Organic Groups related add-ons.

Atrium Features

These are the main Features of the Open Atrium distribution. There are 6 core features available by default when you install Open Atrium:


Registration OG

Integration between Registration and Organic Groups module.

Organic Group Mailinglist

A simpler mailinglist module for organic groups. This is currently in use in sites like and

OG Subgroup Roles

OG subgroup roles creates group roles in parent group(s) for every child group.
Permissions on the parent group can be given to members of the subgroup(s) rather than adding each of the users to the parent group individually.
Parent group members can be given permissions to adminster child groups or to inherit their parent group permissions when acting on child groups and content.

Organic Groups Notifications

This module integrates Notifications with Organic Groups.
User will be able to subscribe/unsubscribe on the all new nodes posted in a group. And will be able to edit his subscriptions.


7.x-1.x works fine with OG7.x-1.x.
7.x-2.x works fine with OG7.x-2.x.



allows our content type to be include in the group of its objectif


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