Modules to build sites supporting different human languages

Node Menu Language Filter

This module aims to reduce the menu-item selection which is pratical on sites with many languages and or big menus. For example; you don't want to see an Italian menu when the node is language is specified as English

In a multilingual Drupal installation, this module filters the available menus when adding a menu item in "add content". It is filtered to the selected language on the node. If no language is selected the default site-wide language is taken. Language neutral menus are not filtered.

Simple Entity Translation

Provides entity multilingual support with the same approach as "Translation via node translation method (multiple nodes)". This way you have 1 entity instance per language (multiple entities).

Language Groups

Provides a system for creating & managing groups of languages, and a corresponding CTools / Panels selection rule that uses the groups.


TMGMT Translator X-Connect


The X-Connect translator is a plugin for the Translation Management Tool (TMGMT) and provides support to send and receive translation jobs to the Euroscript Global Content Management (GCM) language services.


  • Submit translation Jobs to GCM.
  • Automatically import translated Jobs using Drupal cron.
  • Manual check & import translated Jobs.

The X-Connect module supports all sources and features the TMGMT module and plugins provide.


Case Insensitive Translation Search

Enhances the "Translate Interface" page, by making the string search case-insensitive.

Designed to improve the usability of interface translation for content editors, this sandbox module replaces the default Locale case-sensitive string search with a case-insensitive one.

Depends on: Locale


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