Simple User Filter

This module does the same thing that Simple Regex Filter module does, except it applies filters to the author of a node / comment.

Form Protect


Form Protect is a tiny, simple, non-invasive spam protection for forms. The protection is based on the assumption that spam bots are not running JavaScript when loading targeted forms.

Comparing to other similar modules, this one is only redirecting the submit to a blind page when JavaScript is disabled. Similar modules:


The CAPTCHA that teaches South Africa
the 11 official languages one word at a time.

Try it out at:

To use simply enable the iCaptcha module and click on the "Add iCaptcha to this form" link at the bottom of forms!

Stop Broken Link In Body

This module provides a facility to editors/content publishers, to check embedded link's validity before publishing the content. If the content has broken links in the body field, then it won’t get published.

It provides a process which would check link by visiting the destinations and evaluating the HTTP Response code.

If we compare Linkchecker detects broken links from content after save.

Image Captcha Ajax

This module only provide two http/ajax api:

Initialize the captcha session firstly:

URL : http://localhost/ajax/image_captcha_sid
return the captcha image url and the sid.
get captcha image src
URL: http://localhost/ajax/image_captcha_img/[sid]

Another simple way:
The client only request the URL:

Human Behavior

This module is to fight against with bots. It is not another Captcha module but acts like a Captcha.

This module uses the Impression module to decide whether a visitor is bot or real human.

How is it working?

It is using mouse, keyboard event and mobile device screen touch event.


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