Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal administrators to control how lists of posts are retrieved and presented. There are various views add on's that should be added here.

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An example for a nice usage of views slide show with jquery cycle plugin.

You can have a look at the related blog post:

Persist url params

This module helps to keep url params when submitting views exposed filters.

Views exposed filters are implemented using GET so the filtered results are bookmarkable.

The problem arises when there are already other arguments in the url that filters the results but that doesn't come from exposed filters, like when using Search API facets blocks.

This module alters the exposed filter form by adding hidden fields with the values from other params existing in the url, so when the form is submitted you don't lose the previous filtering.


This module provides a row style for Views in order to create slideshows.

Web Services Client Views

The Web Service Client Views module is useful for those who just simply want to parse and display content from a web service. This project integrates the Web service client with Views. Using the Wsclient module, you specify a web service description including operations and results. Then using this module, you can easily display those results using the Views UI.

Share count statistics

Allows your Drupal site to gather statistics on how many times your content (and other entity types) have been "shared" with social/sharing services like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc. Also provides an API for other modules to hook into and provide their own share counts.

Also provides views integration so you can easily create a 'Most shared' block listing the most popular shared content.


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