Processes data from a supported source (e.g. XML) into targets mapped to entities and entity-like items (via the Entity API). This module presents an intuitive administrative interface for managing and executing data imports. Based on the highly flexible Rules framework, Portables is specifically optimized for data import configuration, simplifying the administrative process for a predictable outcome.


Ideal Comments

ideal comments - open

Don't lose context again when commenting on content!
Ideal comments sets a nicer and better node comments area, and makes commenting and discussing in a fluid and natural way.

Replying to comments opens a comment form just below the replied-to comment, in a nice slide effect.

Folding the 2nd+ depth comments for nice and clean UX.

Folding the 1st depth comment list after X (default to 10, and can be set through the content type settings form) comments.


- AJAX comment preview.


BPC Commerce file

a module using the http://drupal.org/project/commerce_bpc api to allow using commerce file fields as combinations. depends on http://drupal.org/sandbox/atlea/1414774

bpc commerce file allows uploading multiple images into seperate products in one clean step. this is especially useful when selling different resolutions of files. with a little addition it would allow to upload a downscaled preview for that image into a public field as well.


This module is intended to connect the SabreDAV Server with Drupal. After enabling the module, users will be able to create personal calendars and address books which can be synced with CalDAV and CardDAV clients. The module will fully support calendar displays using the Fullcalendar module.

Commerce Coffee

Commerce Coffee

This module hooks into Coffee to provide an interface for quick & effective management of any Commerce store.


- Coffee version 1.0
- Commerce


- Install Coffee & Commerce Coffee.
- Set permissions for both modules.
- Use :)


Image Matrix

Image Matrix module provides Views style plugin and content field formatter for displaying any number of images in magazine-like layout, arranging them at different sizes so that all images fit within a defined "square box".



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