my product displays

This is some custom code that clones some data to an associated product type which, in this case, has a product_id number that is the same as the created display id.

jQuery UI selectmenu

selectmenu in action

Drupal integration for an improved version of the jQuery UI selectmenu widget originally developed by Scott (filament group).

For Drupal 6, see

There's a rebuilt version of selectmenu that is intended to go into jQuery UI core. It looks like it is not going to make it into jQuery UI 1.9 even though. See:


Commerce Migrate UC File S3

A migration for uc_file_s3 files into commerce_file.

QM Mobile Site

Simple text based site

Page manager date context

This module adds the ability for pages defined with page manager to define date contexts to, for example, take dates as arguments. Any date that can be interpreted by strtotime is a valid date argument.

The date argument then turns into a page manager context which you can send to a view for example. You can also modify the date argument for every context using strtotime syntax.

For example if the date argument is 2011-01-01 and you modify with the string '+1 week' the date value of that context becomes 2011-01-08.


Synchronize Mailchimp mailing lists with CiviCRM groups

Finally committed a new revision, refactored but still not ready for prime time. I'm very open to collaboration in the form of comments, suggestions, code, testing or anything that can help this move forward. I'm building it for Democracy Now! and want them to have a solid platform asap.


Support member management in CiviCRM syncing groups to Mailchimp lists for mass-mailing.


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