Commerce Stock

Commerce Stock

Commerce Stock module, for Drupal Commerce.
This module provides stock management for Drupal Commerce stores.


CCK schema importer

User Interface - the all-in-one CCK type schema importer, filling in a Content Type definition based on a remote data schema.

This utility module helps you import a Content Type Definition (Node Type) from a number of sources.

It is not a CCK Data importer - it imports data schemas

It provides a UI for schema selection, and an extended content type all-in-one edit form for reviewing and tuning the imported schema before content type creation.

Screenshot of full size UI

Schema sources are provided as hooks, so schemas of various types may be translated to the CCK-native version.
@see HOOK_cck_importer_services()

RDF mapping

(This has nothing to do with Geographic "mapping" - its about tagging data fields with common, universal identifiers)

A stub that emulates what D6 rdfcck was trying to do, and what D7 RDF UI now

This adds a UI and internal data management store for giving Drupal content
types and CCK fields recognisible, portable field ids, in RDF format.

As in D7, a forum post can now be mapped to rdf:type=sioc:Post and
Drupal $node->user can be mapped to dc:Creator

It only provides an internal API and CRUD for this mapping - it doesn't have
any effect on node data or presentation itself. That should be done by other
modules, such as an RDFa renderer or XML exporter.

Currently, this mapping can be used by the Freebase_CCK schema importer and
the Freebase_data importer.

This is Drupal 6 only - this sort of functionality already exists in Drupal7

Simple Survey

The Simple Survey module allows for the creation of simple surveys. This module is aimed at the people who are torn between the WebForm module and what is currently available on the Drupal repository.



Integration of SFBrowser into Drupal. SFBrowser is an existing file management system.


Theme which provides styles for various mobile devices (different screen resolutions) as well as styles for larger displays.


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