Badbot is a spam-prevention tool (compatible with all forms on the site). It works by requiring the client to have JavaScript support, throwing an error when JS support is not present. Spam bots cannot handle JS, so this goes a long way towards blocking them without displaying pesky (and unreliable) captchas.

There is a detailed explanation available of this module's specifics.

How to use:


Simple Anti-Spam

Protected form

Simple anti-spam module to prevent automatic spam from anonymous users.

Module adds for certain forms two new elements — checkbox "I'm not a spammer" and hidden checkbox "I'm a spammer". If user not checked first checkbox or checked second checkbox, form not submitted and display warning message.

Second features:


Civil Rights CAPTCHA

Civil Rights CAPTCHA example

The Civil Rights CAPTCHA module uses the Civil Rights CAPTCHA free anti-spam CAPTCHA service. The Civil Rights CAPTCHA provides a fact about a human rights issue or event and requires the user to select a word that matches how they feel. The CAPTCHA is passed if the answer showing empathy is selected.

Commons Content Moderation

This project has been merged into the main Drupal Commons repository with #2009294: Consider moving invitations field and notifications code from commons notify into commons trusted contacts..

For Drupal Commons 3.4 or higher, visit to download commons and use this module.



Test Sandbox


efence in action on User registration page

efence can do the following for you:

Protection against spam and malicious bots that can harm your web resources: efence is an alternative to CAPTCHA which protects your website against spam and makes it fun for the user to solve challenges. It presents an interactive picture based challenge for the users giving them a break from typing those boring twisted characters. It brings in the fun factor while avoiding the serious spam. Moreover it's an ideal spam protection tool for handheld devices. Just ask your users about what they like doing on their mobile or tablet, typing those twisted characters or just touch, tap and slide. The answer would be exactly what efence offers.

Guaranteed user engagement with your valued digital advertising and marketing materials: In case of a traditional CAPTCHA, when the user fights with those ugly looking twisted monsters, all that precious time and attention gets wasted with no benefit at all. efence empowers you to capitalize on this precious time and effort. What do you get ? dedicated eyeballs, guaranteed user engagement. This is done by providing great control and flexibility in creating your own branding images for guaranteed engagement. To place your branding images for free, please contact us at


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