Rest menu items

This module provides a rest endpoint to retrieve menu items based on the menu name.


Popup Dialog

A utility module to show a Dialog box popup with custom message based on user browser session.

Social media button rules

rules event

This is a simple module that provide two event facebook like and facebook sare , using rules module.

Tour link block

This module add's a block with a tour link.
This block is shown on page's which have a tour.
This allows users which don't have toolbar permissions to start a tour.


Form Element Access

Form element access is a lightweight utiliy to hide form elements by user roles. No need for custom form_alters to hide specific elements.

Kill Switch

Utility module which allows developers to turn on/ off areas of the codebase. A.K.A. Feature Flags

How does this differ from:
featureflags: Is nice, but we needed it to be more lightweight; no custom tables, no access control
killswitch: Not even remotely related, this is more for hijacking your site should a client not pay their bill


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