Slipscript is a module you'll love to hate. (Or hate to love?) It allows for the execution of arbitrary PHP scripts at URL's defined through the administrative interface. It is probably not dangerous but for now it will install into your system in a module group called "POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS CODE" just to be safe while the community weighs in on this idea.

CKEditor Entity Link

This module allows to insert entity links when using CKEditor. The idea of this module is based on D7 version of CKEditor Link, however implementation is quite different.


Related Resources

The Related Resources link as it appears in a node.

This module allows you to find all the nodes that link to the current node you're on. It's like the Related Resources of SharePoint. It shows you all the pages (nodes) that link to a particular page.

This module was designed so that when you go to delete or unpublish a page (node), you will be able to easily find what other nodes link to that node. The nodes that link to the node display in a list. You can easily go to the nodes in the list to remove the link to the node you wish to delete or unpublish. This list also says if the nodes linking to it are unpublished.


This is a little module that will replace out Drupal core's with a version that uses objects, so that developers can more easily swap out specific functions in


Url Redirect

* Url Redirect is a simple, flexible module for allowing user(s) / role(s) to redirect from one
path to other.
* Url Redirect is also handy to add / edit / delete url(s) , specify role(s) / user(s) for url
redirect, set a message for url redirect, enable / disable.


Path revision support

With this module only published revisions will have visible aliases. On entity edit, the alias for the actual revision will show. On programmatic saves, the alias of will be copied over to a new revision. For programmatic deleting of aliases on non-published revisions, populate $entity->path['source'] to avoid triggering the inheritance behavior.

Currently tested: node form + path, programmatic publish, revert. Coming very soon: pathauto tests (it should already work).



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