Modules to build sites supporting different human languages

Video Comment FranklyMe

Use this plugin to spice up your posts with video comments instead of boring text comments. Simply start by creating a new post, the video comment feature is added automatically at the end of the post.

This plugin places two-set widget. First, a sleek 'record video' button, and a video carousel at the end of all of your posts. Official plugin from FranklyMe.

It'll be shown to your audience once your post goes live, where they can take a video selfie (velfie) that'll be viewable by everybody on your site.

Taxonomy Tree Structure

This module provides localized Structure Tree Based On taxonomy terms using JS library to display your terms nicely and tree collapse style.

Revision UI

For content translation Drupal 8 replaces node translation by entity / field translation. That's a big difference regarding entity (formerly node) revisions. While Drupal 7 provided separate revisions per translation, Drupal 8 now "shares" a single revision across all translations. If you simply revert a revision, all translations will be reverted to this revisions. It's impossible to revert a single translations anymore.


Role Language

Let administrator to assign the language for each role.

Multilingual taxonomy

This module will add the feature to translate taxonomy vocabularies in an entity translation environment. The reason for this module is that i18n_taxonomy which normally adds this feature is not fully compatible with the entity translation module.

It is similar to the Multilingual content type module.

Localizer is a CMS and E-Commerce Store Localization Tool that helps users of Drupal localize their web presence in minutes.

We do this by connecting you to a cluster of over 15,000 translators around the globe that help you translate to to over 45 languages instantly. This enables Business Owners, Marketers and Developers instantly create a presence to over 45 different languages within the same instance.

Localizer also ensure all international content is search friendly and allows advanced users to segment content display to their audiences too.


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