The Blendle module allows webmasters to enable the Blendle Pay Button on nodes so users
can view the full content of a node after paying for it with their Blendle account.

What is Blendle?

Blendle is a journalism startup from the Netherlands that offers all articles of all newspapers and all important magazines in The Netherlands in one web app, with one paywall, where users will only have to pay for the articles they read. Blendle thinks that unbundling of journalism is the Holy Grail in getting young people to pay for journalism again.

Contact Form Roles

Contact module for Drupal 8 is pretty good, but it's missing two important things:

  • Restricting form access to certain roles
  • The ability to disable form access altogether

This module exposes a new tab on the form edit pages, Who can access this form, that lets you set the user roles that have access to a form.


The SSO sub-module of the LDAP module has been split off from it in version 8.x-1.x to allow more flexible of this component.

This is not the inactive "LDAP Single Sign On" module.

Unique user login

Allow only single user login. in case user logged in to another browser and tries to re login to another.
in that case he has to log out from browser, then only login is possible

OAuth 2 Client

This module uses the 3rd party library thephpleague/oauth2-client to implement the internal OAuth2 authentiaction logic.


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