Content Trust

This module allows administrators to define a trust threshold for user content. New users posting content (nodes or comments) will automatically drop to a specially created moderation queue, where as users with a defined number of published nodes or comments will be allowed to post normally.

This module plays well with Mollom, so users who have built trust will still have their posts moderated if Mollom decides so.

This module should be considered a final defence against manual spammers on systems where it would be unfeasible to moderate all content, e.g. forums.

Anti-Bot Forms


Anti-Bot Forms adds a defensive alteration to site forms, requiring the
user to process Javascript on the page in order for a form to submit without

Few spam bots implement a Javascript engine, and most of the bot traffic an
average site sees are drive-bys: the bot hits the site in the hope that it's
running a specific widely used platform, and tries to be as economical as
possible in delivering spam.

Thus most spam bot traffic can be blocked just by requiring Javascript activity
in order to submit forms.

spam filter

The Spam Filter module checkes the text content of nodes and comments for existence of any spam-text as a substring. If any spam-text is found the corresponding node or comment is set as unpublished. The spam-text are stored on database and new text can be added, deleted and edited using the UI provided by the module. There is a Validate Content section using which a text-paragraph can be tested against the current list of spam text.



Fixes "CAPTCHA session reuse attack detected" messages on certain AJAX-submitted fields (currently the File module's Upload field).


This module is aimed to call external Spam Databases in order to have information on the new users who are registering on your site.


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