Organic Groups related add-ons.

Views OG cache

Add Views time based cache per group.

Spaces OG Book

Replaces book adding of book elements to node form with one that is restricted to the current organic group, with the intent of not loading every, single, book structure on every single node form (which book.module is want to do, if a user has administer book outline permission). To install, do as normal than grant users 'add content to group books' permission and remove 'add content to books' and 'administer book outline' permission.

It does not actually require spaces, just that og_get_context will return the group on both node/add and node edit forms.

OG Subgroups 7.x-2.x

Porting of OG Subgroups to OG 7.x-2.x

Organic Groups Comment Context

Adds a og_context for a nodes comment page for OG version 1.

This was included as part of the Organic Groups 2 release.
Work sponsored by Knectar.

Purl Domain or Path

Purl Domain or Path is a smart Purl plugin that attempts matching both, domain and path, which allows to mix the two types of modifiers in given Drupal installation.

Spaces OG Login / Logout

This module compliments more popular and better known Login Toboggan and Login/Logout Destinations. It performs similar functions, but is specifically targeted at sites, running Spaces and Organic Groups.

The typical use of Spaces and Organic Groups is to segregate sections of the site and associate users with these sections. It is not unusual to use Spaces and Organic Groups to create an appearance of multiple, independently running sites on top of single Drupal deployment. In doing so, site owners often encounter a problem, related to user's login/logout experience: the standard Drupal implementation takes users to user's profile page upon login and takes to the home page of the overall site upon logout. This module provides a feature, which, if enabled within given space and organic group, alters the flow as follows:

a. The user visited a page within the organic group and he/she is not logged in, while the page requires login. After successful login the user is taken to the home page for the space/group.

b. The user is logged in and clicks the logout link on a page within the organic group - after the logout she or he will be taken to the home page for that organic group.


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