Block Type Templates

Drupal 8 core does not provide support templates for block types.

This module does by providing the following naming convention:

block--block-type--{{ machine-name }}.tpl.php

TODO: show example of fields


pageAccelerator is very light solution to load web pages faster.



Themable forms

This module adds some helpful theme suggestions for form elements.

Toolbar Themes

Toolbar themes animation

Provides themes for the Drupal 8 Toolbar module. The main purpose of this module is to provide compact, minimal themes for the Toolbar and allow the site admin to show or hide tabs and icons.


Install like all other modules, then go to: ~/admin/config/toolbar-themes/settings


Twig image_style_url

This module adds a new twig command

It works like the "file_url" command but allows an image style to be chosen.

So for example the following code outputs a url using the "mystyle" image style.
{% set backgroundUrl = image_style_url(content.field_image.0['#item'].entity.uri.value,'mystyle') %}

Menu Block View Modes

Extension to Menu Block to enable the output of menu items as entities with a specified view modes.


When selected this module makes an additional item.entity property available to your twig templates, you can then check for this in the menu template and output instead of menu link.


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