Advanced link filter

This filter parses HTML links (excluding mailto). It may adds some REL attributes to external links, optionnally in conjonction with a javascript behavior that open the URL in a new window if the REL attribute contains external.

It is possible to define a list of domains that should be considered as internal, using wildcard if necessary.

For links to current page, a class to be added may be defined. Note that it disables the cache for the current filter format.

Any interesting feature or idea for processing links is welcome.



OpenData Publisher is ....

OpenData Publisher

OpenData Publisher is a data visualizer/publisher created by BLENCorp for the Department of Education. The module is currently being used at the Department of Education's Open Data site: It enables administrators to quickly publish data on a Drupal site.


Metadata add/edit form; general informations

“Archibald” is a digital library cataloging digital content used for teaching and learning. It offers a catalog, search and filter functions, file handling and a comprehensive user interface. A primary function is to describe a learning resource in its educational context, its conditions of use and its access. The specified learning object can be located anywhere in the internet or uploaded.


DigitalGov Search (machine name: USASearch)

About DigitalGov Search

For 15 years, GSA's DigitalGov Search has transformed the public’s search experience on federal, state, and local government websites. We have a proven track record of delivering fast, relevant search results and hundreds of agencies currently use our free, shared service to power the search box on their websites. Learn more and set up your free search box today at

This module takes control of the default site search by altering the default block and theme search forms and redirecting the default Drupal search paths (search, search/node/%) to use DigitalGov Search instead. It also allows you to send content directly from Drupal into DigitalGov Search for real-time indexing via our i14y content ingestion API.


This module requires Composer Manager to be installed, which will pull required libraries. Note that Composer needs PHP 5.4.5 or higher.



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