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LoginPath settings

LoginPath allows you to change the default login URL to a custom one.

Prometheus CRM - A Customer Relationship Management module for Drupal 6.xx

A small customer relationship management module allowing users involved in a platform to stay in touch.

Installing this module, a menu called "CRM Manage" will be displayed in User Management section.

In this menu you can selet:

- which role(s) allow to admin the module (and view the "My Admin" menu)

- foreach content type:
- if let the author of the specific content to see the "addressee tab", which allows to select individually users to be allowed to answer to the question about that content
- which role allow to do questions about the content type;
- which role allow to manage the questions about the content type;
- which role allow to be diplayed in the addressee tab by the author of the specific contet;

- select which feeedback values the questioner will view when decide to close the question;

- select, how many rows the tables of each menu (My Question, My Answers and Admin CRM) will be displayed;

- select when the module'll send a notify to the users.

The questioners views the menu My Question, which contain the questions that they have insert.

The assignee view the menu My Answer, which contain the questions that are assigned to the them and the questions waiting for the assignment.

Location Migrate

First implementation of Migrate functionality for Location module

Data handling: JSON data support ONLY!

D6 XML Example

Drupal 6 example, the data is handled extending XMLMigration class: the $current_row stores a SimpleXMLElement and thus allows an XPath element selection..

Commerce 4B


Implements the Spanish 4B payment service for use with Drupal Commerce.

Full list of supported banks at http://www.4b.es/sistema-4b/members


  • Enable the module and configure the payment rule at admin/commerce/config/payment-methods
  • Enter the store code ("Clave de comercio") you received by the bank.
  • Deactivate the payment rule setting "Use testing platform" when going live.

4B Service configuration

You need to configure the payment service at the website 4B. After signing up for the payment service from 4B, you will be given:

  • Nombre de commercio
  • Clave de comercio (store code)
  • Clave de usuario y contraseña (username and password)

Login at https://tpv.4b.es/config, enter the username and the password, click "Configuración"
in the menu at the left, and enter the following URLs, replacing YOURDOMAINNAME

  • URL que devuelve el desglose de la compra: YOURDOMAINNAME/commerce_4b/checkout_details
  • URL que graba el resultado en la BD del comercio (TRANSACCIONES AUTORIZADAS): YOURDOMAINNAME/commerce_4b/payment_response


Panels Masonry

This module adds Masonry for Panels style.

Why Masonry?

When you have multiple arbitrary size block contents in the Panel region, Masonry optimizes layout of these contents within a display area of a specific width. The program acts like a good tetris player arranging blocks. By proper implementation, you can effectively maximize the number of arbitrary size contents that can be shown within the specific display area.

It is useful in any one or more of these circumstances:

  • Each content is of different block size.
  • Each content block size change dynamically.
  • Display area is small, or with arbitrary resolution. (e.g. display in mobile devices), and you want to maximize the space used for display, dynamically.
  • You do not want (or lazy) to fix the layout in the panel.


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