reCAPTCHA - I'm not a robot

Google came with a new reCaptcha API called Are you a robot? “No Captcha reCaptcha” a complete new design captcha system. This protects your website for spammers and robots. Its new design is clean and impressive.

Drupal Audit Tool (auditool)

Find someone to Blame. source:

Are you sure you did everything to secure your site and cover your ***?! Try this module!

The Drupal Audit tool is a complete solution for Drupal shops and Organizations seeking more control over "who is doing what" in their systems.
It was written to provide you with additional auditing capabilities so a Drupal Shop (or a security team within an organization) can provide a much wider picture accounting who addressed which data helping find patterns like wrong data insertion, typing mistakes, malfunctioning form, automatic form submission, malicious employees and more..



The purpose of Inmail is to process incoming email and execute certain actions depending on the content of each message. As its most prominent feature, it readily supports identification of bounce messages (e.g. the recipient address does not exist) and uses the Mailmute send state to avoid sending email to a user whose address has bounced.


Inmail works with Drupal 8 only. See below for a list of similar D7 projects.



Mailmute introduces a per-user send state, which is either muting or not. Anytime mail is sent from the website to a user, the send state of the recipient is considered in order to suppress it if it is muting. If the Simplenews newsletter module is enabled, the send state is also applied to Simplenews subscribers.


Register for free to put an end to those annoying Captcha codes that slow down or even send away your users! NoMoreCaptchas authenticates human beings based on the one thing that can never be faked - their behavior.

Now with Faster Service and Even Easier Contact Form 7 Support!
Developed at Oxford University, NoMoreCaptchas uses e-DNA (Electronically Defined Natural Attributes) to determine if a user is a human or a bot. Bots are sent away. Humans are welcomed into your site - and without any puzzles, roadblocks or error-prone black lists to worry about.


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