NOTE: Untested, has no tests, and is generally untested without any tests. :-)

Fills some of the gaps in Drupal 7's entity CRUD implementation. Turns DrupalDefaultEntityController into a much better factory for entities. Exposes create, save/update, and delete, and lets you define your own hook API.

Debut Search

Proposed Search feature for Debut, using Search API. Provides views-based search page with facets.

See #1289696: Candidate Debut feature: Debut Search, built on Search API.


eBible Verselink

The eBible VerseLink plugin let's website and blog owners automatically
link to Bible references. All you have to do is install this module.
Simply reference a Bible verse or passage and we take care of the rest. Developers Page is a Bible site that can be instantly integrated into your
Drupal site with this module. After installing all posts past, present
and future with Bible references in them will be linked to

Debut SEO

Addition to the Debut feature set providing basic SEO integration.


You have two options for installing Debut SEO:

  • Debut SEO is used in the Open Outreach Drupal distribution aimed at nonprofits, so you can install it as part of Open Outreach.
  • Install manually along with the dependencies listed below.

Functionality and dependencies

  • Metatags: Uses Metatag.
  • Duplicate URLs: Uses Global redirect. The dev version of Global redirect is recommended to avoid a redirection loop with installations other than English.
  • Path aliases: Uses Pathauto
  • XML sitemap: Uses XML sitemap


CSS Menu

CSS Menu enables expandable menus. It uses only CSS for menu (no javascript/JQuery).

Currently two types of menus are possible with CSS Menu ie. menus Vertical down fly and Vertical right fly.

CSS Menu provides a simple and powerful configurable interface using color picker to set menu color schema (menu bgcolor, menu text color, mouse over text color) with preview option. User can create colorful menu using just some mouse clicks. No need to write CSS to override menu color.

CSS Menu also gives opacity effect for sub menu item.

Each CSS Menu is a configurable block and easily associated with any existing site menu which can be place as normal block in a theme region.

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CSS Menu


  1. Menu
  2. Libraries

Installation instructions

  1. Download from from
  2. Extract the downloaded .zip to the folder site/all/libraries.
  3. After extracting .zip, following folder structure should exist


    Commerce NAB Transact

    Commerce NAB Transact is a payment gateway module for Drupal Commerce that currently allows you to process credit card payments on your site using NAB Transact's XML API payment service. In order to use this module, you must have an account with NAB Transact and confirm that you are enabled for XML API use.

    The module is based on code from and



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