Relation autoconnect

Module allows to setup invisible widget to Relation Dummy Field. This widget loads information (entity type and ID) about another entity from arguments in the path and create relation between determined and newly created entity.

For example, you can use path "node/add/story/node/22" to connect new story content with node number 22.

Drupal for mosques

This is a Drupal distribution for mosques. An out of the box solution for those wanting to simply install without any configuration whilst having all the required features (an perhaps more).

It is still in development and drawing board.

Upload nodes

Upload Nodes provides a simple way to download multiple files (or images) and create one node per file.


A base theme based on bootsrap


module with fetcher and parser for sql queries for feeds importers.

VIVO Solr Search Integration

Searches Solr indexes created by the VIVO Linked Data Index Builder


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