Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal administrators to control how lists of posts are retrieved and presented. There are various views add on's that should be added here.

User IP Log

User IP Log Snapshot

User IP Log is a simple module that logs the IP address of users on login event to table {uiplog}.


Ticker Views

Ticker Views is a Views plugin used to modify a view into an animated News Ticker block. The project uses CCK to create "News Blurb", start date, end date, and priority fields to the Page node editor form. These fields are then rendered in a Block View (generated by Ticker Views) and styled as a News Ticker.

More details as the project comes along.

Quicktabs Panels Integration

Provides a CTools/Panels' content type plug-in for Quicktabs blocks. Can optionally provide arguments/contexts from the Panel to those Quicktab tabs which are Views type. Requires views_content module which is included in CTools.

If you enable this module after having already included Quicktabs blocks (via the Miscellaneous option) in your variant, it will probably still work (?) but you won't be able to edit it. But you ought to be able to re-create it fairly easily. I'm curious to learn what happens, in any case.

Views PDF Mime Mail

This module provides the integration of Views PDF and Mime Mail.

This allows the user to send a View as a PDF to a customer by Rules.

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Views Extra Pagers

Full pager

This module provides new pagers for Views 3.
Currently, these new pagers are available:

  • full pager with link to all items
  • mini pager with link to all items


Roles Table

A module similar to cross tabs. This module pulls in user role data and sorts it into an easy to view table.

This project can be found at


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