Email Image Display

and extension to the email module to allow for links to emails address contact form as an image with the email address in it

Image CAPTCHA Refresh

Image CAPTCHA Refresh


This module adds the link for refreshing image into very popular module for widget image_captcha.

If you're interested in helping with this or have problems with this module, please contact me or open an issue in the Image Captcha Refresh module issue tracker.


Milyennap CAPTCHA

This is a hungarian CAPTCHA, that asks the user "What day it is today?". In english this isn't a good solution, because better robots can answer this - as you can think, this is not the case in the hungarian language :)

The module offers 3 different questions:

  • What day it is today?
  • What day it is going to be tomorrow?
  • What day was it yesterday?

Restricted contact

Restrict the contact form so that logged-in users cannot change their sender e-mail address or name on the site and personal contact forms. This stops logged-in users from spoofing e-mail and/or using the "Send yourself a copy" feature to send spam.

Also, add the text "(Unverified)" to the sender name of messages sent from the contact forms by anonymous users.

Report spam

Integrates with the spam module to allow users to mark a piece of content as spam. Depending on their role, this will increment the spam value for that piece of content. A user can only mark a piece of content once, and only if the content is not already considered spam.

I wrote this module with the intent of using it on


Mollom Blacklist

Mollom does a terrific job in catching and preventing spam, although recently some of my sites have still been getting spammed as Mollom isn't catching everything. I have been manually processing uncaught spam and adding the links to my mollom blacklist. This modules allows admins to flag content from content list and add it to a blacklist queue. The queue can be used to choose which links should be added to the sites mollom blacklist.



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