Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal administrators to control how lists of posts are retrieved and presented. There are various views add on's that should be added here.

Override Views Exposed Options

Allows any exposed option in a Views display to be overridden by the block's configuration. The default Views block display plugin allows you to override the "Items per block" setting.

This module allows exposed filters and (eventually) sort option to be set via the block's configuration.


Administration Actions

admin_actions displayed as unthemed buttons beside node content.


This features exposes more buttons for performing single actions upon a node,
eg, 'rebuild node alias' or 'set field value to x'.

These actions are most useful for non-core actions and custom actions, such as
'check for broken links', 'convert to page',
or 'set expiry date 3 months into the future'.

admin_actions - quick configure process

Views Contextual Filter Default Value Function

Declare custom functions to pick contextual filter default values, easily.

Creating ctools plugins is an undue barrier to controlling contextual filter default values. This is a common site scenario that increases the power of Views. Also creating a very focused function to find a value helps keep concerns separate and improves testability.

Register your custom function via info hook.


Views Taxonomy Term Name Depth

We have a contextual filter from core "Content:Has taxonomy term Id with Depth".
Looking for a way to filter a view with taxonomy term name ? This module, on installation adds a contextual Filter plugin that allows a view to be filtered based on the taxonomy term name.



Render views in charts using highcharts javascript library. This module was inspired by drupal highcharts module but built from the ground up to be a drupal 8 module.


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