This module is very old code needs lot of refactoring and code cleanup.
Though it server the purpose.

Will recode it as soon as I get time for it.
Contributors invited.

This module provides integration with google spreadsheets.
Interface is provided for setting up the google spreadsheet to use, its username and password is just the things needed to start.

Currently the module takes entries from a drupal form and pupulates the entries to one row of the spread sheet.
The planning is to be able to create this form using drupal webforms and then interface it with the google spreadsheets.
other cck fields can also be mapped.

Interface to add and create google spreadsheet will also be soon provided.

Idea is to add any webform, story, page ...etc data into a spreadsheet row at runtime as soon as a form is submitted.

NOTE: This module requires Zend Gdata Library
can be downloaded form:

direct download link to current latest release (7th feb 2012):

Data API


- Alter Node views in order to use only COUNT.
- Create a subset of API for Data Charts, in order to standardize everything.
- Create a first integration with Google Chart tools.

Workbench Workflows

Workbench Workflows uses CTools Export UI to define states, events and workflows. This work began out of discussions between the maintainers of Workbench Moderation, State Machine and Workflow: http://groups.drupal.org/node/198188

This sandbox project is built on the idea that the definition of workflows can be separate from the storage of what state/status a node/entity revision is in at a given time.

Workbench workflows defines three exportables:

States: States are meant to reflect the current status of node/entity. Example states might be: Draft, Needs Review, Published or Archived.

Events: Events are the way to get from one state to another. This module depends on Workbench States. An example event might be "Publishing." Workbench Events lets site builders define the target state and allowed origin states. So a site builder would make "Published" the target state of the "Publishing" event and also decide from what states this event is allowed to be performed. This model is based on the architecture of State Machine.


This is the html site for my band

Ajax Actions

Pure API module to allow actions to be performed via ajax without writing any javascript. Module is stable, improved documentation coming.

XiSearch bar

XiSearch bar is designed to increase useful content on your site by adding your own search engine, including onsite search as well as search in Web, search of videos, images, Wikipedia articles and adding text translator option.

XiSearch provides the variety of color themes, changeable location on a page and selection of different bar languages.

Quick search option gives opportunity to get any useful information without unnecessary clicks.


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