Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal administrators to control how lists of posts are retrieved and presented. There are various views add on's that should be added here.

Mongor: Mongo Relationships

Mongor is an attempt to fill a "gap" in the EFQ Views module. EFQ Views are not compatible with views relationships because, by MongoDB's nature, JOINs are not possible. This is Mongo, after all, and not MySQL.

Mongor's solution to this is to pipe two existing views together to simulate a JOIN/relationship. If you take the output of one view display and use that as the contextual filter in another view — voila — you basically have a relationship.

Twitter Widget

Configured twitter


This module provides API integration with the Twitter microblogging service. Out of the box, it allows users to:

Associate one Twitter accounts with their Drupal user account.
List tweets in twittline ways thanks to Views.
List mentions twetts thanks to views.
Format twitter @usernames and #hashtags as links to


Twitter Widget contains OAuth to connect with the Twitter API.

Views Adjustable Table

This module defines new style plugin for Views: 'Adjustable Table' which allows the end user to select table columns and their order for the resulting table output of the view. This plugin uses standard table theme of the view, so it's possible to switch to it from 'Table' style plugin for any existing view with no other changes.

N.B. At least one exposed filter must be added to the view for column selection widget to be shown.


Redmine synchronization



This module allows expose Redmine's time entries using Views. Time entries can be related to:

  • Drupal's nodes - through a custom field added to Redmine time entry
  • Drupal's users - through additional field in Drupal's user profile

Highlights of the module:


Flipboard RSS

This module helps you output an RSS feed that complies with the standards for Flipboard distribution.

Flipboard is the premier new reader for mobile OS platforms and one that you want to have your feeds displayed in. It's both beautiful and fun to navigate and has a very large market share.



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