Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal administrators to control how lists of posts are retrieved and presented. There are various views add on's that should be added here.

Taxonomy display

Taxonomy display configuration form

The taxonomy display module allows administrative configurable term display pages. This allows administrators to override the default presentation of taxonomy term pages per vocabulary through the taxonomy term page's manage display form.

Hook into taxonomy term pages

Taxonomy display exposes three plugin types for modules to overwrite portions of taxonomy term pages by providing their own plugins. These plugins are selectable on a per vocabulary basis, allowing the site administrator to decide which plugins they want to display for each vocabulary. To learn how to provide your own plugins see the developer resources page.

Selectable term displays

  • Core

    • Plays nicely with Display suite.
    • Does not conflict with modules that make use of hook_taxonomy_term_view_alter(), hook_entity_view(), or hook_entity_view_alter().
  • Hidden

Selectable associated content displays

  • Core



    The Mobile Gallery module is a Views style plugin that outputs images organized in a way that is optimized for mobile devices.

    Bulk PDF

    You can generate mass PDFs using this module, it provides a new action - Generate bulk PDF - for Views Bulk operations.

    Apache Solr Location

    Apache Solr Location

    The purpose of this project is to provide geospatial searches for Locations within Views through the Apache Solr and Apache Solr Views modules.



    Sponsored by Forum One Communications

    Views batch page

    For views displaying a lot of content, loading & rendering the view can cause out of memory timeout errors.

    This module defines a new page display for views called "Batch Page". It functions exactly the same as a normal views page display, except when first displayed, the view is loaded incrementally via the batch API and cached.

    You can customise the number of items to load per batch in the display settings.


    Views jQFX Nivo Slider



    Nivo Slider touts itself as The world's most awesome jQuery Image Slider. This module integrates the Nivo Slider plugin with Views.

    Module updated on September 17, 2011. Libraries is now a requirement. Install this before updating the module.

    Drupal Demo


    As of plugin version 2.6 these include:

    • 16 unique transition effects
    • Simple clean & valid markup
    • Loads of settings to tweak
    • Built in directional and control navigation
    • Packed version only weighs 15kb
    • Supports linking images
    • Keyboard Navigation
    • HTML Captions
    • 3 Slick Themes
    • Free to use and abuse under the MIT license

    The module supports the link field. Thumbnails are generated via nivo-sliders' search and replace feature. In addition, a developer has multiple options for implementing custom javascript functions to change the nivo-slider behavior.


    Known Issue



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