Organic Groups related add-ons.

OG Group Audience view

Add a formatter for group_audience field to display group audience as a rendered entity (like entityreference 'Rendered entity' formatter).
User is able to choose the view_mode.

OG Analytics

Provides an analytics infrastructure for displaying statistics reports using Google Charts API (the new one).


Organic Groups Default Panels

Add on to the og_panels module. This module enables you to set an organic group as a 'template' for all other organic groups panels, enabling panels to be created for new groups on the fly.



Opigno is used to create e-learning platforms of all sizes. The Opigno core is lean and mean, providing flexible building blocks and APIs to create a custom e-learning system. It uses Drupal 7 and contributed projects like OG, Quiz, Rules and Views.

As opposed to many e-learning systems out there, Opigno was developed with a framework mindset, allowing organisations to build their own solutions quickly and simply. It makes no hard-coded assumptions about your organisation, privileging Drupal developers and site builders.

Sponsored by Connect-i.

Core Features

Opigno core provides little functionality out of the box. Most features live in other modules (which are also packaged as apps). You can search for these modules on or by enabling the Apps module and browsing through the list.


Organic groups People Form actions

module is for use cases when certain role have access to administrating users and should see the options in "UPDATE OPTIONS" to add or remove selected users to or from selected group. This module provides this feature to easily and fast add/remove user to/from group without the hassle.


7.x-1.x requires Organic groups 1.x
7.x-2.x requires Organic groups 2.x


OG access byRole

Control access to OG content by OG role. Uses OG Role Reference Field (og_role_field) to choose the allowed roles for each node, so you can have select lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc. Leave the field blank to disable the feature, allowing other node access modules (like OG Content Visibility, og_access) to do their work.

Works well with og_access.

Currently alpha status. Project title can be rewritten to something more readable after promotion to full project.


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