DAC is a acronym for Divide And Conquer.

DAC is a set of features designed in a certain way so that they are very modular. You can choose to enable only the parts that you need. Documentation is coming but you can use the elements, extensions and connections at this moment.

DAC is dependent on the Features module.



The MMPorter Importer and MMPorter Exporter modules extend the NodePorter modules to allow exporting Monster Menus page hierarchies and permissions to an XML description or import Monster Menus page hierarchies and permissions in addition to node content.

See the MMPorter documentation for more details.


The NodePorter Exporter and NodePorter Importer modules work hand-in-hand to export nodes to an XML description or import nodes from an XML description.

These modules can be used to programatically import content from other systems and data sources or export content and import it into other Drupal sites.

NodePorter uses the FieldTool module in Drupal 6 to export CCK types.

See the NodePorter documentation for more details.


ZeitConnect widgets

If you use Mindbody Online for your gym or studio, you can easily render schedules, enrollment lists, and a include a prospect form on your drupal site! By signing up for the ZeitConnect.com service, you can configure your widgets to include filtering, a selection of columns, and css themes.


Community Media Starter Kit (Difficult)

These modules have been identified by the members of the Community Media group as modules that should only be used after mastering at least some of the modules listed in the Moderate grouping. These are modules shared by large sites with staff who can support the more complicated configurations like channelAustin, MNN, and RETN.

List of Key Modules bundled in the Starter Kit and links to the Community Media specific documentation.

This distribution is co-maintained by Mark Libkuman (libkuman) of Openflows and Stefan Wray (stefanwray) of channelAustin. It is one of three Community Media Starter Kits.


Community Media Starter Kit (Moderate)

This distribution is one of the 3 Community Media Starter Kits maintained by the organizations working collaboratively on Community Media Drupal. The Community Media Starter Kit (Moderate) combines the basic Drupal CMS skills with membership, donation, and event management functionalities of CiviCRM. Profile Switcher can be used to switch from the Community Media Starter Kit (Easy) to Community Media Starter Kit (Moderate). Trying to configure Community Media Starter Kit (Moderate) without first understanding the modules included in Community Media Starter Kit (Easy) IS NOT RECOMMENDED.



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