Webforms Captcha

This modules makes it easier to add CAPTCHA to webforms.

Fancy Captcha

Fancy Captcha is a prettier, more-intuitive way of verifying humanity versus a standard captcha mechanism. Instead of computing a mathematical equation or decyphering a random image, Fancy Captcha asks users to drag an apporpriate icon onto a specified area of the screen.



Adds a CAPTCHA challenge type called "ReCAPTCHA Modal". Includes ReCAPTCHA. Works great on Webform at the moment, but still much needed to be coded.

Mother May I


Most Drupal sites that allow user login are plagued by account requests from abusers and bots whose only intent is to post content to the site for nefarious purposes. While Drupal supplies tools that are effective at keeping them out (Captcha, for example, and administration approval of new accounts), there's still some level of overhead for administrators.

Mother May I provides a simple to use extra hurdle to reduce the bother of spamming account requests. It's primarily useful to sites with a limited target audience (at least for authenticated accounts) where valid users have some side information about the group. The site administrator can define a site-specific "secret word." Anyone requesting an account must enter the secret word before even a temporary account is created.

It's highly recommended that sites not depend solely on Mother May I to vet account requests, but this is an easy way to block spam requests from abusers that manage to get past the existing filters.


The site administrator specifies a secret word. A user requesting a new account must enter the secret word before account creation can proceed.



This module helps you to specify a list of email address (comma separated values). After you save the settings, During user-registration process, this module will compare the email address entered with the list saved by admin. If it matches, only then the new user can successfully register. Example: efgh@gmail.com,"abcd@example.com",ijkl@xyz.com (so, only these email addresses are allowed to register in the site)


A text scanning and spam detection framework for Drupal.

Created and maintained by:
* Felix Delattre (xamanu) - http://drupal.org/user/359937
* Jens Reinemuth (openweb) - http://drupal.org/user/1294566


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