CCK (Content Construction Kit) related modules and plug-ins.


Drupal 8 module for uploading videos to youtube


This module requires Google Client API

Install google-api-php-client by following command:

composer require google/apiclient:^2.0

Module Usage:

CKEditor Video media Plugin

This module register a plugin which allows you to insert videos from Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion only pasting an URL or embed code.


Field Stripe


Provides a field formatter for Stripe Checkout on Decimal type fields for a really easy checkout method that works on any entity without the need for commerce.

Stripe Checkout is used to collect payments and is easily customizable to suite your needs.


HTML5 File and Image field

This module brings the new features from HTML5 into the Drupal core's Image and File fields without making any visual changes.

Features include:
- Multi file upload support User can select multiple files from the "File Upload" dialog box.
- File type restriction: Browser.
- Javascript validation for file type, size, and dimensions.
- All the goodness that comes from core's File and Image fields!

Field Location

Create a field

This module provides the Location field with map and an autocomplete for locations (Google Map API). With described tools you're able to instantly find a location and draw a polygon - its coordinates will be the value of a field.

The module depends on Google Maps Instances and provides an example instance which can be used for a field.



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