Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal administrators to control how lists of posts are retrieved and presented. There are various views add on's that should be added here.

Views Filterblock Fieldset Remove

This is a module to extend the views filterblock module to allow the output of the block without the fieldset surrounding each element.


Views Table Manager

This module provides user based filtering and management of views in a tabular display.

Options available are:

- Drag and drop table columns
- Show / hide certain columns
- Save configurations of visible columns
- Save configurations of filter values
- Wrap filtered fields into a fieldset

Each saved configration e.g. column positioning / visibility is saved on a per user basis.

This project has been abandoned, as other modules provide very similar functionality.

First login

A simple utility module which enables the use of "first logins". With this module the site admin can enable content or do things that appear only on the first login for users by using modules like Context or Views. Couple useful functions are included for use in custom modules.

Integration with other modules

First login will integrate nicely with both Views (field + filter) and Context (condition).


Facebook Application Framework


Facebook Application Framework (FBApp) is a set of modules designed to build Facebook Applications using Drupal. It provides an API to execute Graph API operations and FQL queries with built-in caching and support for Real-Time Updates and notifications. Includes also submodules for Rules and Views 3 integration and an OAuth 2.0 authentication mechanism that enables one-click registration and single sign-on. It is meant to be generic and compatible with other modules to allow for as many different use cases as possible. External modules that provide Social Plugins can be used with FBApp.


  • Lightweight and flexible architecture;
  • Highly configurable;
  • Compatible with modules that provide Social Plugins;
  • Free from FB's PHP SDK or any client-side javascript;
  • Supports Real-Time Updates and notifications.


Views Datasource - Sandbox

Views Datasource Sandbox merged Patches for Drupal 7.

Mostly json part

Views Parent Table

Select "parent table" as the style plugin for the first view, and in its options select the child view, columns to merge on, and how the columns of the child view match to the parent view.

Under each row of the parent table, matching (by merge column) rows from the child table will be displayed.

Written by bojanz and Damien Tournoud.


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