Aegir development Blueprint

This is a light touch blueprint for Aegir development.

You will need the following to be able to use this:



First, build yourself a new project using Drush vagrant:

drush -y vb --blueprint=aegir_developer --hosts=0 --project-name=PROJECT-NAME

Then cd to that directory:

cd `drush @PROJECT-NAME.project vr`

And run:

fab vagrant aegir_developer_install:uri="PROJECT-NAME.project"

This will install a 6.x-2.x version of Aegir on the Vagrant machine for you to use.


What you'll get here is a VM that doesn't interact too deeply with the host machine, so that you can develop without having to set lots of things up.
In your project directory you'll get provision and hostmaster directories that are used by the guest VM to run and install Aegir.

It's using port forwarding to access the Aegir frontend, so you'll want to add your hostname to the hosts file, but point it at and then copy the one-time login link and add a port, vagrant will tell you during boot which one is mapped to port 80 on the guest.

Youtube Comments Fetcher

Youtube Comments Fetcher for Feeds

Admin Icons

NOTE: This project was previously the module.

Icon fonts are awesome because:

GDLC Migrate

GDLC Migrate

Password tab

This module moves the current password fields into a dedicated tab.


This module was formerly included with the Password policy module, but was removed with the 7.x-2.x branch (see #1780712: Remove Password Tab submodule).


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