Bootstrap Everywhere

Theme based on Twitter's Bootstrap theme that provides layouts for use with Panels and Panels Everywhere. It assumes a modified version of the Twitter Bootstrap CSS with 24 columns. Read Twitter's Bootstrap (D7 only) page for instructions and dependencies.


Dynamically generates 1x1 pixel semi-transparent PNG images for browsers that don't support RGBa. Just point your CSS at /path/to/public-files-directory/rgbapng/HEXCODE.png and an image will be returned. If the image already exists it won't be regenerated.

ooyala Search

This module allows you to find the videos on the backlot, by using a field. This module is in development stage. This module requires the module of Ooyala to function, but what makes a search with the titles of the videos.

Documentation OOYALA:

D8MI - Entity Translation

This sandbox hosts the work to move the Entity Translation UI in core as part of the Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiative. See #1188388: Entity translation UI in core for the battleplan.

Easy Shop

Easy Shop is a theme designed to help you get a Drupal site running Ubercart up as quickly as possible.

Commerce Feeds multitype

Commerce Feeds multitype provides an additional Feeds processor that can create different types of products in one import. It provides mapping targets for the product type and any fields attached to any product type. If you're updating an existing product, any product type data in the source will be ignored.


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