Redirect Check


Addon module for Redirect to check if redirect paths can be reached. For each redirect you can turn this check on/off and set a fallback url for when the redirect fails. The redirect check looks for a status code 200 on the redirect url.


This module requires the following modules:
* Redirect (


Add a redirect and on the bottom you get an extra check field.

Translated Source Tokens

Have you ever had a need for your translated content to have the same path alias as the source? Do you have multiple domains that want to maintain the same url structure within the site? Look no further if this is the case.

This module provides you with a token to access your translation source's alias. Such information can be used in Pathauto patterns or however else you may find a usage for it.

Have an idea to take it to the next level or do you need more tokens available? Let's talk.

Special Taxonomy Tagging In Body

This Module provides simple way to add special taxonomy tagging with drupal taxonomy category page.
In this module user can add term name with respective vocabulary as per form configuration with special character
and it will be automatically link with category page.In category page all node will be display those node associate with
that term name.

How to use


Pathologic for menu links and Link fields, but during saving, not during printing.

Require aliased paths

Have you ever set-up Pathauto and then thought to yourself, is there any way to block users from accessing content by it's unaliased path?

To put it another way, say that you have a node (node #10) and it has an aliased path of "content/my-super-awesome-page". How do you prevent users from accessing it via "node/10"?

This is a simple module that does just that. Basically, if it detects that the current page has an alias but the page was accessed using it's internal path, it denies access.


Dedupe Content

Dedupe Content, find and check the duplicated content allowing you to remove base on different fields.


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