Asirra AntiSpam

Form With Asirra HIP

Asirra is a human interactive proof that asks users to identify photos of cats and dogs. It is developed using Captcha module. It provides spam protection to your drupal site using external antispam service Asirra.



The Yandex.Captcha module uses the Yandex CleanWeb web service to improve the CAPTCHA system.

Boost Captcha

The module allows boost caching of Drupal pages with forms with CAPTCHA for long durations without running into the "Session reuse attack detected" error. The module allows forms with CAPTCHA to be cached even after the CAPTCHA session expires by allowing the CAPTCHA to be re-loaded using AJAX when a user starts filling in the form.

IP Block

Block user access based on their IP address.
Also provide Maxmind integration to block Proxy users.


  • IP 2 Locale
  • Smart IP


This module is supported by AG Prime

Spam Blackhole

This is a simple module to fight against spam submissions on a site. This module replaces form actions with a dummy URL which is then replaced during form submission using javascript. All spambot submissions (from bots that don't execute javascript) will go to a blackhole. Will require javascript to work for normal users.

Comment control

This module gives you pre-moderation function for some comments that includes bad words or disallowed urls. Bad comments will have unpublished status and have to be approved manually on page 'admin/content/comment/approval'. All other comments will be published as usual.

If all comments already pre-moderated you don't need this module.


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