Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal administrators to control how lists of posts are retrieved and presented. There are various views add on's that should be added here.

views - development sandbox

Here are some branches for views development.

Views Isotope

Views Isotope is a style plugin that allows views to return results as a jQuery Isotope styled structure.

Multiple exposed filter

Allow to add new filters dynamically on a filter exposed form.



The Slickgrid module is an implementation of Michael Leibman's jquery slickgrid plugin, a lightening fast JavaScript grid/spreadsheet.

It defines a slickgrid view style, so all data can be output as an editable grid.

Features of the grid:

  • Grouping field - group fields with a common value together
  • Collapsible taxonomy fields (tree structures)
  • Tabs - organise columns into tabs
  • Resize, reorder & hide columns
  • Delete entities via the grid
  • Force fit columns (to fill the available column space)
  • Undo (undo previous changes - uses node revisions)
  • Set viewport height
  • Set row height
  • Add entities via the grid*
  • Clone entities*
  • Export data (via the views data export module)*
  • Multi edit/delete/clone/export (checkboxes will be displayed in the rows - select as many rows as you want to perform action against)*

* Drupal 7 version only.

At the front end, users can show/hide, resize, reorder columns & resize the height of the grid. These settings will be stored per user and used next time the grid is shown. Saving the view (via the usual views UI) will reset these settings.


Dashboard Views

A collection of preconfigured Views to add to the dashboard of your Open Atrium groups.

Currently includes:

  • Book pages (with "Add Book page" link)
  • Member Listing (including admin vs. user status)
  • Projects (Case Tracker or Case Tracker Plus)
  • Shoutbox

Additional submissions are welcomed.




This module let's you integrate with Microsoft SharePoint.

Project Goals

The intention of this project is to create a collaborated effort for SharePoint integration and create a good and stable solution that works for most SharePoint projects.

Integration Approach

This module integrates with SharePoint through the SharePoint SOAP Web Services. It's using the SOAP services since that is the most widely supported and most powerful way to integrate SharePoint with Services. If you are planning to integrate SharePoint with CMIS, please have a look at the CMIS module.


The SharePoint Module currently supports:
* Consuming SharePoint data in lists with the Feeds module.
* Consuming SharePoint data in lists with the Views module.
* Use SharePoint Search within your Drupal Site.

There are lot's of interesting plans for future development of this module. Have a look in the Issue Queue to get an idea of what's in store.

The functionality is not yet ready for production, but it serves as a good starting point for creating a working integration. If you're testing this module and find something that isn't working please post an issue in the queue!

Development status



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