Stakeholder Review

The problem

Internal or external project stakeholders (staff members, journalists, etc) need to preview unpublished content without having to log in. Admins would like to be able to give these stakeholders a URL to view unpublished pages and have that URL disappear after two weeks.

HybridAuth Basic


* Introduction
* Requirements
* Recommended modules
* Installation
* Configuration
* Maintainers


Drupal 8 implementation of the HybridAuth library:
allowing users to log and register with their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Login UsernameorEmail


This very simple DRUPAL 8 module allows users to log in with either their username OR email address from the same input box on the standard login form.


Core dependencies only.


Force login

Requires anonymous users to login before using the node pages.

Chosen Transliteration

This is to add transliteration support to the chosen javascript library.

Unfortunately, the chosen library doesn't support any extendability out of the box to allow for this. I have submitted a pull request for that, and although the discussion progressed to a very mature state, it seems that they are reluctant to include such a logic in the library.

In the meantime, and because I use this on several projects, I am releasing forked versions of chosen and will attempt to keep them up to date.

Signout Sessions

signout sessions settings page

Drupal allows multi device log in at the same time for an user, but sometimes user forgets to log out from a device. This module allows site users to sign out from all other sessions if the sessions exist. (session for current logged in user remains)

Usage example:
Drupal allows its users to login with same account on different browsers or machines / devices at the same time.
This module helps the current logged in user to sign out from all the other sessions.


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