File Framework 2

File Framework 2 is a copy of File Framework Module from
OpenBand, an M.C. Dean, Inc. company.

It seems that the support for FFw is closed.
we have no responce from the maintainers for several months.
We just want to keep this amazing modul alive and bring it to a stable version


JavaScript Syntax Highlighter

JavaScript Syntax Highlighter can be used for client-side syntax highlighting of following languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, HTTP and SMTP protocol, php.ini and Apache config. This is mostly used as a test-bed for the 2.x branch of the Libraries API.


Entity Box Types

Entity boxes provides an entity type whose bundles are box types. This allows for an easy UI-driven approach to creating custom and fieldable box types.




Wordtracker is a keyword research tool. The Wordtracker module integrates Wordtracker's keyword tools into your Drupal site.

With this module you can explore how often certain terms are searched for and the popularity of keyword variants.

The Wordtracker module also acts as a data source for the Keyword Research module which provides a rich user interface for keyword analysis and management.

For installation, follow the instructions in the README.txt file.

Requirements & recommendations

Required modules:

  • None

Recommended modules:

  • Keyword Research - Enables keyword management and integration with other keyword research data sources
  • Drupal SEO Tools - integrated dashboard for SEO reporting, analytics and optimization



Kewego Derivatives

This module add an engine to Derivatives API which allow to upload video to Kewego.


Adaptive Image Styles (ais)

Adaptive Image Styles


As of version 1.5, AIS works with Drupal 7.20 or better.


This module allows any image to be adaptive simply by setting it to be rendered with the 'adaptive' image style. This module also integrates with the Media module, and adds an adaptive option selectable from the media displays.

This module also works with inline images and WYSIWYG making it almost trivial to add adaptive image support to your existing site.

Which image styles are used to generate the adapted images is also configurable.

The adaptive image styles module offers an easy way to make any images adaptive. Since this module intergrates with Image Styles in Drupal core, the images are resized server-side and you can use your existing image styles as target sizes/styles to be adapted to.

Simply choosing to display the image with the "adaptive" image style with make the image adapt to the clients window width. The Adaptive Image Styles administration page provides an interface for choosing which image styles are using to generate the adapted images and set the threshold for when they are chosen. The threshold refers to browser window width.




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