Signout Sessions

signout sessions settings page

Drupal allows multi device log in at the same time for an user, but sometimes user forgets to log out from a device. This module allows site users to sign out from all other sessions if the sessions exist. (session for current logged in user remains)

Usage example:
Drupal allows its users to login with same account on different browsers or machines / devices at the same time.
This module helps the current logged in user to sign out from all the other sessions.

Login with email address

Simple module to allow user to authenticate using the username or e-mail address associated with their user account. It does just that, I'm not intending to extend this into a Logintoboggan or similar.

See for why this might not work depending on your username set up.

Date specific permissions

Date specific permissions listing

This module allows site admin to grant and revoke permissions based on date.
Site admin must select which permission to be provided / revoked to which role and for a specific date interval.

This module enables site admins to select which permission to be granted on which date for a specific user role. This module dependent on drupal cron run to update the permissions. Site admin can update the permissions manually as well.

When cron runs or manually updated by site admin, all the permissions scheduled today for an update will be updated for specified roles.


Registration Link

This simple module provides a "register link" to the user account menu, which is only visible if you are not logged in (anonymous users) or if you are logged in as the administrator.

The login and my account links are standard, the register button is missing! This module creates a menu entry with the appropriate settings.


Repeat Registration Email

The module adds "Confirm E-Mail" input right after regular e-mail field at user registration form, and verifies that the emails match.

The module does not have any configuration, the input is added when the module is enabled.



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