Stop Spam

The module provides some tricks to stop sending spam on your website.


Honeypot Submit

This is a simple module that is very useful at stopping form spam bots from submitting Drupal ™ forms like user registration. It replicates the submit button on a form and hides the original. When a bot comes along, they execute submit() or click on the first/primary submit button of the form. These submissions are blocked because they are assumed to be a bot or some automated process. When an actual visitor comes to the site they won't see the original button and are required to click the replicated one.

Chinese Captcha - 中文验证码模块

Chinese Captcha

Chinese Captcha module, provided validation way by input a Chinese characters, this module is mainly developed for Chinese user , aim to prevent spam attack from robot,

I will be keep actively develop for this module, and I will add more functions, such as Ajax refresh feature, stay tuned!

If you have good suggestions or advice can also create a issue, let me know, enjoy!





Form Block IP (FBIp)

Drupal has inbuilt IP blocking. Drupal also has an inbuilt Flood Control API to detect bulk activity. But.. IPBlocking is not automated. And Flood Control has no UI. And Form Submission is not tracked by flood control.

This module tries to bridge this gap.

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Watchdog Event Extras

Watchdog Event Extras screenshot


Allows other information to be displayed for log events.
I created this module as I would often find myself searching for an ip address of an event to see where the user was based.
This module overrides the standard event log page outputing the same and also adding a drupal_alter() call allowing other modules to easily add more rows/info to the log report page.

If this module is installed other modules may add rows/info to the log report page by implementing: MYMODULE_watchdog_event_extras_alter(&$rows, $dblog)



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