Modules to build sites supporting different human languages

Language Combination

Provides a field for language combinations.

Originally a sub-module of Translation Management Tool and tweaked to work as a standalone module.

Locale Translation Context

Interface screenshot

This module adds context filtering capabilities to the core translation interface.

Configuration > Regional and Language > Translate interface > Translate

Adds a Context filter to we can find translation strings for a specific context.
This allows for an easy filtering of all the custom strings needed to be translated on a new site, if a context was used during the development of custom modules and themes.

Global Gateway


The purpose of this module is to filter language links by selected or auto-detected user country. This is helpful when you have many languages on the site and want to show only languages for current country.

As example you can choose to display language switcher for Italian language only for users from Italia, or Portuguese language switcher only for countries where they speak Portuguese.

Configuration for mapping between countries and languages can be done at the configuration page for each language.

Lionbridge Translation Provider


Lionbridge Translation Provider is an external translation service for the Translation Management Tool module. It allows users to send content directly from their Drupal site into Lionbridge onDemand for professional translation by the world's largest translation firm.

update content language

Update content language

This module is used to update the language Selected content.


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