Logs user or system events not normally tracked.


Yet another HTML5 base theme. It is a framework to create creative sub themes.

Please note: RDF output currently not supported. Of course, after W3C clarifies the HTML5+RDF relation the theme will support it. Until this, if you would like to validate the output please turn off the RDF module.


Add a new tab to Media ( module browser with an MC look&feel file manager.

Solve Media CAPTCHA

The Solve Media CAPTCHA module is an extension to the CAPTCHA module. Solve Media has created a patent-pending technology that turns CAPTCHA into branded TYPE-INs™, allowing you to earn money while you secure your site. Every time a visitor to your site solves a CAPTCHA TYPE-IN™ ad, we share the revenue with you. Solve Media CAPTCHA TYPE-IN™ ads are easy to read and easy to complete. Our systems constantly monitor for various forms of abuse, insuring that an optimal amount of revenue and security is provided.



File manager

This page is work in progress.

See also: Project application for File manager


File manager is a tool (for Drupal 7) to administer managed and unmanaged files. Directories can be browsed and files examined. Differences between the database and the filesystem will be pointed out. Operations such as copying, moving, deleting, (batch) renaming and modifying files and directories are possible (not yet).


  • Uses Ajax and jQuery for a user-friendly UI, aiming to provide optimum usability.
  • Shows disk space usage and number of files. Both for single folders and recursively including subfolders.
  • Highlights conflicts in the directory tree and file list. Conflicts are files that exists in the database but not in the filesystem or vice versa.
  • Certain directories can be defined as temporary directories. These are for generated files that might not be registered in file_managed.
  • The visibility of the columns in the file list can toggled.
  • ...

Planned Features

  • Find duplicates and optionally merge uses.
  • Operations on files and directories (copying, moving, deleting, (batch) renaming, ...).
  • ...



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