Vietnamese path

Allow auto convert url Vietnamese to ASCII letters.
You can also use Path unicode2ascii for other language.

Remove querystring from static resource

This module helps to remove query string from static URL.

There is also provision in admin to remove query string for Images, CSS & JavaScript URL. Refer attached screenshot.

Fieldable Path

The module contains a field type which provides 1:1 reflection of "path" property (defined in entities to determine their human-readable URL alias).

Alias Language Negotiation

Experiment about accessing content in another language using path aliases.

NOTE: it's recommended to apply the patches from the child issues of #2860901: Doubts about Content language negotiation.

Typical setup:
Alias Language Negotiation setup

Relative to Absolute URL

This module helps to convert relative paths to absolute URL.

There is also provision in admin to control to convert relative paths of Images, CSS, JavaScript and Hyperlinks to absolute URL. Refer attached screenshot.


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