Ajax Login

Ajax Login module is provided an ability to login and register using AJAX.

Vet Booker Login

This is a small module that makes it possible for users to login to the Vet Booker client interaction portal for Veterinary Practices.

It provides a block, "Vetbooker Login: Login form" which you may position in your website using the standard Block tools.

This form contains a username and password field. Users can enter in their Vetbooker login details and on submission they will be logged into and redirected to the Vet Booker site, from where they can manage their appointments, etc.

Trial role

Provides a role for "trial" users.

Gives this role on install and then removes it after x number of days.

If you want to react on the role being removed (for example send a mail), you can implement the hook

function hook_trial_role_removed(\Drupal\user\UserInterface $user);

This module is what powers the trial on Violinist

Key Authentication

This module allows you to authenticate a user using a key (supplied by the Key module) instead of the password. Implements a custom Authentication Provider.

QA Accounts

Most projects with a QA and UAT workflow need a way to let testers access privileged user roles on dev and stage environments that they might not otherwise have access to in production.

This module offers a dead simple solution: it automatically creates a dummy user account for each role on the site when it's installed, where the username and password are both set to a known value. By only installing this helper module on dev and stage, it's easy to provide testers with access to these environments via static accounts.


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