Modules to build sites supporting different human languages

I18N List

Translate Select or Other

Entity Translation Access

This module is successor of Node translation access that was created during development Acronis web site.

In comparison with Node translation access, this module provides:

  • support for nodes
  • support for custom entities
  • has better save/restore mechanism
  • follows Drupal coding standards

Views exposed multilingual taxonomy filter

This module allows displaying of taxonomy term reference exposed filters with the language option (if there is one) in the label like: "term_name (language)".

The module provides a setting to taxonomy_term_reference views filter.

You have juste to check to box for each views filter you want to have this behaviour.

Views filter configuration


Language Dropdown Bootstrap

Language dropdown bootstrap


This is a very tiny module that exposes a new block.
The Language dropdown bootstrap allows site visitors to switch languages using a drop-down select list with bootstrap style.


TMGMT Express Checkout

Reduce amount of clicking when creating multiple translation jobs.

This adds an express checkout form that is automatically presented when 2 or more translation jobs need to be checked out. The form allows a single name and translator selection to be used for a set of jobs that translate the same documents into different languages.

The form can be skipped to proceed to the standard form-per-job checkout.


This module requires TMGMT module to be installed.


Language redirect

Adds the ability to redirect users based on IP addresses to given language.


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