Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal administrators to control how lists of posts are retrieved and presented. There are various views add on's that should be added here.


This module is ABANDONED.
Please use xmlsitemap.

This module allows users to take control of their feeds by providing a fields-based views style plugin for Google video site map

Views Limit Pages

Limit the number of pages displayed in a views result set.


Views trees

Views trees

Create trees with views

Views Global Link

Ever wanted to add a link to the header or footer on a view? Global: Link is the answer

Views Cross Join

Allows to cross join entities in Views. This is an essential tool to bring in not related data. For example you want to display two nodes in the same row, but there is no reference between them. Then you could cross join all nodes. Important all nodes get joined in, so you need to limit the result with filters and arguments.

Similar use cases arises when working with Mass Messaging.


Userpoints Ranking

This project aims to calculate the ranking between users depending on their User Points.

It is integrated with Views. You could access the results by Views and you could setup for each user point category a View which limits the ranking between users to a specific subset of all users. This allows you for example the ranking of user groups. See also for that Organic Groups.



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