Broken Link

Broken Link module features:

  1. Tracking of 404 Page not found request and it hit counts.
  2. Can specify the redirection path by using regular expression pattern matching.

Module will be needy one to handle many inbound links after Drupal migration.

Git clone command

git clone --branch 8.x-1.x broken_link

Context Active Trail

Context Active Trail sets the active trail and breadcrumbs for a page based on the context it is in. For example, you can make every node of type article appear to live under the Blog menu item.


Scald Linkit

Right now, when you use Linkit to create a link to an atom, that link points to the atom's detail page. This isn't ideal for the large majority of cases; when a site editor makes a link to something in their Scald media library, they'll reasonably expect that link to take users straight to the image/file/video/etc. This module provides Linkit configuration settings for Linkit to make that behavior possible.

Custom front

custom front module redirect front page according user role.
Image a B2C site, the guest(anonymous user) will guide to register as comsumer or provider,the comsumer and provider will guide to they own content.
Or, for a OA system ,each department require see it own content.
custom front module provide a setting form to configuate each role's front page.

theme auto

Theme auto module switch theme according url path
responsive web design is a cheap solution for web page comatible to pc and mobile, however, mobile device become so important, it is worth to design an independent theme for mobile device.
for example, a typical site may have three theme, one for mobile, one for pc,one for manager, you can configuarate site to change theme following rules
path /pc/ will switch desktop theme
path /mobile/ will switch to mobile theme
path /console/ will switch to manage theme


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