User route context

Drupal core provides only user context for current_user.
At this moment it is impossible to use contexts to get user based on URL parameters (like possible with nodes).

This module solves the issue by providing new user context.

REST Password Request

Password Reset for rest.

New Rest Plugin to use REST for forgot Password Request.

We could not find a way that core Rest could send a password retrieval link via Rest resource.

This simply ads a resource to allow A New POST Request to
endpoint "/user/lost-password:"

with the key of "mail" (and optional "lang" for localization )

To Set up:

Please install Rest UI, then install the module in the normal way... then in rest ui -> find "Lost password" and enable.
lost password

Pass reset checkbox

Initial login form

Transforms the pass reset page to a checkbox on the login form.

Anonymous Comment User Info

Provides anonymous user info on comments.

When a comment is authored by a user, the users 'compact' view mode will be rendered. By default this view mode includes the user picture/avatar. For comments posted anonymously, there is no built-incapability to show info related to the account, because these anonymous accounts are not user entities. This module provides a way to show user info for anonymous users. You have the option of using a comment display mode in combination with a Twig template.

Ringicon integration for Avatar Kit

Ringicon integration for Avatar Kit 2.x.

This module works with Avatar Kit 2.x. 1.x is not supported.

This module has Composer dependencies. You must install this module using standard Composer workflow.

Support is provided on Github.

Drupal Connector for Janrain Identity Cloud

Drupal Connector for Janrain Identity Cloud is the best way to use the Janrain Service with your Drupal 8 site.


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