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Delete (spam) content generated by a User using Drush.



The QapTcha is jquery plugin integrating in CAPTCHA system drupal.
For more information on what QapTcha is, please visit:


Spam Detect

Spam Detect is a very lightweight API for detecting and acting upon spam.

The project includes the following submodules:



Feature :
- Define a country's name by ip when they visited your web.
- Allow some country to access your website
- Restrict spam
Guide :
- You install module "iplocation"
- Setting countries access web by link : admin/config/development/iplocation/setting
- iplocation_get_country_by_ip($ip = 0) : get country's name by visitor's IP
Return array with structure array('VN','VNM','VIET NAM'); if this county is VIET NAM
- iplocation_alow($ip = 0) : Define ip has permission to allow access web
Return : boolean

Spam D7 plus plus various fixes to hopefully get it working some day.

Auto Captcha

Module purpose & overview

The main functionality of this module is to automatically add an specific captcha challenge to all the forms in the site where this module is enabled.

Why we created this module?

The idea to create this module was that we always use catpcha for webforms due to a security process on our company and we can save time with this solution and we don't have to care about specific IDs.

Is it Features/Deploy friendly?

Yes, it is. Because it doesn't store any ID or form name.


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