Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal administrators to control how lists of posts are retrieved and presented. There are various views add on's that should be added here.

LTR Admin

This module simply modify the theme registry & locale settings to force Theme to be LTR to be set when uid=1 [admin]


This sandbox project auto generates Quicktabs with taxonomy and views.

The code shows the categorised site’s content in different views. This means each term needs to be a tab. Each tab displays several views.

NOTE: this is sandbox project for me to get acquianted with some api's. I don't intend to make a real module out of it.

Sortable Grid Views Plugin

This project aims to provide a Views plugin for the user to be able to show a grid composed of draggable elements and save the displayed order of these element.

The user may then create other displays to show the elements in the order defined above.

This project is very similar in its goals to Draggable views, yet a lot simpler as there is no hierarchy management. It doesn't depend on Draggable Views though.

The added value resides in the presentation, a grid rather than a table list, and the therefore possible uses which Draggable Views doesn't permit.

It relies heavily on the Jquery UI sortable and draggable widgets so it requires jquery_update.

Getting started

  • Install as usual, enable Views (which is probably already done) and Sortable Grid.
  • Create a new node view.
  • Choose the Sortable Grid Format.
  • In the settings, you can choose the row length, which will determine how many items should be displayed before begining a new line in the grid.
  • Choose the Sortable Grid row style.
  • Add at least one field in the ‘Fields’ section. An image field is best suited, but any field should do.


Views FusionMaps

Views style plugin for FusionMaps

Views FusionCharts

A views style plugin for FusionCharts

Panels views prerender

This module makes it possible to pre-render the views panes/views displays for panes which has no dependencies on which context they are disaplayed on. This meens no user-specific content, no dynamic content based on the term on taxonomy term pages and no forms (because of the path set in "action").
BUT views lists like latest, newest, nodequeues (which is by default always ressource-demanding because it uses node_view) etc. can be pre-rendered.

It will greatly improve the performance (speed and memory usage), and often updated complex content will almost come for free.


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