Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal administrators to control how lists of posts are retrieved and presented. There are various views add on's that should be added here.

Isotope Views

Isotope library integration for views . Views Style Plugin.

Views Exposed Forms #Ajax Support

Views Exposed Forms #Ajax Support

Adds #ajax support to Views Exposed Forms.
Since Views Exposed Forms are $_GET forms only, #ajax callbacks won't work there by default.
This module adds this ability. Just enable it and create your #ajax callbacks for any exposed form

This module is the adopted version of the patch here:, hopefully it will
be submitted to Views soon and you won't need this module anymore, but for now it will save you.

MEFIBS - More exposed forms in blocks


Views display extender that provides logic and UI for additional exposed form blocks, so as to have multiple blocks with exposed form elements on the same page. Exposed filters can be assigned to either the default block or to any other configured block. Multiple assignments are possible.
Also, extra elements like e.g. exposed sorting and exposed items per page can be assigned to different blocks. Using the block configuration page the blocks can then be positioned independently on different pages and/or different regions.


Panels bootstrap

This Module is moved to Panels bootstrap layout builder due to naming issue


Views Hide Exposed Form

Views Hide Exposed Form

This module adds an exposed form style: Hidden.
When an exposed form is hidden, the results of Views still can be filtered or sorted by changing URL.

Views Created or Commented

Views field, filter and sort handlers "Created or Commented date".
Based on default Views handlers "Updated/commented date"


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