CCK (Content Construction Kit) related modules and plug-ins.

Theme view mode

Switch view mode depending of current theme. For example, for mobile site version automatically selected "Full mobile" view mode, for usial site version - "Full" view mode.

Recommended modules

Entity view modes - define custom view modes


Drupal 8 module for uploading videos to youtube


This module requires Google Client API

Install google-api-php-client by following command:

composer require google/apiclient:^2.0

Module Usage:

Unique field ajax

unique field ajax

This is a very light-weight module allows fields to be unique by bundle and language.
You can use ajax for check.
You can customize the error message


*None. (Other than a clean Drupal 8 installation)


Enable the "unique" case in the field settings form,
if you want it to be unique by language enable the per_lang case.
if you want to check by ajax on change event enable the use ajax case.


CKEditor Video media Plugin

This module register a plugin which allows you to insert videos from Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion only pasting an URL or embed code.


Field Stripe


Provides a field formatter for Stripe Checkout on Decimal type fields for a really easy checkout method that works on any entity without the need for commerce.

Stripe Checkout is used to collect payments and is easily customizable to suite your needs.


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