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Module provide protection against all spam-bots without JS processing

E-mail No-Reply

Are you looking for a way to specify a no-reply email address for all mail coming from your Drupal site without having to muck around with the MTA configuration on your server? You might think, "Oh, I'll just go change the site email address in Drupal." Unfortunately, Drupal sends important notices such as user registration to that email address, so if you change it to a noreply address, you will no longer receive those notices. By default, many contributed modules such as Backup & Migrate and Mollom use this address as well.



Regcheck is a super lightweight and simple module that adds a hidden checkbox on the user registration form, and kills the registration process if it is checked. This is an easy way of keeping registration open on your site while still being protected from robot users.

Just download and enable the module to utilize its functionality.


Drupal spam killer

Poured by the massive spammers attack? Your comment approval queue is overloaded with thousands of spamming comments? Kill them, simply delete all your comments approval queue with spam killer.

Spam Module D7

Port sandbox to D7


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