Organic Groups related add-ons.

OG Clone

This is a module that makes it possible to clone an entire group and all its content, or, potentially, all its members. It depends on the 7.2 version of Organic Groups.

More information soon.

OG Role Access

If you prefer to set permissions using Organic Groups roles, then you are in the right place. This project is under development, but the idea is to enable access controls for Views and Pages that can be set by OG role.

Workbench OG

This module allows integration between workbench moderation and organic groups. Organic group roles can be defined to be responsible to perform different transitions that will move content from the different stages.

Use Case

A perfect use case for the usage of this module: a website with several groups that contains a content workflow process.

  • Users with "Content author" role in group "Finance" can create content that needs to be approved before being published to "Finance".
  • Only "Content editors" of group "Finance" can review and publish those nodes.
  • "Content authors" can create new revisions of content that is curently published. That content remains published till the new revision gets reviewed and published.
  • "Content authors" and "Content editors" of different groups will not have access to content that is under review in group "Finance".


This modules allows group managers to configure permissions that allow members with defined roles to move nodes in defined workflows configured using workbench moderation. Instead of configuring permissions to transition nodes to be published by normal roles, this module allows to do in a group context defining group roles that can publish nodes.

Organic Groups Global administrator

The module provides an "access all private group content" permission which can be used to access all private groups without having to be the member of the group.

Support OG

The Support OG module allows for co-existance between the D7 Organic Groups module and the D7 Support module.


There is a problem when both modules are enabled that the node access permissions do not allow for Organic Group members in the same Organic Group group to access each others content.


Organic Groups Vocab for Drupal 7

This is a sandbox for OG Vocab for Drupal 7 to be merged later into OG Vocab module.


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