IP Block

Block user access based on their IP address.
Also provide Maxmind integration to block Proxy users.


  • IP 2 Locale
  • Smart IP


This module is supported by AG Prime

Spam Blackhole

This is a simple module to fight against spam submissions on a site. This module replaces form actions with a dummy URL which is then replaced during form submission using javascript. All spambot submissions (from bots that don't execute javascript) will go to a blackhole. Will require javascript to work for normal users.

Comment control

This module gives you pre-moderation function for some comments that includes bad words or disallowed urls. Bad comments will have unpublished status and have to be approved manually on page 'admin/content/comment/approval'. All other comments will be published as usual.

If all comments already pre-moderated you don't need this module.

HoneyPot For Commerce

This module provides HoneyPot and timestamp methods of deterring spam bots from completing drupal commerce checkout form.


This module exists thanks to the generous support of Monsoon Consulting.

Stop spam registrations

How module works

This small module blocks user registraion if his email's domain is in blacklist.


Install module as usual. Then go to configuration page and set your own email domains blacklist.


  • Module was designed and developed by Spleshka.
  • Module development was not sponsored by anyone. It was created for the love of Drupal.


What is Antibot?

Antibot is an extremely lightweight module designed to eliminate robotic form submissions on your website in an innovative-fashion. The module works completely behind the scenes and doesn't require any interaction from the end-users (no annoying CAPTCHAs!). The only requirement to the end user is that they must have Javascript enabled. If they do not, the protected forms will be hidden and a message will appear, telling the user that the form requires Javascript be enabled in order to use it.

Antibot aims to:

  • Prevent automatic spam submissions on your site's forms (like comments).
  • Be as lightweight as any module could possibly be.
  • Protect forms while still being able the cache the page.
  • Avoid any end-user interaction or annoying CAPTCHA codes.
  • Be more reliable than a honeypot trap.

How does it work?

  1. Admins choose which forms to enable protection for by specifying the form IDs.
  2. CSS is used to hide the form and display a message that the form requires Javascript in order to be used.
  3. The form's action path is switched to /antibot.


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