EID auth

Estonian EID login module

Disable Edits

The Disable Edits module is a simple administration module that allows you to configure "blocked" paths that should be redirected to a page of your choosing when the checkbox enabling this behavior is checked.

Terms Alert

This module forces user to agree defined terms (shown as javascript alert) before loading any page.

Useful for adults sites.

IP Ban

A large majority of all websites have content that's only relevant to a country or region. This can be problematic because visitors from other countries or regions may not exactly be visiting your site with your best interests in mind.

This module allows you to set to read-only or completely ban visitors based on individual IP addresses or by country (using IP address lookup).

For complete bans, you can redirect the user to any page you choose and/or display an "error" message. There is nothing preventing you from entering an external address as the page to redirect to.


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