Modules to build sites supporting different human languages

Internationalization Path Translation

Have you ever wondered how to translate the paths of pages created by page manager, for example?
Let's suppose we have a scenario with a multilingual website and we create our events/!city page in English using page manager and now we need to translate the path to Portuguese.
Now it's possible to create those paths by going to admin/config/regional/i18n_translation/path and using * as wildcards.
You simply have to add events/* on the English version and add eventos/* on the Portuguese, for example!

Entity translation switcher

This module provides links to switch between entity translations.

This could be used to change the content language independently from the interface language when a suitable content language negotiation mechanism is in place.


Enable the module and configure the entity translation switcher field in the "Manage display" tab of the content type (e.g. for the "page" content type: admin/structure/types/manage/page/display).

Administration Language Negotiation

This module allows the users to browse particular pages in a specific language.
The classical use case is to allow displaying the frontend of the site in one language and still keep most of the backend in English (or another language of your choice), but it can have other usages.

Language text link filter

Language text link filter searches through text bodies for internal links. If a link to a node points to another language than the current, the module looks for a translation in the right language and replaces the link.

It supports system paths, absolute links copied from the browser and internal links without domain.

If the translation for the linked node is made subsequently, the link is still updated without interference from the editor.

Currently only works with path prefix and only on Drupal 7.

Lingotek Files

A module to make Lingotek handle file entities along with the node.

This module does not work, yet. Files are uploaded to Lingotek with the nodes but not yet re-connected on the download.


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