Secure Check Lite

This project is the Ubercart implementation of Noca's Secure Check payment method. It uses Noca's iFrame API for transactions and SOAP for remote transaction status updates. Additional information on how to setup and configure Secure Check for Ubercart can be found here:
Note: 6.x-1.1-rc1 has been distributed to Noca clients, but is still a work in progress.

No cache

Simple input filter that will disable text caching for input formats where it is enabled. Although you won't want to use it most of the time (disabling caching will slow down you site), it can prove useful in some corner cases.

Real world example:


CCB Theme

CCB Theme files

CSS Names

CSS Names is a collection of small modules that make it possible to add theming to items that were previously difficult to target with css selectors. Most of these modules just add additional class names to a particular HTML element, with the class name based on the element's content or position within the parent structure.


No Colons

The No Colons module allows you to remove colons from form labels and other types of label text. There are two modes of operation: Remove all colons -or- Remove colons only if label text ends in punctuation (such as a question mark).


HubSpot Sandbox

Note: This sandbox project is superceded; use the HubSpot Leads module instead.

HubSpot provides advanced targeting marketing and lead nurturing features. This module integrates with Webform and the HubSpot API to submit Webforms directly to HubSpot's lead management system.

For example, a Webform-based contact form on your site can send its data to HubSpot, where you may already track potential clients and contacts; or a Webform-based e-newsletter signup could send the lead to HubSpot's targeted marketing system, letting you use your pre-existing email campaigns.


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