Organic Groups related add-ons.

Organic groups People Form actions

module is for use cases when certain role have access to administrating users and should see the options in "UPDATE OPTIONS" to add or remove selected users to or from selected group. This module provides this feature to easily and fast add/remove user to/from group without the hassle.


7.x-1.x requires Organic groups 1.x
7.x-2.x requires Organic groups 2.x


OG access byRole

Control access to OG content by OG role. Uses OG Role Reference Field (og_role_field) to choose the allowed roles for each node, so you can have select lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc. Leave the field blank to disable the feature, allowing other node access modules (like OG Content Visibility, og_access) to do their work.

Works well with og_access.

Currently alpha status. Project title can be rewritten to something more readable after promotion to full project.

Domain Access OG Bridge

In case Domain Access module is used together with Organic Groups they might interfere with each other's node access rules. This module combines node access settings of the Domain Access and Organic Groups modules into a new realm.

Drupal's node access control works in a way that if any module grants access to a node for a specific user account then even if another module would block the access the user will still be able to access the node.

Og_panels D7

This is a sandbox project to port og_panels into drupal7.


What is OG Discussions?

OG Discussions is a feature which provides a "forum-like" discussions functionality for og groups (currently only version 7.x-1.x supported!).

OG Discussions provides a forum overview page that looks and functions much like the Drupal core forum module overview page but instead provides an overview of all discussion posts in an og_group. As a feature, it also provides a basic content type, a taxonomy vocabulary and several simple views for showing posts inside of each category. Like Drupal Forums, there is an overview page for the city forum as well as individual view for each "forum" category.

NOTE on Current Project Status

This is not strictly speaking a fully developed and general solution module but more a specific solution (i.e. a feature) with the potential to become more and better. While this module can and will work as an end solution for basic Drupal site builders, it's largely a work-in-progress that I'm sharing for the benefit of other developers who can help make it better.

While I'm fairly certain this module won't destroy your website, use it with caution and (use common sense!) make a backup before enabling on a live site.

Things this module does NOT do but could be adapted to:

    OG Extras

    More blocks and views

    Extra functions, blocks, and views for Organic Groups 7.2. In particular, this module adds views and blocks needed by sites that are not using Panels, although it also may be useful to sites that do use Panels. This module is for Organic Groups 7.2. It will not work with Organic Groups 7.1.

    This module was created because the default views and blocks that come with Organic Groups only work in Panels. It restores some of the functionality of the D6 version of Organic Groups.



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