Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal administrators to control how lists of posts are retrieved and presented. There are various views add on's that should be added here.

Views AJAX History

Enable bookmaking of AJAX views. Supports filters and paging.

Download history.js from and unpack in the libraries folder under 'history.js'.

Just need to enable the module.


Views Supertable

Views Supertable exposes Supertable jQuery plugin as a Views plugin.

It creates a table with quick, realtime freetext search filter above it.
See working demo of the plugin here.


Create a view and choose "Jquery Supertable" as the formatter. Nothing else needed.



Sarnia allows a Drupal site to interact with and display data from Solr cores with arbitrary (non-Drupal) schemas, mainly by building Views. This is useful for Solr cores that index large, external (non-Drupal) datasets that are either not practical to store in Drupal or may already be indexed in Solr.

Sarnia treats records from Solr as Drupal entities, although listing, filtering, and displaying Sarnia entities should be done using Views. Solr properties can be formatted within Views fields using field formatters (hook_field_formatter_info(), hook_field_formatter_view()).


Views DoubleDate

Views Doubledate example settings

This module adds a custom date format to Views, to allow two different date formats to be applied to a single instance of a field, based on an offset from the current time. For example, display any nodes in the past 6 hours as Time Ago (ie, "2 hours ago") and any nodes older than that as MM/DD/YYYY - HH:MM.



This module is a Features export manipulating views and content types needed for my approach to creating a podcast in Drupal 7. This is, currently, a sensible starting point... not an out of the box solution. This feature is dependent on the iTunes_Feed_Formatter module in my sandbox.

iTunes Feed Formatters

I wrapped up some feed formatters in a module to help make iTunes compatible feeds. I got the idea when looking at the rss_field_formatters module.


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