cached_poll 6.x-1.x-dev

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cached_poll-6.x-1.x-dev.tar.gz 8.27 KB 2ad85e3b4b369bc2182d96c04e27db39 9.1 KB 356735743749bfa5f009d7fb429c32bd
Last updated: September 1, 2015 - 13:43
Last packaged version: 6.x-1.x-dev
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uc_authorizenet_simdpm 6.x-1.6

Release notes

Changes since 6.x-1.5:

  • by jerry: Changed redirect completion handler to ensure that the order ID was recorded in the session.
  • Issue #1710480 by jerry, Morbus Iff: Fixed behavior when no accepted CC types had been saved.
  • Issue #2541006 by smokris: Changed live Authorize.Net server to Akamai version.
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uc_authorizenet_simdpm-6.x-1.6.tar.gz 17.46 KB a650cb5b60ca11d1f7f1e6e18b94c8c9 19.62 KB 93f57d1236d089a03361087cac4e773c
Last updated: August 31, 2015 - 22:18
Official release from tag: 

twitter 6.x-5.2

Release notes

This includes a wealth of improvements and bug fixes since the last release, totaling almost 100 issues fixed and almost 300 new patches written in the past six months, and is a recommended update for all sites. As always, test the update on a copy of the site to confirm there are no unexpected changes.

Notable changes include:

  • Downloading tweets that contain emoji will no longer break the module.
  • There now exists a notion of a Twitter account being considered "global". When writing tweets via the Twitter Post submodule, a user may select from either global accounts or authenticated ones that they themselves have added to the site. Users may also no longer publish from an account that is not publish which they do not own. There are new options permissions involved in this, it is highly recommended to verify the site's configuration after updating to ensure everything is still working as intended.
  • Images embedded in tweets will now be displayed.
  • A custom pane was added for Panels integration, for posting to Twitter when building a custom node_edit display.
  • A new text filter was added that allows embedding tweets by simply pasting the full URL of a single tweet.
  • Improved error handling when API calls fail.
  • Many bug fixes.
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twitter-6.x-5.2.tar.gz 64.93 KB bf6145d93d8a06527b0bfae8c8b8888e 76.56 KB 2df6e813a22236844f0af7d3bb3ec157
Last updated: August 30, 2015 - 10:03
Official release from tag: 

zeropoint 6.x-4.1

Release notes

Improved header image rotator
The buggy behavior of the menu system in multilingual environment was corrected
Dropdown CSS for mobile devices optimization

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zeropoint-6.x-4.1.tar.gz 556.94 KB e26ab84e3a6af96d652401015f290a7c 623.36 KB 72acd5f5e150ef18cfb875e616be57b0
Last updated: August 29, 2015 - 17:03
Official release from tag: 

hostmaster 6.x-2.5

Release notes

Changes since 6.x-2.4:

  • Update ctools version
  • Fixes #2520332: Install 1.x version of Views Bulk Operations since 1.16 has been removed.
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hostmaster-6.x-2.5-core.tar.gz 3.62 MB cc2b879140201e3da362278319c06d99 4.72 MB c4b4730452b68c708b6bcca82e1a70d7
hostmaster-6.x-2.5-no-core.tar.gz 2.54 MB 753dd19b852076fb6e8a9765c1a27598 3.38 MB f15089af8911c34a69a464253e616c2f
hostmaster-6.x-2.5.tar.gz 11.29 KB 7cbe757ceec3076d7315a2ac772d1d67 12.9 KB 8e3bfc76075c603d2fd36edcd3eceacc
Last updated: August 28, 2015 - 14:38
Official release from tag: 

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hosting 6.x-2.5

Release notes

Changes since 6.x-2.4:

  • #2446749 by Jon Pugh: Improve hosting task drush hooks and status update: Backport to 2.x
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hosting-6.x-2.5.tar.gz 197.29 KB 6ae7d714bedb11e98430d656eb14c934 273.15 KB 74374cfffe02e04a24fd747e91e67e17
Last updated: August 28, 2015 - 14:23
Official release from tag: 


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