Allow existing users to register without errors

Instead of giving users who already have an account an error message when they register, this module sends a password reset e-mail to welcome them.

For example, a person who had their account created by an administrator, or who self-registered already but hasn't logged in yet, and tries to register at the site is now shown a message letting her know her account is approved and that they have been sent an e-mail with a reset-link for her password.

Without this module Drupal would trigger an unfriendly "This email is already in use" error.

Auto user role

Index screen

This module helps site administrators to quickly assign roles to new users after creation.
The modules allow the creation of rules to assign roles to users based on user fields values.
Multiple roles apply to the same user.

Users Mobile

SignIn & SignUp or
Login and Register Via Mobile Number (It's working)

This module needs NET-CORE SMS Integration for OTP. NETCORE

State District Field

Choose state and districts on user creation page

State District Field module use to select the state and corresponding districts in INDIA.


Copy State District Field module to your module directory and then enable on the admin modules page.


Go to user creation page to create new user, select state and district.
Update user via user edit page, choose another state and district.


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