webform_structured_text 6.x-1.7

Release notes

A defect remediation and a couple of enhancements to the field:

Defect fix: #2504541: Hidden Structured Text Component Produces Warning Upon Submission


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webform_structured_text-6.x-1.7.tar.gz 19.81 KB 7447838ba5c1f4021f7a2a56f8ec90db
webform_structured_text-6.x-1.7.zip 22.1 KB e517985853243382bd8144e23b7419d8
Last updated: November 27, 2015 - 17:29
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xc 6.x-1.4

Release notes

This release contains only a security update (see The eXtensible Catalog (XC) Drupal Toolkit - Critical - Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) - SA-CONTRIB-2015-121 for details).

Issues fixed in this version

  • #2507619 The eXtensible Catalog (XC) Drupal Toolkit - Critical - Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) - SA-CONTRIB-2015-121
Download Size md5 hash
xc-6.x-1.4.tar.gz 1.34 MB 6537c608b027ff2efed8886285e0f32c
xc-6.x-1.4.zip 1.52 MB 93410a1672a0935ac211cb9fe2f3860f
Last updated: November 24, 2015 - 08:33
Official release from tag: 

unique_download 6.x-1.0-alpha3

Release notes

Added user friendly user name.
Added additional auto increment id for unique keys.

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unique_download-6.x-1.0-alpha3.tar.gz 11.04 KB 4f068c805dafc7b64b2e4c7f449c2120
unique_download-6.x-1.0-alpha3.zip 12.55 KB 7aaab19ced797814a773f6f5636a0ff6
Last updated: November 21, 2015 - 02:29
Official release from tag: 

blazemeter 6.x-1.0

Release notes

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blazemeter-6.x-1.0.tar.gz 79.94 KB 4668c45bb494cffd8382dfdc92c02904
blazemeter-6.x-1.0.zip 86.14 KB 353b60ee1b9d62dbf54b5c6268fb706b
Last updated: November 20, 2015 - 14:14
Official release from tag: 

uc_sermepa 6.x-3.0

Release notes

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uc_sermepa-6.x-3.0.tar.gz 17.25 KB 2134bad370f1a806d0430be2c2a4cdd2
uc_sermepa-6.x-3.0.zip 19.7 KB 73a7834b2f6f95b679b976727db61729
Last updated: November 20, 2015 - 12:28
Official release from tag: 

unique_download 6.x-1.0-alpha2

Download Size md5 hash
unique_download-6.x-1.0-alpha2.tar.gz 10.83 KB 917fec970f4da626c2df99f4ce1e2e6e
unique_download-6.x-1.0-alpha2.zip 12.32 KB 6a36feab3c02f4267f1ba8e00581beb0
Last updated: November 19, 2015 - 06:59

Release notes

Unique Download module to generate the Unique keys in view unique key section.
You can generate the URL using the downloadkey as http://[yoursite]/unique/key/downloadkey and send email to the user.

Official release from tag: 


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