Code based on https://www.drupal.org/project/userloginbar and provided patches.

Updated code based on GitHub: https://github.com/theemstra/UserLoginBar
All credit goes to original module owners and patch writers.

Mobile Number


Mobile Number is a field type that provides mobile number validation and verification, and can be used for two factor authentication.

The module works with SMS Framework and TFA modules for providing verification and two factor authentication, which are both optional.


LoginToboggan Reminder

This is a very simple module, to be used alongside LoginToboggan. It places a reminder message at the top of every page for non-verified users, letting them know they are not verified, and must check their emails and click the verification link. It also presents a "resend email" link.


Yandex OAuth

Application settings form
  • Authenticates users with their Yandex accounts.
  • Provides a central storage for access tokens.
  • Other modules that provide integration with different Yandex services may require this module to get user's access tokens.

Basically as a site builder you need this module only if another module depends on it. As a developer you may add this module as a dependency of your one if it needs user's Yandex access tokens.



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