LandingPage Paragraphs Kit

This is Landing Page Constructor Tool with open architecture that allow to add new components easily and quickly.

You can manipulate with set of Paragraphs to create your Landing Page.

I'm working now on tutorial how to add new custom components.

Project is in active development.


Provides functionality for adding icon packages to Drupal and exposing them for use via CSS, HTML classes, and programmatically.

Adding IcoMoon packages

Visit and build an icon package. You can utilize either font packages or image packages. Download the zip file provided by IcoMoon.

Go to `/admin/structure/micon` and follow these steps:

Obfuscate Email Field

Email Obfuscate Field for Drupal 8



What Is This?

This is a template to override the field output ot the type email. To hide your emails from bots, render a non readable email on the server and decrypt it via vanilla JS in the client. The basic idea consists of three parts:

ColoFilter CSS

Integrates the ColoFilter CSS library for image effects in Drupal using CSS blend modes.

Using this module you can add any one of the 30 effects on any image field in Drupal. Among other uses, it works great for profile images adding a cool color filter to any image. No coding necessary!

Node pop-up

Opened window example

Node pop-up module create paths for popup node view without any dependency(only Drupal 7 core functionally used for creation popup window).


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