge of Drupal theming is required to use this module.

jQuery CDN

jQuery CDN module upgrades Drupal's internal version of jQuery with one hosted on an external CDN.



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