Devel (jembree)

This sandbox project is a fork of Devel. Patches applied are:

Apachesolr API

Helper module meant for developers using apachesolr.

Web accessibility

This module provides a light-weight integration into various web accessibility services.

Telegram API

This module provides Telegram Bot API integration in Drupal.
Other modules may use the exposed services to create a bleeding-edge user


  • A service that wraps API calls
  • Entities to store messages, users' keys, etc...
  • Route for Webhook
  • Cron/drush job for long polling
  • More to come!

If you wanna help, please contact me!

Modules Manager

Modules Manager is similar to Wordpress plugins manager in the sense that it allows you to view and install modules available for download directly from Simply select modules from the list and clicking install! This effectively speeds up your installation process since you no longer have to cut and paste individual links into the module installer to get your site up and running!


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