Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Push Notifications Feature Overview

  • Supports APNS (Apple Push Notification Service)
  • Supports GCM (Google Cloud Messaging)
  • Supports C2DM (Cloud 2 Device Messaging)
  • Allows tokens to be registered and deleted through REST interface (requires Services module)
  • Provides interface for mass push notification to all users with a registered token
  • Limit delivery of mass push notification to specific language
  • Limit token registration to enabled languages on site
  • API functions to send push notifications to a device
  • Integrations
    • Integration with the Rules module. Added 2 actions to send messages to an individual user or all users, as well as several events that react to tokens being inserted, deleted, and push notifications sent.
    • Integration with the Views module. Expose token data in Views and created a default admin view that lists all tokens
    • Integration for PrivateMSG module: Messages sent through the PrivateMSG module will be delivered via a push notification to all recipients with a valid device token

The Push Notifications module provides the feature set to send out push notifications to iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android devices using Apple's Push Notification Service (APNS) as well as Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) and the Android Cloud to Device Messaging framework (C2DM). This module does not rely on any external services and allows site owners to send out push notifications to any mobile device for free.

Total vote

Fivestar is great but..

Fivestar module gives you a good voting functionality to your site but it doesn't allow users to vote number of times to the same content.



DMC aka PHP Framework

Drupal Module Classes.

This is my way to return something to the community.

The goal of this project is allow the developer to create new modules using pure PHP objects syntax instead of arrays.

Facebook Photo Sync

The Facebook Photo Sync module enables the ability to have Image(Field) fields automatically uploaded to an existing or dynamically generated Album upon Node/Entity creation.

Facebook Photo Sync was initially developed for Moat Media by Realityloop.



  • [D7] Full entity support.
  • Support for standard facebook accounts and facebook Pages.
  • Uploads photos to:
    • [D7] Existing facebook albums.
    • Dynamically generated albums using a token based name and description.
  • Token based description for upload images.
  • Ability to set maximum amount of images uploaded per ImageField.
  • Features exportable.

Group sandbox

This module is designed to be an alternative to Organic Groups. Organic Groups does a lot of stuff and I don't pretend to understand it all, but I do know that organizing your crap into groups shouldn't be that complicated and can be achieved with already-written modules.


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