This project has been ported as a component to Tools for Highly Attractive People and has been renamed to "Nah.."

Nooooo! is a module that provides theme-like plugins (layouts, styles) for modules like Views and Panels. These plugins focus on omitting wrapping markup and just rendering the raw inner content.

Perfect for obsessive compulsive authors of pragmatic markup, like myself.


This is an attempt to abstract the ui from dblog so it can be used by other logging backends.

File parser

A simple parser (feeds plugin) that will import your files (images) into nodes' filefields, with a little help from the Feeds directory fetcher.

Case Tracker Feeds Integration

This module is currently in alpha. Use at your own risk.

Case Tracker is an excellent and extensible project management module that is notably a core component of Open Atrium. With the help of the Feeds module, we can now share cases across multiple sites.

Original feature request issue:

The original use case for this module required the ability to set up groups in Open Atrium with a choice of project "templates" with pre-populated cases. The projects and cases required a number of additional fields and so View Datasourse and Feeds XPath Parser allow for this in a very flexible fashion, via XML. This could, eventually, allow for importing from alien project management tools, such as Redmine.

Default views and feed importers are provided, so this module is fairly straight-forward to setup. Documentation is currently lacking, due in part to a lack of time on my part, but also to my lack of perspective. That is, it all looks pretty obvious to me, but then I know where everything is. Please file issues to help me fix it.


Code backup || ddevtools

This project started for make backups of stored code in the database. Now it is, keeping in different paths your nodes and panels.


Integrate the nodejs module w/ the rules.module (EXPERIMENTAL!)


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