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Integration of Drupal with the Redis key-value store. It provides cache, lock and path optional backends as well as a placeholder module for contribution modules Redis easier usage.

Provided backends


Redis cache backend using the standalone Predis PHP library.

Requires PHP 5.3. Please read README.Predis.txt file for full install documentation.

This module since the 2.12 version now only officially supports Predis >= 1.x but should still work the 8.x branch. Redis module 3.x only supports Predis >= 1.x


Redis cache backend using the well performing PhpRedis PHP extension.

Please read README.PhpRedis.txt file for configuration and documentation. PhpRedis is the recommended connector.


Google Rankings

Google rankings module gives you detailed statistics about the websites positions on Google results pages. This is achieved by analyzing HTTP referers headers set by Google web search.


Fancy contacts

A themed contact block

Offer a block displaying the contact details for a site in a nice themed format. Also allow collecting additional site contact details such as twitter, facebook, skype etc accounts.

Recommended (but not required) additional modules

  • Invisimail for email address obfuscation for the contact email

Development sponsored by Freestyle Systems


Dynamic product pages

Viewing a dynamic product page

An expansion for the Ubercart Attribute module. This module allows extra information to be stored with an attribute (an image, summary and description) which is then displayed when the attribute is selected.

For example: A t-shirt store with colour as an attribute. When "red" is selected from the attribute pulldown, a red t-shirt image is displayed with an exciting blurb about why red things go faster.

This allows you to create a much more interactive shop front without overwhelming the user with information.




Nice sexy theme with css layout



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