logo module is a user authentication module for Drupal that allows users to login with online identity provider

Image Approval

Image approval workflow.


Image approval module allows the moderator to view the recently uploaded images by the users for their account.The moderator can either approve or disapprove the images based on the site policy.The approved image will be published in the user's account across the site.

Route Access

Simple module for checking access for all registered routes for given user.

Multi Step Login

The Multi Step Login module offers following features and usability improvements

1>First form checks user is already registered in site or not using email or username.
If user is already registered then login form will come otherwise user user will redirected to user register form.

2>In second form user can login with email id or username.


- Multi Step Login module path is multi-step-form.Example:

Rolewise Permission List

This Module Create the Listing of available permission on every user role basis.

User access fix

We think this module will resolve user access issue and might be alternative to hook_node_access for users.

After installing this module you will have new permissions as listed below:
- View own user page.
- Edit own user page.
- Access restore user password.
- And 4 permissions for each role (view | create | edit | delete).

Also you will be able to implement hook_user_access_fix_access to alter access.

Now this module is still under heavy development and will be released soon.


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