Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal administrators to control how lists of posts are retrieved and presented. There are various views add on's that should be added here.

Geofield Weather Formatter

Field formatter for Geofield module.
Use OpenWeatherMap API, (geoNames username suggested).
- Drupal/geofield
- mcaskill/php-array-group-by

Custom List

[ Heavy Work in Progress ]

Custom List

This module provides functionality to create a custom list of content entities with a possibility to insert manually picked entities or configured blocks on specific positions in the list. In the background, it uses Drupal views to generate a list.

Currently, it's integrated with Default views and Search API views and for that two sub-modules are provided.


This module requires Drupal (>= 8.6).

Views Feed Link Field Alter

This module provides the ability to define a custom domain to be used in the link field, the GUID field for each item, as well as the link defined in the channel of the feed.

It serves a specific situation where a Drupal 8 Views Feed is used by the main Drupal 7 site. The link has to be altered to display the 'x-forwarded-host', but instead of meddling with the $_SERVER, I opted to provide a textfield where we can define the custom domain to act as a 'host'.

Views Entity Form Field

Screenshot of a Views with some Views Entity Form Field fields

This module provides the ability to add form field widgets to a view to edit multiple entities at one time.

Form field options will show up in a View's "Add field" list, prefixed with "Form field: " and then the name of the field being added.

Media View Add-ons

Media View Add-ons provides a Views Plugin which adds an additional column to the Media View (/admin/content/media) that displays edit links to the top level nodes each media image belongs to.

The plugin basically provides an additional "dummy" field to the default media View and makes uses of the media image ID to generate a list of links to node edit pages for each media image row.


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