Run Code

This module provides following features:

  1. A Code Editor, which accepts a piece of code(currently PHP & Javascript only) and displays its output. To get an Idea, think of following editors.
    • W3School's "Try It!:" editor.
    • 's editor.
  2. An extra field "Execute Code", which can be used in any Content Type. It has an input field to save code and a "Run Code" button to redirect to Editor's Page with referenced code in it for user to try. [Pending]

Inputs are Welcome !

Webform Revisions for Webform 4

This project aims to add support for Webform 4 to the Webform Revisions module (

This is a modified version of the existing webform_revisions project and is only compatible with Webform 4 (whereas the original project recommends Webform 3, and does not work with Webform 4)

Better News Feed

Better News Feed, allows you to create a block with different feeds.

Dynamic Weather

Dynamic Weather

Dynamic Weather is a responsive weather block.

View Own Unpublished

View Own Unpublished

Note: I created this module for a project in which I needed this, but probably I won't need it again so I hope there is someone who can take over maintenance. The code is pretty trivial though, it should keep working as long as the Drupal permissions API doesn't change.


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