CCK (Content Construction Kit) related modules and plug-ins.

JSON Fieldset

Attach fieldgroups to an entity without creating tables for those fields, and store the data as a json string as if it was a textfield.

One of the more complex user interface issues yet to be solved is to provide groups of fields to the content manager while maintaining a sound data model. These groups of fields would generally be described as meta data for the content object being curated, and do not serve any purpose outside of the context of its parent object.


Create and Translate

Create and translate main node

Create and translate is a module that adds a submit button on the node add form to create the node and go directly to the translation page.
On the creation of the node, the button will only show up when selecting a language.

You will save a lot of time creating nodes and their translations without clicking too much around.

There's a settings-form available where you can enable/disable this feature by content type.
There are permissions to enable the use of this feature by role.

Dependencies: Translation, Locale

File Archive

What is File Archive
It provide a new field for entity. It collect all files that belong to the specific file/image field and create an archive from it.

Entity creation

This module allows developers to create new entities as node, comment, taxonomy, etc. by just configuring via admin UI.

Custom number of values

Module Admin Interface

A simple module that allows site builders to set a custom range for the number of values available for multi-value fields. You can set both the lower and upper limit of the range.

For example, if you set the lower limit to 5 and the upper limit to 25, the resulting range available to choose from for the drop down "number of values" will be from 5 through 25 & unlimited.


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