ExtAdmin Theme

This theme is required for ExtAdmin to work and it is useless without that module installed.


So we use google's email/apps hosting for cloud email and docs and have multiple Drupal instances all of which need to have users managed. This module allows you to authenticate users via OpenID using their gmail/google apps login and let Google manage the user's passwords with a single login to the Google Mail client.

It does this by adding a simple "sign in with your google apps account" to the top of the standard Drupal login form.

Breadcrumb Trimmer

Choose the maximum amount of characters that an entire breadcrumb trail can be, and Breadcrumb Trimmer will dynamically trim the crumbs to a size that will fit.


Provides alternate administration interface that turns Drupal into a rich application. Built on Sencha's Ext JS 4 it brings a new UI that changes everything.


Requires ExtAdmin Theme to work.

Configurable Box

Configurable Boxes

The purpose of this project is to provide a Box that can be packaged as part of a Feature to allow theming, inclusion in Context and/or Panels and guaranteed creation but also allow local overrides that are not part of Features so they will not be deleted when a Feature is reverted.

It also currently has supports translations, though at present by storing the information in its own tables and not as part of the i18n suite.


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Referential Integrity

Enforces referential integrity for (initially) taxonomy term reference fields.


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