commerce static checkout url

This module changes the default functionality of Commerce to use a static url in checkout instead of dynamic one that changes in every order.
It is supposed to be a helper module for banking institutes that don't accept dynamic urls.
It simplifies development of redirection-payment modules, by allowing developer to deal only with each bank and not with the static url needed.

All Greek banksm and probably many other banks, that offer a redirection payment method require static urls to work. This is where commerce_static_checkout_url comes in, it creates the static url so the bank can accept and validate requests from your site.

Greek Banks Modules

Modules for the greek banks Alphabank, Eurobank and Winbank - Peiraius are already available while a module for NBG is under development but there is no scheduled release date.

Multilingual support, for the dev revision

In order for a site to be multilingual, you have to set all prefix paths for all availiable languages, do not use domain for language identification, and finally enable the Session detection method.


FTP put

This modules uses FTP to move uploaded files and site's content to a network location. Select content types, uploaded files (yes/no) for FTP transfer, selectable tracking and deletion of nodes and files after successful transfer.

This module's development was supported in part by as part of project and by

Overlay Userlinks

A simple module that allows to display login, register and password reset pages using overlay.

Why Overlay

This module seems to be, at the moment, the simplest method for providing a "popup login box" since Colorbox login in Drupal7 needs some work and CTools Modal needs custom coding.
It is also very light since it doesn't need anything other but core Overlay module, which is part of every Drupal 7 installation.

Riot Drupal

Riot-flavored Drupal core.

Google Consumer Surveys

An image of what a Google Survey looks like on your page.

A field formatter for adding Google Consumer Surveys ( to your site. This will "hide" field(s) of your choice in a content type behind a Google Survey. This makes it so the user has to answer the survey before they can see the content in that field. You set which fields get this treatment by selecting Google Surveys as a Formatter on the Manage Display tab of your content type.

BibTeX filter

This module provides BibTeX filter integration for Drupal input formats.
It converts BibTeX into HTML.

bibtex2html.php is from and thanks to the author.


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