Enforce Relative Menus

Enforce Relative Menus prevents users from creating menu items with destination link paths containing your site's base url.

A new validation callback is added which, upon editing or adding a new menu item, removes the leading base url string from the menu item's destination link path.

Non-Clickable Menu Items

Module 'Non-Clickable Menu Items' allows to have menu items which will not react on user's clicks. This could be a parent menu items which should behave as a containers.

Each menu item will have a setting 'Disable clicks' at edit page and also admin's settings page '/admin/config/user-interface/non-clickable-menu-items' where collected all selected menu items.

Support: GreyBox Technologies


Fake Path Alias

This project aims to allow multilingual sites to display original, not translated nodes using node alias instead of path source.

You have a multilingual site with 2 languages En and Fr, you have a node in original language with alias /my-first-post. Both node and alias exist for En language, changing language in Fr, node will be accessible only by path source (/node/1), here this module is helping you by handling path and instruct Drupal to use original node alias when original node is accessed in another language.


Advanced Alias and Redirect Checking

Under certain circumstances, Drupal will allow for aliases and redirects to override existing paths, and it does not check to see that a URL may be in use before allowing it. In some cases, this may be desirable, though in others it can cause confusion for users when this behavior leads to unexpected results.

This module performs these additional checks to validate redirects and aliases (both on the add/edit aliases form and on add/edit node forms) before saving, ensuring that they will never collide with the following:


Parent to child hierarchical url path

Create url based on parent to child node in hierarchical way. For this you have to put token in URL aliases settings for the content type you want to generate like university/college/student/enrolment-number.

Due to some bug "Node Hierarchy" token unable to generate parent to child hierarchy url path. By installing this module you can easy generate parent to child url path using given token ['parent-to-child-path'].



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