Menu Item Attach

Menu edit page

This module allows to add some menu items inside another menu item. This is very useful for creating mega menus.


  • Add new option "Attach to" on menu item edit page.
  • Display attached menu items inside another item.
  • Hide attached items from their normal position.


WET4 Slider

OPIN Software

What is the Web Experience Toolkit (WET)?

A front-end framework used to build accessible, mobile friendly, and multilingual websites. It is open source and led by the Government of Canada (

Project Overview

This module will set up the WET4 Carousel Tabbed Interface (

Views Parity Row


This module provide a new Row Style Plugin for Views.

It allows you to alternate the view mode used to render the row. You can configure when it starts, when it ends and when to switch view mode (frequency).

With Drupal 7, if the module Entity API is enabled, this will be available for all kind of entities.
With Drupal 8, you do not need Entity API, it's already based on entities.


Field PgwSlideshow

A screenshot of a dark-colored PgwSlideshow with no maximum height, visible controls, active touch controls, and a visible list, which manually slides between images.


This module aims to let you use Pagawa's PgwSlideshow to display images in an imagefield.

Why another image slideshow? Why not use the The Field Slideshow module? It turns out that Field Slideshow doesn't do a great job of adapting to the width of the browser window (it's not very "responsive" in the "responsive design" sense). I needed a field slideshow that could do that.

Bootstrap Add Breakpoints

This module adds current breakpoint (xs,sm,md,lg) as body class depending on viewport width. Requires Bootstrap 3 theme or subtheme.


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