Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal administrators to control how lists of posts are retrieved and presented. There are various views add on's that should be added here.



This project VERTA (Views Entity Reference Tokens as Arguments) allows to use arguments as Tokens in Entity Reference Views.
Currently, entity references views arguments transmitted to the view are static.
Here, they can be dynamic via tokens.


Add the module and enable it, that's all.
This module use views hooks to work

Use case

I want a view in my entity reference field which filter results depending of values from a current edited entity.

Views Simple Math Field

Based on, this module allows you to perform simple math expressions on fields in Views.

I created this because Drupal 8 Ctools does not currently have the Global Math Expression field that it did in Drupal 7.

Hebrew Calendar

Example of monthly calendar

This Hebrew Calendar module is based on the widely used "Calendar" module which is commonly used to create monthly calendars. This module displays Hebrew dates, Jewish holidays, candle-lighting times, havdalah times, weekly Torah reading/parasha, rosh hodesh, and related Jewish calendar information.

Page manager context argument

Page manager context argument is a drupal 8 module, which allows you to add page contexts of page variants from page manager to be set as default arguments for views. I came across this solution after facing the issue given at following link:

This module adds new option "Page manager context" under default arguments drop down for contextual filters of views. Currently it supports only context of type "any".

Makemeeting views

Proof of concept to integrate Make Meeting Scheduler with views.

Detect Device

Drupal 8 module for detect devices and add cache context per device.

This is a lightweight mobile detection based on the [Mobile_Detect.php]( library.

PHP examples

### Check type device
``` php
$deviceDetector = \Drupal::service('detect.device');


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