Krish Money Accounting

Accounting module similar to kmymoney.


A better Drupal Twitter module

For aggregating twitter feeds


This module brings Python-like functions to Drupal. Do not install this module unless another module you are using requires it or you're interested in contributing to this project.

Co-maintainers welcome.



Help you identify possible duplicate content on your website

Feature Server (fserver)

This module allows you to share features and custom modules on your own website. It lets you create projects and releases, and it produces an update XML feed compatible with the update module in core. In a way it's a highly simplified version of the project module.

Basic Documentation

D7 Release

Please dont use the D7 release, its pretty buggy yet and we dont have an active maintainer for the branch, which is already pretty far behind the patches on the D6 branch. I will consider completly removing the current D7 port, reinitiating it once again from the current D6 branch, if time comes / maintainer arrives.

For now, you can also host D7 modules on a D6 based FServer!

Main improvements and fixes

  • Supports building release based on the new tags ( 6.x-2.x for example)
  • Added support for SCM information in the update feed


User knock

User knock emulates "port knocking" by disabling the superuser (uid 1) account when they log out. In order to log into the account, a "secret knock" must first happen. This knock is provided in Configuration -> User knock as a URL with a generated key. Once that URL has been visited, the superuser account is activated and login proceeds as normal.

This reduces the chances of the superuser's password being bruteforced, as the account is disabled until the knock.


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