Loggedin Users

This Module provides a list of all the loggedin users. It also allows admin to forcefully log out the selected user(s). Admin can search users by username.

This module also provides some information related to user like loggedin since, hostname (IP adddress that last used the session id).

Email Validation

Validating email by set of rules, some allowed special characters(_ - .) , blocking words and min/max characters.

PTO - Paid Time Off

PTO Settings

This module provides time-off management for your Drupal users.

Basic configuration is simple, with the only requirements being a series of manager-user relationship fields for each user. If your deployment does not already have such fields you will need to create two: a manager field for the employee and the corresponding ID field for the manager that links the two together. The module was designed with an LDAP server in mind (Active Directory, in our case) which is why the screenshot shows a distinguished name (DN) field but the LDAP module is not a requirement.

EID auth

Estonian EID login module


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