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Produces a JWT-compliant URL based on the logged in user to authenticate on a remote server that is set in the settings.


Requires BSD-3-Clause licensed JWT class available at:

Download and extract the PHP JWT package from https://github.com/firebase/php-jwt into this module's root.

The only required file is JWT/Authentication/JWT.php


aGov Password Policy

This module provides Australian Government DSD Policies for use with the Password Policy module.

If provides two different policy profiles:

- Australian Government ISM Policy (Strong)
- Australian Government ISM Policy (Weak)

See the ISM – Information Security Manual for further details on the policies: http://www.asd.gov.au/infosec/ism/


LoginToboggan Services Integration

LoginToboggan Service Integration extends features of the LoginToboggan module to works with Services module.

Quick Login

This module is strongly not recommended to be used on production servers. Development / Testing Only.


User API Key

The User API Key module creates a read-only API key for each existing and new user. It adds a line to the permission screen where the site administrator can set which user role(s) may access their API keys. It includes settings configuration page /admin/config/user-api-key/settings where the site administrator can add a site-specific terms of use message to be displayed below the API Key on the user profile. It would most likely be used on a site where API key authentication is desired, but where is is also necessary to associate an API Key with each individual user as opposed to having one API key for the entire site or one key per endpoint.

Upon installation the module will create a read-only API key for each user in the database. It will add keys for new users as they are added. It will also run on cron to scan the database for any user that does not have a key and create one for such user if found.

The module adds an 'API key' tab to the user page. The tab is viewable only to a user with 'Use API key' permissions or to an administrator. It is not viewable to other users.

Shibboleth Rules integration

Provides Rules integration for the Shibboleth Authentication module.

Right now, it just adds the event "User is logged in via Shibboleth", but new features will be available soon (like a new condition to compare Shibboleth attribute values).

Developed and maintained by FISQUA; Sponsored by RNP.



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