Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal administrators to control how lists of posts are retrieved and presented. There are various views add on's that should be added here.


There are several javascript charts & graphs libraries out there, googleapi and jqplot for example. The D3 library, however, is not only a much more flexible library, but also offers more than just charts and graphs.

Some examples include:

  1. Chord Digram
  2. Force-Directed Graph
  3. Treemap
  4. Scatterplot Matrix
  5. Bubble Chart
  6. Pie Charts / Donut Charts
  7. Multiple Line Graphs
  8. etc...



Dual Scrollbars

This project will empower views output to have a scrollbar at top or to have a scrollbar at left inaddation of having scrollbar at bottom as well as right.

Top Scrollbars
So, whose idea was it to put scrollbars at the bottom of a region, rather than the top? I had a need for both a top and bottom scrollbar on a view output, so visitors could scroll it horizontally without (ahem) scrolling down to the bottom of it.

Views Component


The views component module provides a solution to create input or select form elements using views.

Supported Modules:


Drag and Drop Operations

This module allows to create "packs" of entities via jQuery UI Drag and Drop in order to make operations with them, i.e. operations over nodes like VBO, aggregation of News nodes into Newsletter nodes or aggregation of Chocolate nodes into Chocolate Box products.

Views breadcrumb

This module will help you to set the breadcrumb only for views pages in Drupal 7.x.


1. Extract module into /sites/all/modules folder.
2. Enable "Views breadcrumb" and "Views breadcrumb configuration" click the configuration button on /admin/modules page.


Go to admin/structure/block/manage/views_breadcrumb/views_breadcrumb_block/configure and only do the steps follows,

Views Data as CTools Context

This module provides CTools Context Plugin which provides data from view (value of one certain field (first field now) from one certain result row (now only from first row) of curtain view)


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