Generate Domains from a template in a Jiffy!

Rapid deployment of domain access based sites with an extensible site structure hook. Set up a number of site templates that encompass nodes, domain paths, and menu structure. Provide that array in a hook an rapidly create cookie-cutter sites stepping through the relevant setup screens.

Developed by the UCSF School of Pharmacy for their Domain Access/Domain by path microsite system. Domain Path compatible, as well.

Content Model

Visualizes relationships between Content Types and Vocabularies on a graph based on taxonomy term reference and entity reference fields. Uses the D3.js library.

To test visit: /content_model

Easy Social Email

Send this page by email

A tiny extension for Easy Social module that adds a Send email button.

Login Domain

Forces all logged in users to be using a certain domain.


Put the following configuration into your site's settings.php. Do not add the 'http' or 'https' protocol to this variable.


Feeds Data

Feeds importer data processor


The Feeds Data module defines a feeds processor to import feeds into tables managed by the Data module. The base feeds processor (FeedsProcessor) assumes the target data is an entity which may not be true for Data tables. This module provides a custom feeds processor plugin to manage tables that:

  • Are not associated with a Drupal entity.
  • May have multiple, non-serial primary keys.


This module requires the following modules:


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