Organic Groups related add-ons.

OG User Access

This module provides a D6 backport of og_user_access, og_field_access and og_ui from D7.

OG Purl

Organic groups 2.x integration with Purl.

Spaces module already provides integration for OG + PURL, however it also adds other features which are not always needed. This module is providing the Purl integration, and nothing more.

Atrium Web Features

This module is a feature for Atrium that allows you to add other websites as "Features" to your Atrium!


More coming soon.

OG Multiple Group Audience Fields

This module allows you to use multiple group audience fields on a bundle with different group membership types for each. This module is intended for use with Organic Groups 1.x as the problem is solved in the 2.x branch. See #1263588: Allow having multiple group-audience type fields for the inspiration behind this project.

OG Clone

This is a module that makes it possible to clone an entire group and all its content, or, potentially, all its members. It depends on the 7.2 version of Organic Groups.

More information soon.

OG Role Access

If you prefer to set permissions using Organic Groups roles, then you are in the right place. This project is under development, but the idea is to enable access controls for Views and Pages that can be set by OG role.


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