Many projects have a need to have an HTML-only version of the Drupal site's layout that they include on other related sites for a standard header / footer.

Rather than having to manually create this, and then keep it updated whenever your site theme or layout changes, Templater lets you use any page on your site as a template that can be downloaded or included on another site.

Admin Theme Change

This module is used to show ANY SELECTED theme based on selective routes/paths and render selected theme for that route/path.
Note : if user has permissions to view SELECTED theme then only theme will be accessible.
Ex: If any authenticated user want to view '/abc' route in admin theme and '/xyz' in CUSTOM theme
this module will help to show selected routes/paths in respective selected theme.

Radix Full-Width

Provides Panels full-width style, layouts, and related utilities for use in a Panopoly site (or Panopoly-based distribution), making it easier to build modern full-width landing pages.

Currently includes support for "full width" style plugins, layouts and themes, where a region style can span the full width of the page.

UI Starter

Enhancements on your Drupal theme UI.


A screen cap from a Drupal node edit form that shows nice looking radio buttons rendered through the polymer paper radio button element.

Making Polymer elements work with the Drupal Form API.

Panels Responsive Tabs

Panels Responsive Tabs comes up as a mix between two already existing modules: Panels Tabs and Field Group: Easy Responsive Tabs to Accordion.

This module provides a configurable "Responsive Tabs" Panel style that can be used by any Panels module.


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