Title Case

This module allows you to convert JQuery selected strings into proper Title Case. The conversion is based on the javascript library from David Gouch (GitHub). Furthermore, you can define exceptions within the conversion.

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Simple Package Tracking

The Simple Package Tracking module makes adding tracking information to a customer's order a breeze! Simple Package Tracking was developed for online stores that drop ship and/or manually process a large numbers of orders with limited staff. With this module, tracking information is tied to the order, rather than individual packages, which dramatically minimizes the number of steps required to add tracking information to the order.


Commerce Tickets


Commerce Tickets allows the site admin to create a Ticket purchase system, it creates a new Product type named Commerce Ticket, and a new Field named Commerce Ticket Field.

The admin needs to create some ticket types, then add the Commerce Ticket Field to the required content type.

The Commerce Ticket Field then needs to be configured to allow a specific number of ticket types to be purchased on the content, and whether the customer needs to enter his/her name along with the ticket, and the text of the "Buy Now" button.



This is a test bed for Moneris integration for the commerce module.

Commerce Stock Status


Commerce_stock_status module aims to customize "out-of-stock" status for every products on your website. Maybe you want to inform your customers when such products will be available or you just want to set a default "out of stock" status for a specified product type.

MY Demo sandbox project for learning

This is a demo sandbox project .


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