Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal administrators to control how lists of posts are retrieved and presented. There are various views add on's that should be added here.

Views Results Summary Exposed Filter Tokens


This module extends to default "Results summary area" handler for views.
It does so by allowing incoming values for all exposed filters of the view,
to be available as replacement tokens.


  • New views handler "Global: Result summary with tokens"
  • Available in Header, Footer, No Results Behavior regions


This module came to be as an answer to the following Stackexchange Question:

Views Field Converter

Sorting strings which have numeric values always looks a bit odd:
Product 1
Product 10
Product 101
Product 15
Product 16
Product 207
Product 20
Product 21
Product 22

This module converts field values to other types, for example strings to integers to improve sort visibility.

Views semantic tabs

Provides a views style plugin to display views results in jQuery UI Tabs.

Mandatory notes for configuration :

  • In format style settings make sure Grouping field value selected
  • Configure selected group field - Uncheck Link to the Content checkbox and also Formatter should not be a link.
    If you selected title as group field then make sure its field settings doesn't selected as Link to the Content

Better Jump Menu

Better Jump Menu is a module who provides:

  • The Drupal menu blocks with menu links in a select box instead of a list.
  • A views style plugins to display links into a select box.

This module has been made to cope with bugs in the original CTools implementation.



This module is a ckeditor editor plugin that enables users to insert views instances with argument directly in the ckeditor.


1. You need to Install these modules:
a. ckeditor
b. views



Drupal Shuffle example

Shuffle module provide a Drupal integration with the jquery library Shuffle. This module provide :

  • A views style plugin for displaying rows in a shuffle grid
  • A field formatter for displaying images attached to an entity in a shuffle grid

You can configure a shuffle filter in the views's settings form with any entity_reference field available with the entity, or by using the title attributes of img in the field formatter.


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