view_unpublished for Drupal 8

Updating view_unpublised for Drupal 8. DON'T TRY TO USE THIS YET, IT'S NOT DONE. Assistance from experienced folks and fellow foolhardy beginners is most welcome!


Drupal integration module for Kalastatic: a static site framework for prototyping, style-guiding and building out CMS-less websites.


Login with OTP

Login With OTP


Integration with Dropshark monitoring, trending, and alerts service.



The mulitstep_form module is a module that aims to ease the integration of multiple forms, into a multi-step form process. This process should be trivial for the downstream developer to implement. The aim, is to provide an interface where the the following code is all that's required to create a multi-step form from multiple sources:

Sinhala Unicode

Sinhala Unicode

Add Sinhala Unicode font style to Sinhala ('si') pages, and CSS class:
.lang-si *

Add to custom tags/class

Method 1.
Add css class .lang-si to your HTML tags.

Method 2.
Add SinhalaUnicode font family to your classes

div { font-family:SinhalaUnicode; }


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