Watchdog Event Extras

Watchdog Event Extras screenshot


Allows other information to be displayed for log events.
I created this module as I would often find myself searching for an ip address of an event to see where the user was based.
This module overrides the standard event log page outputing the same and also adding a drupal_alter() call allowing other modules to easily add more rows/info to the log report page.

If this module is installed other modules may add rows/info to the log report page by implementing: MYMODULE_watchdog_event_extras_alter(&$rows, $dblog)


Securimage CAPTCHA

Screenshot of Securimage CAPTCHA

Securimage CAPTCHA provides a way for users of forms to verify they are human by entering a series of characters read from an image or audio sample. Compared to other CAPTCHA methods, Securimage:


OG Mollom

Provides some OG Permissions for Mollom. Initially this will allow certain roles of a group to bypass mollom, but may be expanded to include other permissions. This will also require a (yet-to-be-written) patch to OG.

Requires the patch in

Entry Gate

Cookie Setting

Block Search engine from indexing site and also unauthorized access while in development or in any condition you want to keep sites secure from others.

If you don't want to put your site in maintanance mode but want to prevent early access to your website during its development, then this module is very helpful for you.

Flag vote

Allow users with the appropriate permission to vote on a flag. When a specific number of votes is reached, some action is carried out. Some built in actions (e.g. unpublish entity). Also a hook that allows the action to be defined in another module..

Proof-of-Work CAPTCHA

Plugin for CAPTCHA module.

Proof-of-Work will be required to submit form. As a result in order for spammers or bots to submit a lot of spam, they need to spend a lot of CPU cycles which should become not worth it. On top of it most of the spamming software and bots simply can't run JS to do Proof-of-Work at all.



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