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Datepicker block example

This module extends the date_popup module (from the date project) to provide a JQuery UI inline datepicker, rather than a popup out of a textfield. For an example of this see

There are 3 ways to use this module.

Views fieldsets

Views fields UI

Creates fieldset (and details and div) in Views fields output, to group fields, by adding a new field: "Global: Fieldset" and a few preprocessors. Also introduces a new template: views-fieldsets-fieldset.tpl.php where you can customize your fieldset output.

Hardened Drupal

Like Drupal. But "hardened" with additional modules/configuration to try to make it more secure (or at least to match common conceptions about how to make something secure).

This project comes with the same warranty as all other projects on

A full drupal install is available below.

Drush Release


In some servers I have not access to source control because of policies or whatever.

This drush script helps to create a 'package' that can be deployed to a server, containing only those files that must be overriden and a script for removing files that have been removed in source control between two tags, branches or revisions.


Download drush_release and put it on your drush/commands folder or symlink it there.

Execute drush release-patch tag-start tag-end folder-to-create.

Feeds Tamper: EFQ Finder

Ever wondered while mapping things with Feeds and had to map references to anything (Taxonomy Terms, Nodes, etc). You always need to write code everytime and craft complex queries to find the entity you want to reference? Fear not, this is a flexible solution using the awesome Feeds Tamper. The rationale is the following:

Feeds Tamper Math RPN plugin

This is a plugin for making arithmetical calculations when tampering imported data with Feeds Tamper.

Original issue:


It allows you to execute simple mathematical operations against numeric data being imported. I personally needed this to multiply prices by 100, to get them in cents, following Drupal Commerce reqs.

How it works

It uses PEAR's Math_RPN package which is pretty fast calculator. So you must install it first.

How it looks

It is similar to Rewrite plugin (and in fact - almost full copy-paste of it), which simply takes rewrited output and feeds it to Math_RPN as the expression. NOTE: your expressions must be in RPN-format, not like a usual math expression. In short, instead of doing:

[price] * 0.9 + 100

you do:

[price] 0.9 * 100 +

Why RPN? Because I found no another standard PHP calculator with pretty fast parser. If you interested, you are welcome to review results of a simple performance test I created to compare different approaches:

Running 1000 times
Using PHP native: 0.00071191787719727s


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