Installation profile

Used to house Drush Make


Vigor's goal is refined to the lightweight styles. It focus on simple and
flexible theme starter.

The original concept from the BASIC theme, after repeatedly
modified and actually used for cases which was created.

Mostly for the general project site's prototyping and the initial display. To
promote the site construction and art design, a division of labor as efficiently
as possible.

Main Features

UC Gatewaylocation

"Fork" of uc_gatewaymediation to do my specific use case.

Workbench Access Taxonomy

By default, Workbench Access provides editorial access control on node content. This module extends that functionality to also provide editorial access control on taxonomy terms.

Feeds PHP Fetcher

This is a fetcher for Feeds module that allows power users and developers to write custom PHP code that will be used to fetch data from remote sources.

Drupal Standard Installation as a Module

Drupal's standard installation profile, as a module, so that other modules' installs can depend on it.

Does site configuration for a standard site installation.

This is done in a module so that other modules can count on, for instance, a content type being created. This is not the case with a normal installation profile, which runs only after all the modules it calls have been installed.

Currently just the input format and content type steps.


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