Organic Groups related add-ons.

Support OG

The Support OG module allows for co-existance between the D7 Organic Groups module and the D7 Support module.


There is a problem when both modules are enabled that the node access permissions do not allow for Organic Group members in the same Organic Group group to access each others content.


Organic Groups Vocab for Drupal 7

This is a sandbox for OG Vocab for Drupal 7 to be merged later into OG Vocab module.

Spaces Field Access

Spaces Field Access module allows to set per space access for a field instance. On a field settings form you can select spaces for which it can be accessed.

Spaces module is a requirement for this project. Currently it works with Spaces of OG type, new types (user, taxonomy) are coming soon!

Development sponsored by Trellon.


Domain and OG (Organic Groups) Bridge Module

This module provides a bridge between a multisite setup with domain module and organic groups.

OG Group Audience view

Add a formatter for group_audience field to display group audience as a rendered entity (like entityreference 'Rendered entity' formatter).
User is able to choose the view_mode.


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