Google+ Services

It's a add on to services links. With this you can add google+ to your site.


Video Kit 1.x for Drupal 7.x
Get started building with Video module fast.

In addition to the standard Drupal requirements you will need the following to
make use of Build Kit:



This project allows users to put an arbitrary amount of nodes into a node_queue, users will be able to select 1 product from the queue and add it to their cart.

Link label

Extends the Link module to allows users to choose the field label when submitting a link field.

For instance, on the content adding form their may be entry for "Web site" which allows the person adding content to choose whether it is a "Personal web site" or "Company web site" in addition to filling in the title and URL.

This is currently done in a duct tape and paper clips way.


Import from PHP-Fusion

Import content and users from PHP-Fusion 7 to Drupal

elasticsearch (sandbox)

A sandbox for extending support for elasticsearch. This has:


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