System stream wrapper

Provides stream wrappers to access module, theme, profile, and library files and directories. Note these stream wrappers are read-only as none of these files or directories should be write-able by your webserver.

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  • module://file/icons/text-plain.png
  • theme://bartik/screenshot.png
  • theme://default/screenshot.png
  • profile://minimal/
  • profile://current/ (profile://current expands to the active profile for the site)
  • library://ckeditor/images/spacer.gif (works only if the Libraries module is enabled)


Entity Notes

User Notes

Entity Notes allows you to add a note to any Entities on the site.


A note is a simple way to add information to any entity. Notes can be used differently for different cases. Notes are a general way for a single individual or a group to share information about an object directly on the website.



This is a simple module that has a "enter giveaway" button for users to enter a giveaway or contest. The enter giveaway button changes to a "sign in" button if the user is not already signed in.

Once the user hits the button they are redirected to a "Thank you for signing up" page that is unique to them and can't be used by anyone else.

Their entries are recorded in the database and available for exporting via a "export" button viewable by administrators.


Connects your Drupal app to your Adobe Livecycle server and has the capability to create a policy and apply users to that policy. This is created for use with a SOAP service from Adobe Livecycle.

Atrium CRM

A Customer Relations Management feature for Open Atrium

Views Access Callback

Views Access Callback

Provides callback-based access control for Views.

Available callback functions are defined by modules using hook_views_access_callbacks() function (in the same way as in hook_perm()), then could be set in in view's "Access restrictions" configuration.



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