Ckeditor FontAwesome plugin

Add FontAwesome integration to ckeditor plugin on wysiwyg module.


Persistent URL Parameters

Suppose you are generating campaign urls for different media e.g. facebook, twitter etc. Now when user clicks on one of the campaign url shared on facebook/twitter it landed on your site with the query parameters. Now when that user roams around on your site you would like to have that query parameters to be persistent on the urls throughout his/her page visits. This module would give you the flexibility to retain query parameters during user's page visits. Also it will provide the validation check based on predefined parameter set configured from the back-end to validate desired urls.

Register Validation Step

This module will allow you to set a step before register. work on this path user/register/validation
So, you can alter this step and add your fields and validate visitor data before sending him to user/register page.
The visitor can not open user/register directly before pass the validation page.

Multistep Registration WhyWebs

First page

With WhyWebs Multistep Registration you will have a multistep registration form. This module will auto create first and last names as a required field in your registration form, no need to worry about the username too, this module will create usernames depending on each user first and last name. so bottom of line this module will solve all registrations steps even faster than normal registration process.

- show the password strength or not.
- redirect users after login to an absolute or optional url.
- redirect users after logout too.

Class it up

Audrey Hepburn drinking a cup of tea and looking at her extended pinky.

This project provides classes based on information Drupal knows about.

We will try to follow Drupal's CSS guidelines.

Currently it offers:

  • region machine names as classes on blocks

And plans:

  • view display machine names on views

Please make your own suggestions or requests!

PayPal Donation Integration


Module allows you to easily integrate PayPal Donations in to Drupal website. Module creates a route which is accessible under /donate. This is a page where donations happen. It is a simple form which allows user to select the donating amount or input his own amount (both settings are configurable). Welcome text, thank you text and cancel text are customizable under the settings page of the module.


Settings can be found here: /admin/config/paypal_donation/settings


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