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Single Sign On for Enterprises + Social Login + User/Passwords. For all your Drupal instances.
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Single Sign On across Multiple Drupal

If you have multiple Drupal instances and you want users to have a single User/Password among them, you can use Auth0 as the central user store for all.


Assign user roles

Use to add permissions about adding roles to user.

Don't hesitate to create a pull request on Github : Assign user roles

Role specific user block


This module allows user to block all user related to particular role. so that all user not login into site.


* Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module. See:
for further information.


configuration > people > Role block configuration

Site Quota Enforcer

This module enforces quotas set for the entire Drupal site. It was written for the Aegir Hosting System to enforce quotas set by Aegir administrators on client sites, but could be used with any Drupal hosting system that prevents site users from editing settings.php, where the limits are set.

It works by preventing new entities from being creating on form submission if associated resources are at or past their limits.

Currently supported quotas:

External DB Login

You can configure external database with this module and can login with
this database also.

Limitation: You can configure only mysql or equivalent database only.

This module requires the following modules:
* None

Office time management

 Daily Update Form

This project is is used to manage employee time management, users can checkin their working time and can also send their daily updates to management. Management can check the list of the users and can filter their daily report as well as can make a print also.


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