Spam Bot Blocker

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"Spam Bot Blocker" blocks SPAM submitted through forms. It is a sub-module of CAPTCHA that is unique in three ways:

Harmony Akismet

Integration for Harmony and the Akismet anti spam service.

Slider Captcha

Slider Captcha is an easy-to-use, simple and intuitive captcha system.
It needs human action instead of to read a hard text and it is a very lightweight jQuery plugin(QapTcha).

Setting up repository for the first time

git clone --branch 6.x-1.x slider_captcha


A tarpit(wikipedia) automatically trap visitors or bots that reach a particular path on your site.

Spammer Node Add (Spamna)

The Spamna (=Spammer Node Add) module checks for users who have attempted to do a disallowed "node/add" and thus judges that they are spammers. Optionally it deletes the users found.

Running Spamna looks as follows:

Checking for spammers

Typical spammer page visits are as follows. Note in particular the attempt to do "node/add" which is denied. This is what Spamna uses to identify them as a spammer.

Checking for spammers


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