netForum Single Sign On

netAuth Configuration

netFORUM Single Sign on. Allows users to sign in to Drupal using Avectra netFORUM credentials.

This module allows for Single Sign On between netFORUM and Drupal site. Users can sign in to Drupal site using their netFORUM credentials.

Role specific user block


This module allows user to block all user related to particular role. so that all user not login into site.


* Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module. See:
for further information.


configuration > people > Role block configuration


Flexi login allows users to use a flexible identifier to be recognized during login. This identifier can be either their Drupal username, the e-mail associated with that username, or the phone number associated with that username. As always, the correct password or passphrase associated with the username is required to login.


The default Drupal user entity already has fields for a username and user e-mail, but is missing one for a mobile phone number.

Simple Email Login

Email Login Block

This module allows the user registration and login using same form by sending a verifying one time login link to the user.

Every time user submits the form with email id, a new verification link is generated and sent to the email. Previous links automatically gets discarded and will not work. Login link is valid for 24 hrs only.

User can request login links for n number of times.

Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module.
Simply Enable module from /admin/modules page.

Phone login


Use phone number and sms to login/register and reset password.

Website shutdown

This module allows you to shut down/close a website.

All requests handled by Drupal will be redirected to a specified page, unless it is initiated by a user who has adequate permission to navigate through the site.


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