Admin Security

On certain high-security environments, it is often required to block admin access to all but a white list of IPs. Typically this is done at the Apache level with two servers, one that blocks access to admin urls and another that doesn't. Then the admin server access is locked down as required.


Behat Drupal Extension Remote Client

Drupal Remote API Client

The remote API client is a Drupal helper module that, in conjuction with the RestWS module, allows the Drupal Remote API Driver to run Behat tests against Drupal sites. This client module is only needed on remote Drupal sites where testing will occur.


Login Domain

Forces all logged in users to be using a certain domain.


Put the following configuration into your site's settings.php. Do not add the 'http' or 'https' protocol to this variable.



Use the OpenID provider of Scouting Netherlands (Scouting Nederland) to identify and authorise users.


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