CInjector (Content Injector) let administrator can inject blocks into node content, cinjector rules decide what block insert into what position in node content.

Available positions to inject block:
before 1st paragraph
after 1st paragraph
after 2nd paragraph,
after last paragraph



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It's a platform independent language.

Ultimate Cron

Cron list

The Ultimate Cron handling for Drupal.
Runs cron jobs individually in parallel using configurable rules, pool management and load balancing.


Ultimate Cron 2.0 beta is out now. The only Drupal module with a cracker intro! (warning: iPhone killer ...)

Ultimate Cron 1.x documentation can be found at

The old project page for Ultimate Cron 1.x can be found at


  • No more dependecy to Background Process. Ultimate Cron now works without Background Process. However, Background Process is still supported for true parallelism
  • Refactored to use cTools plugins, making it easier to extend Ultimate Cron.
  • Now includes the daemonizer and queue throttling features, previously found in the modules Ultimate Cron Daemonizer and Ultimate Cron Queue Scaler
  • Hopefully a more robust lock and logging mechanism.
  • Integration with nodejs for live update on cron page
  • Nagios support has not been re-implemented (yet?)

Upgrade path

  • Disable cron while upgrading.
  • Existing db-stored settings will be upgraded.
  • Existing features containing Ultimate Cron settings will be stored in db, for easier re-export.
  • Existing log table will be modified. Beware, that if the table contains many entries, the upgrade may take some time.


Ultimate Cron is built upon 4 plugin types.

  • Settings: - plugins that provide custom settings for jobs (bundled: general, queue).
  • Schedulers: - plugins that provide a mechanism for whether or not a job should run at a certain time (bundled: simple, crontab).
  • Launchers: - plugins that provide a way of launching jobs (bundled: serial, background_process).
  • Loggers: - plugins that provide a logging backing for job status (bundled: database, cache).

Ultimate Cron 2.x documentation can be found at


  • Works out-of-the box in most cases (or aims to)
  • Parallel exection of cron jobs
  • Configuration per job (enable/disable, rules, etc.)
  • Multiple rules per cron job
  • Pool management and load balancing using Background process
  • Support for Drupal Queues
  • Overview of cron jobs
  • Log history of cron jobs
  • Status/error messages per cron job, providing easy debugging of troublesome cron jobs
  • Uses hook_cronapi() (Elysia Cron compatible, NOT 2.x, please use hook_cron_alter() for similar functionality)
  • hook_cron_alter() for easy adding/manipulating cron jobs
  • Poormans cron with keepalive a granularity of 1 minute
  • Drush support (list, start, enable/disable jobs from the command line)


Comment Username

Comment form settings

This module came out of a request to be able to hide the identity of comment authors on comment by comment basis when comments contain possibly sensitive content on a site that does not allow anonymous comments.
This module adds a checkbox to the comment form allowing the user to hide his/her username when the comment is viewed. Instead of a username a generic username replacement is displayed instead (similar to CL-s fake email addresses). This module does not however prevent anyone from viewing a user's profile which should be managed at permissions level.

Static 404

Creates an easy(ier) way to generate a static page that imitates a particular node and serve that as a response to requests that result in a 404 Not Found status.

Updated by jobeirne and created by Phase2 Technology




Alfred is a productivity application for Mac OS X, which aims to save you time in searching your local computer and the web. With the release of Alfred 0.9.9, they added an extension interface, so lets have some Drupal extensions!

Extensions are part of the Alfred Powerpack, so make sure you have the powerpack enabled, see



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