Address Field (IT add-on)

Add-on for the Address Field module that add autocomplete path for the locality based on the administrative_area selected.

CommonNonsense Jobs

A Job Listing Board Module that Integrates with Party Module

Predictable tests

The predictable_tests module registers minimal tests which are predictable, i.e. they always or never pass. You know which result to expect.


LaunchPlug is an e-mail subscription and referral module where your (anonymous) users are able register their e-mail on your website so that you could update your users via newsletters, and allow users to share with their friends about your website. This is very useful to create a front-page viral campaign website.

This is a bundled module developed for LaunchBuzz distribution. If you wish to use this as a standalone module, you need to do very few configurations.

Services list Resources Resource

Use case

A Client that access your Drupal through ReST Services want a WSDL-like "discovering" features, but in json or any other format managed by Services.


  • Available Services exposition by a WSDL-like stream.


In action


Control Command Center


Control Command Center (CCC) helps oversee your server & hosting setup. The plan is to provide generic reporting & administration for common server tasks & reports - like resource usage, spawning and rebooting servers.


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