IP Whitelist

IP White-list module allows the user to provide access on particular node to particular set of IP address(s).
IP White-list Module provides an interface to the admin user to provide the range IP address to allow them access to a specific node.
The module allows the administrator to specify a redirect URL as well in-case the specific page is accessed by a non-white-listed IP.

Image-Recognition CAPTCHA

Screenshot of CAPTCHA provided by Image-Recognition CAPTCHA

Image-Recognition CAPTCHA provides a CAPTCHA that challenges the visitor to recognize a subset of images within a set of images. For example, the visitor may be challenged to identify all the images with trees.

The module has no dependency on external services. This is a difference from some other modules providing image-recognition CAPTCHAs, such as reCAPTCHA.

Distil Registration

Drupal.org specific module

This module was developed with the specific architecture of Drupal.org in mind. We do not recommend it's use for Drupal sites in general. If you are a maintainer of a Drupal site who would like to take advantage of Distil Networks protection we suggest you look into the Distil Networks Cloud CDN offering.

Simple User Filter

This module does the same thing that Simple Regex Filter module does, except it applies filters to the author of a node / comment.

Form Protect


Form Protect is a tiny, simple, non-invasive spam protection for forms. The protection is based on the assumption that spam bots are not running JavaScript when loading targeted forms.

Comparing to other similar modules, this one is only redirecting the submit to a blind page when JavaScript is disabled. Similar modules:


The CAPTCHA that teaches South Africa
the 11 official languages one word at a time.

Try it out at:

To use simply enable the iCaptcha module and click on the "Add iCaptcha to this form" link at the bottom of forms!


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