CCK (Content Construction Kit) related modules and plug-ins.

Link Title Formatter


The link title formatter module allows you to just display the link title field without the link. This module is useful when we use UI Patterns to display the link as a button, which accepts two separate fields to render the button (URL & Label).

You can use the Display Copy Field module to make a copy of the link field. Use one field for rendering just the URL and use the copy field for displaying just the link title.


This module requires no additional contrib modules.

Vimeo CCK Field

A Vimeo field type for Content Construction Kit.

* In your application, create a new 'textfield' in any content type.
* Go to /admin/structure/types/manage/[Content-Type]/display
* Change the format field to use Vimeo Media

Layout node reference

This project provides a block type that can reference nodes and display them based on chosen view mode.
Note: Please configure which node types can be referenced in the block first.
You can do it at module's settings page (/admin/config/system/layout_node_reference_settings).

Field Group Modal Bootstrap

This module provides a modal Bootstrap window from field group elements.



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