Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal administrators to control how lists of posts are retrieved and presented. There are various views add on's that should be added here.

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Basic Page

A simple content managing module for creating/editing and deleting custom pages with editable title, body, path and publishing option.

Its lighter than the core node module and provide publishing and editable forms for users.

Similar modules

Menu Views

Allows menu items to render views instead of links. This is useful for creating "mega-menus".

What Menu Views Does

Menu Views is a utility module. It provides back end support for replacing a standard menu item link with a menu item view. Menu items (in any menu) now have the option of toggling between two different menu item types: link or view. Depending on which option is selected, the appropriate configuration form is displayed on the admin side and the appropriate type of item is rendered on the front-end.

What Menu Views Does NOT Do

Menu Views is NOT a theming/styling module for mega-menus. As stated above, this module is strictly a utility module for replacing menu item link with a view. Once the HTML markup is there, Menu View's job is done! Read #1794010: Menu Views is not working.

Depending on how a theme renders the primary and secondary navigation, this module may not work because the parent items may not ever be extended (regardless whether they are checked as such in the menu item). It is strongly recommended to use one of the following modules in your theme's menu region instead (see: Use menus in Drupal 7? You need Menu block module.).


Views php pager

This small sandbox project allows to generate a pager in php.

There are certain use cases where you might have not that many results in the actual query like 50 but you can't remove items on the query level, but you still want a proper pager.

This module basically loads all items and reduces them according to the current page.


iToggle module demonstration

iToggle uses the iToggle jQuery plugin to create engaging and interactive widgets for fields and boolean entity properties.

It does the following:


Search by fields views

The Search by fields view module builds a view for all content types and adds the signed fields of this content type to this view as exposed filter.


Copy search_by_fields_views folder to your module directory and then enable on the admin/modules page.


After enabling module you will find some new view on admin/structure/views disabled by default. Enable them according to needs.
Go to admin/structure/types/manage/TYPE/fields/FIELDNAME to edit FIELDNAME field.
Near to default value fieldset you can set that this field will be displayed on search-by-fields/TYPE page as an exposed filter or not. The existing fields are enabled by default.

Widget types

By default the Views module allows textfields for the number and text type fields as exposed widget.
The Search by fields views module transforms this widgets into drop-down lists in which the options are the previosly added values.
Imagine that you have a Person content type with a field named age. If your end-user would like to find persons on search-by-fields/person page by age, she/he doesn't know what options are availabe. If you have some Person type node in which the age has already been added these values will be displayed as options.


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