Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal administrators to control how lists of posts are retrieved and presented. There are various views add on's that should be added here.

Views feed pane

In short: Module allows creating panels panes (ctools content_type plugins) for placing feed icons of views that have feed displays.

Webform Views Filter

This module adds a new filter to views that allows the user to show only content that has webform components attached to it or only content that does not have webform components attached.


Simplenews filter

Simplenews filter

The Simplenews module lacks a way to dynamically filter lists of subscribers for newsletters. This module hopes to remedy that by using Views as filters.

Simplenews filter allows you to select any view of type simplenews_subscriber on which to filter newsletter subscriptions against. The recipients must already be subscribed to the newsletter.


CHAP Timeline


This module implements a Views 2 Style Plugin which provides integration with the Timeline component of the CHAP Links Library.


Module extends functionality of ExposedFilters of Views.
You can attach one or more Entityforms to your Views.
Fields of form are arguments for views. Attached forms can be placed in different regions of the page.
Module allow remember data from different form.


Views Glossary

Views Glossary

Views glossary module provide following features,

1- A special kind of layout to glossary view(which is available by default with views) or any view, see in screenshot.
2- Providing pager with selectbox and textbox.
3-A default view is added for example.
4- Making items per pager independent of expose form submit.(A usability improvement).

Go to module configuration and enter view machine names separated by comma. See the layout on view.



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