Facebook Page Rules

Module configuration page

This module provides a rules action which can be used to post a link or a message to a facebook page.



Similar module & Add-on

Facebook Rules

  • To post on user walls.
  • If enabled along with facebook page rules, another action to post on facebook page as a user would be activated.




Tedbow Utilities

These are just utility functions.

Putting these up here so that others can check them out.

If you are interested in functions dealing with entities in Drupal 7 check out tedbow_utils.entities.inc

Commerce Product Entity Sync

This module is automatically synchronizes entities and it's (their's) fields to the commerce products.

For example, you have created Content Type for a Product and added there product_reference field that connects it to Commerce Product entity. The module will creates a new Commerce Product automatically, when new Product content (node) is created
and populate specified fields for a Commerce Product with values from Product node fields.


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