Pathauto Slug

An alternative approach to Pathauto - using the pathauto alias field as a slug - ie. can't contain forward slashes. Any entered value replaces entity label tokens (eg. [node:title]) in any pathauto patterns.

This can be used to eg. enforce hierarchical pathauto patterns using menu path tokens, eg.:


HTTP Middleware to handle IP and path restrictions.

Node Alias History


This module keeps history of Node alias


* Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module. See:
for further information.


configuration > Search and metadata > node alias history

Unpublished Nodes Redirect

Unpublished Nodes Redirect is a simple module to allow admin users to setup redirects for each node type on their site. They can also set different types of redirects per node type. Developers can alter the node type list if required. The redirect will only effect anonymous users, if you have admin users that do not have permissions to view unpublished nodes, they will still see a 403 Access Denied for these pages.

420 Response

420 Response

Handle the apache 420 response code "appropriately."

menu replica

Allows to replicate a menu and all of its items.


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