Libraries in Profiles

This project pre-emptively checks for missing JavaScript/CSS Assets and looks in other locations - the active profile folder and a user configurable extra location.


Drupal 8 is required, Drupal 8.2.x or higher is suggested.


Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module. See the Drupal 8 instructions if required in the Drupal documentation for further information.

Page Layout

Page Layout can be considered a lightweight alternate to Page Manager.


With Page Layout, you can create new pages (or paths, i.e. /about), and put content onto them, by placing blocks - much like the Block Layout page.
Each page can define multiple variants, where each variant can have their own set of conditions when to be selected.
It’s also possible to overwrite existing pages and content types. i.e. node, by defining a page with path `/node/%`.

Broken Link

Broken Link module features:

  1. Tracking of 404 Page not found request and it hit counts.
  2. Can specify the redirection path by using regular expression pattern matching.

Module will be needy one to handle many inbound links after Drupal migration.

Context Active Trail

Context Active Trail sets the active trail and breadcrumbs for a page based on the context it is in. For example, you can make every node of type article appear to live under the Blog menu item.

Scald Linkit

Right now, when you use Linkit to create a link to an atom, that link points to the atom's detail page. This isn't ideal for the large majority of cases; when a site editor makes a link to something in their Scald media library, they'll reasonably expect that link to take users straight to the image/file/video/etc. This module provides Linkit configuration settings for Linkit to make that behavior possible.


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