elRTE is an open-source WYSIWYG HTML-editor written in JavaScript using jQuery UI. It features rich text editing, options for changing its appearance, style and many more. You can use it in any commercial or non-commercial projects.

Main goal of the editor - simplify work with text and formating (HTML) on sites, blogs, forums and other online services. elRTE is developed by Studio 42 team for ELDORADO.CMS.

Album Image Styles

This was an exploratory module for me to learn how field formatters worked in Drupal. While learning, I think this facebook-style image formatter will be helpful for people.

I'm currently looking into how to make it more responsive in its design. That's on my current roadmap. Let me know in the queue if you have any issues.

What this module does

You can create a multi-entry image field and then apply this as the formatter under 'Manage Display.' It will take the first 3 images you have and convert them to a facebook-style album.

Node Renumber

node_renumber project UI screenshot

Changes the $node->nid value on existing content.

There are reasons why this is not a normal feature of Drupal, but sometimes you just need to do this.

Drupal 7 only right now.

Commerce EzyPay


Integrates Drupal Commerce with the EzyPay direct debit gateway.


Works with the Direct Debit Gateway (DDG) billing on demand mode and integrates with Commerce Recurring.


  • Commerce
  • PHP SoapClient classes (PHP with SOAP support)
  • An EzyPay account configured to work with Billing on Demand and Direct Debit Gateway
  • Access to the command line to be able to configure GnuPG (billing file is encrypted with pgp)

Installation Instructions

Please refer to the documentation page - note that installation and configuration is quite involved - please visit Rowlands Group if you're interested in paid support.

Important Notes

This module is intended as a recurring billing solution, and as such is coded in that fashion. In its current form it will not work as a once off payment gateway but is an ideal solution for recurring billing. Contact Rowlands Group if you're interested in sponsoring enhancements to facilitate this

Feeds eRepublik

Browser game eRepublik.com integration with Drupal Feeds module through erepublik's feeds eAPI.

With this module you can parse eRepublik's feeds to drupal nodes for the game objects: countries (ToDo: citizens, wars, industries etc).
Installation and configuration:

  1. Download and install the module.
  2. Go to Administer -> Site Building -> Feed importers.
  3. Find the set of eRepublik parsers and configure the importer like any another feeds importer.

Quiz Questions XML Import

Quiz questions import (qqxml_import) is a simple module, designed as an addon for quiz module. It allows user with permission 'import quiz questions' to create a bulk of quiz questions from an xml file. The import xml file must be in format specified in examples directory.

How to use


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