QM voting

This module shows the popular ideas selected from voting.


Connects to btnapi

Og_panels D7

This is a sandbox project to port og_panels into drupal7.

ChiliProject API

ChiliProject API module provides a Drupal API to the REST API of Redmine, a project-management and issue-tracking web-application and open source software package.

Chiliapi.module provides a class and several API functions to index, load, save and delete issues, time entries, projects and users.
Redmine User Access Keys module manages a profile.module field for user's Redmine API Access Keys, and integrates with REST API Query to use the current user's API Access Key.

Workbench Moderation Notes

A sample showing that a user moved a moderation state from Needs Review to Draft

Adds a generic Notes area to Workbench Moderation, allowing users to add a note about a moderation change that's viewable by other users. While efforts to move to a State Machine in Workbench Moderation will definitely supersede the need for this module in the future, it's a helpful add-on for users who need a quick note field on the moderation process.

Drush utilities for Emacs users

This project consists of Drush utilities for making the daily life of Emacs users easier.

Currently the project provides two new Drush commands:

  • drush etags
  • drush gtags

They will run etags/gtags in your DRUPAL_ROOT and generate tag files for use in Emacs and it will help keep them up to date.


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