This is a simple administration toolbar. It allows you to take any menu and assign it to a role. This menu will be displayed at the top of your page as an administration toolbar.


Organic Groups Access Boost

Are you having trouble using Organic Groups Access Control with other access control modules, such as Taxonomy Access?

Normally, the Taxonomy Access module overrides the permissions set by Organic Groups Access. This means that even content which is in a private group will remain visible to users who are not members of the group if Taxonomy Access says it should.

This module makes private groups and their posts remain private. It works by giving the og_access grants a priority "boost", so it may work with other access modules besides Taxonomy Access.


Example Web Scraper

Web Scraper

This example demonstrates how to build a Drupal-native web scraper. It imports events from a single month of Stanford University's calendar by navigating to the page for each day and creating a node for each event on the day's list. Each event is then queued for scraping its details.

All functionality is provided by Feeds, Feeds XPath HTML Parser, Feeds Crawler, Feeds SelfNode Processor, and Feeds Tamper. This module only includes an example configuration packaged using Features. Developers and site-builders who are interested in web scraping may find it a helpful starting point.


Teaser 403


This module is designed to expose teaser content for sites which normally require users to login to view nodes.


Admins may configure specific content types which they wish to have teasers exposed for, in addition to workflow states (if the module is installed). This means you can show a regular 403 (or a redirect to your custom 403 page) for some content types, and teaser content for others.

In addition you may add a marketing message above or below your teasers encouraging users to sign up for an account.



This module hopes to bring the ability for users to "checkin" to a node (most likely in conjunction with a Location and/or Services), indicating that they have been to or are presently at this node's location. This module is primarily geared towards serving location-aware smartphone mobile sites and applications. Although a method to checkin to a node directly from the site will be provided, naturally determining whether or not the user is legitimately at that node's location is an issue.


Form API Multiselect element

Multiselect widget

Provide **Multiselect widget** (form element) for developer:



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