Slick views

Drupal Slick carousel

Provides Views style plugin for Ken Wheeler's Slick carousel.


Slick views adds a new display style to views called Slick carousel. Similar to how you select HTML List or Unformatted List as display styles.

This module doesn't require Views UI to be enabled but it is required if you want to configure your Views display using Slick carousel through the web interface. This ensures you can leave Views UI off once everything is setup.



This module provides an API allowing developers to easily and cleanly implement code branching for various common use cases, such as:

  • code execution
  • access checking
  • variable values retrieving
  • theme template preprocessing

Entity forms in blocks

Important node : this module may be merged soon into Form Block module (see [#2494943] )

About the module

This module intends to expose all form entities into blocks like Form Block. The difference is that this modules leverages the entity abstraction layer of Drupal 8 to auto-generate a block for each entity type and bundle.


Clean Markup Views


This module aims to clean up, enhance and facilitate the customisation of markup for Drupal views.


  • Choose a wrapper for all rows or every row
  • Add classes for rows and row wrappers
  • Add attributes for rows and row wrappers


Contact Save Remind

"Contact Save Remind" is a module that works with "Contact Save" to implement the ability to remind a user that he/she has outstanding unread saved contact form messages.

The "Contact Save" module ensures that a user doesn't miss any form submissions in the event of email failure, storing messages in the database. However, it requires the user to check if there are any new contact form submissions stored that they may not have received.



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