Provide probe and status pages for load balancers and monitoring tools to check against

Twitter Apps Integration

Integration between the Apps module and the Twitter module

Plastic Theme

A flexible theme with many configurable options in the UI.



Check out the screencast for a demonstration and explanation of features and settings. The first couple minutes shows the module in action, followed by a deeper explanation of configuration options

Or, try a demonstration.

Drupal 7 upgrade is in progress.
#1318434: Drupal 7 version - upgrade task

What it does

Here's the highlights:

  • Add, remove, and reorder nodes or blocks to a page without leaving or reloading the page or using editors
  • Content added to hotblocks can be constrained to individual pages or be made global to display on all pages that contain the hotblock
  • Can display multiple instances of the same block or node in multiple regions
  • Can give end users the ability to add and remove blocks to pages without exposing the administer blocks permission
  • Provides a means to filter which of those blocks are available to the user for adding so every block in the system is not exposed
  • See an overview and administer all of your assigned hotblock content grouped by region, url, or taxonomy on a single page
  • Allow users to add and remove content to a page without giving them permission to edit that content
  • Advanced permissioning possible - allows you to control which roles can assign/remove/reorder each type of content to every hotblock individually if necessary
  • You can use your own custom icon set for the UI controls to customize look and feel
  • If you don't like the term "hotblock" you can customize the terminology exposed to the user to suit your purposes

Commerce Price History

Commerce Price History Chart

This module provides a price history feature for Drupal Commerce products.


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