Maths Captcha

Screenshot showing maths captcha in action.

This adds a simple maths-based question (e.g. what is 5 plus 8?) to selected forms to help test whether the user is human or not.

Users with appropriate permission can specify a list of form ids to protect, which can include wildcards like foo*

The question is inserted before the first submit element, or at the end if a submit element cannot be found at the time hook_form_alter() is called.

It is a stateless mechanism, so no session variables/cookies are required. There is a 15 minute timeout from generation to validation.

Ban By Referer

Ban by Referer allows you to create blacklist for referrers.


use hn-captcha inside drupal 7



Integrating Hsoub CAPTCHA web service with CAPTCHA system.

  • Secure CAPTCHA with Arabic and English support.
  • Customisable and not bad looking at all!


  • Hsoub CAPTCHA depends on the CAPTCHA module.
  • Signup to get your own API key that gives you access to Hsoub CAPTCHA API.

Spaces Enforced!

We all agree that spammers don't use spaces in their usernames, right? This module forces users to use spaces in their usernames so that spammers can't register (until they figure out a way to). With the 7-x.1.1 version, you can now specify your own character and how many times this character should occur in the username.

#D8CX: I pledge that Spaces Enforced! will have a full Drupal 8 release on the day that Drupal 8 is released.


Scrapper Stop

I was getting tired of scrapper bots hitting my site and decided to create a little project called Bot Stop. I noticed that Drupal has IP banning capabilities and thought that it would make a good addition to their arsenal of modules.

It works quite simply. Create a trap for spiders (crawl bots) that ignore the robot.txt file and ban them. Keeping information about the perpetrator on the system as well for later analysis. I am hoping to include some spam prevention techniques into this project as well.


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