Media Zencoder

This module allows users to configure the Zencoder service to create new derivatives of a video file. While Zencoder support is included in the Video module, Video is not yet compatible with the rest of the Media framework.

This module requires a Zencoder account and utilizes Steve Heffernan's Zencoder API PHP Library.



This a sandbox

Live Themer Test Site

Live Themer Test Site is an install profile that lets you test out Live Themer variations and collections. It comes with a host of dummy content via the Devel module as well as pages displaying elements themed with Drupal's theme hooks and basic html tags.

Windows AppFabric Cache

This module offers integration between Drupal and Windows server AppFabric Cache, through the standard Drupal Cache API. It is intended to be used on Windows Drupal setups (IIS or Apache based stacks).

The target is to improve scalability of Drupal on a Windows / IIS environment, with purposes similar to memcache/memcached on Linux.



Deploy AppFabricCacheWrapper.dll in .Net's GAC, e.g.:

gacutil /i AppFabricCacheWrapper.dll

Register the COM assembly:

%SystemRoot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\regasm AppFabricCacheWrapper.dll

Note: the above steps will be integrated in an automated setup.


In IIS 7.x, configure the Drupal application's worker process identity to an OS user (with minimum privileges). This identity will be used by the PHP process to connect to AppFabric. If the IIS server and the AppFabric server are not part of the same domain or you choose a local user for the worker process identity, make sure that an identical user exists on the AppFabric server (passthrough authentication).


Grant access to the user configured in the previous step via Powershell:

Comment Date Closer

The module auto-closes comment thread on a specified date. The users are allowed to submit their comments by the specified date. After comment_by date users should only be able to view previously submitted comments. In other words, comment thread is set read-only for nodes with expired comment_by date.
Site admins can select content types for this feature.


D8CX: I pledge that EMBridge will have a full Drupal 8 release within 3 months of the release of Drupal 8.

The EMBridge module extends the image management functionality of Drupal by connecting it to EnterMedia, an open-source digital asset management system distributed under the GNU General Public License, used to search, manage, reuse, and track all digital files.



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