PayPal for Digital Goods

This module provides API integration with the PayPal for Digital Goods (Express Checkout) is PayPal's solution for buying and selling digital goods. With simple integration, it offers in-context payments within your digital content.

HH:MM:SS Field

D7 version of HH:MM:SS CCK Field


Group Ideas

Allows users in an organic group to submit and vote on ideas within the group, similar to the Uservoice Feedback tool.


drubo is a module let you play with sina weibo and highly integrated with it. you are able to post your content as tweets, share the content of nodes to your friends on weibo.

Click to Schedule

Click-to-Schedule by TimeTrade is a new, proven way to convert website visitors into booked appointments or meetings for you and your team using online appointment scheduling.

It enhances your Drupal website by providing your visitors with a hassle-free way to schedule time with people in your organization simply by clicking a button. No back-and-forth emails or phone calls and no manual follow-up required.

Meetings are automatically confirmed, added to your Outlook, Google Calendar, or iCal and confirmation emails are sent to both parties. You never have to say, “Let me check my schedule” again. You’ll spend less time with the hassle of booking appointments and more time focusing on your business.

When you install the Click-to-Schedule module, you automatically get these features right out of the box:

• A free TimeTrade account*
• Sync capabilities for Outlook, Google calendar or iCal for Mac
• A click-to-schedule button in the size and color that you choose
• Appointments and meetings from your website on the calendars of up to 3 of your team members
• Full control over the times web visitors have to choose from. Just because a time is free on your calendar doesn’t mean it’s available to the public if you don’t want it to be.


Commerce Buckaroo Payment

Buckaroo integration for the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout system.

Buckaroo offers these three payment methods for use in a Drupal Commerce shop:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • iDeal


1. Enable the module
2. Configure it at admin/config/services/buckaroo
3. Enable payment methods



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