Field extra widgets

Provides two helper widgets for the Field API:



Lucid Main goal

  • A responsive HTML5 theme as dynamic as any Drupal base theme.

Javascript libraries needed for IE

For the HTML5 markup and the responsive design (css media queries) to work properly in older versions of Internet Explorer you need to use two external javascript sources. We recommend the following solutions. Download both of these and place them in a libraries folder of your choice.

If these files aren't downloaded Lucid will load them from their external sources. It is recommended that you download them and let Drupal load them locally, though.

Responsive layout


  • Template files and layout should as far as possible use HTML 5 markup.
  • Question: To what extent are we going to override markup output from Drupal Core and Contrib?


Behavior weights

This module's API allows to set weights for behaviors attached via Drupal.behaviors.
See How can I control the order of Drupal.behaviors? (on stackoverflow).

You will only need this module if you either want to use it in your own code, or if another module depends on it.

API Usage (D6)

  // Let this run before other behaviors (default weight is 0)
  Drupal.behaviors['mymodule_early.weight'] = -10;

  // Now define the behavior itself.
  Drupal.behaviors.mymodule_early = function(context){
    .. // your stuff to happen.

API Usage (D7)

  Drupal.behaviors.mymodule_early = {
    attach: function(context){..},
    weight: -11



  // D7-style weight setting, equivalent with the above. 
  Drupal.behaviors.mymodule_early.weight = -9;

  // D6-style weight setting, still supported in D7.
  // This has a lower priority than the D7-style setting. (don't ask why)
  Drupal.behaviors['mymodule_early.weight'] = -7;

  // The weight will be -7, because the ['..'] syntax has higher priority.

Looking for Co-Maintainer


GitHub Connect

This module gives site visitors the option to register/login using their GitHub account. The module provides a block for one-click-login and adds the "login with GitHub" link to the login form.


CCK Link preview

Link Preview extends the Link module with a new formatter which shows thumbnails or images for external web pages. It uses wkhtmltoimage.

Scheduler Default

Default Scheduler is an add-on module to Scheduler in which a default Publish and Unpublish time can be set. This allows the content creator to establish default Publish and Unpublish dates per content type.

This module was developed for the publishing industry where a regular (print) publication affects the publishing and unpublishing of content regularly.


  1. Like Scheduler all the options are found on the content type editing page: admin/content/node-type/[content-type]
  2. Edit your Scheduler settings
  3. Edit & enable Scheduler Default tabs: Scheduler Defaults and Scheduler Default Exceptions.

Sample Use Case:
You want all new Article nodes to automatically publish on 'Tuesday at 5am' to coincide with the paper's publishing time.
But you want any Articles created on Tuesday to start the following week Tuesday.
So you need to create an exception:

  • Select Exception Type: Publish
  • Select Exception Days: Tuesday
  • Create Exception: Next Tuesday 5am

To set a valid recurring (un)publish date please check out PHP strtotime: LINK


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