This module helps you to specify a list of email address (comma separated values). After you save the settings, During user-registration process, this module will compare the email address entered with the list saved by admin. If it matches, only then the new user can successfully register. Example:,"", (so, only these email addresses are allowed to register in the site)


A text scanning and spam detection framework for Drupal.

Created and maintained by:
* Felix Delattre (xamanu) -
* Jens Reinemuth (openweb) -


The goal of this module is to directly accept and process DMARC reports.

Email Image Display

and extension to the email module to allow for links to emails address contact form as an image with the email address in it

Image CAPTCHA Refresh

Image CAPTCHA Refresh


This module adds the link for refreshing image into very popular module for widget image_captcha.

If you're interested in helping with this or have problems with this module, please contact me or open an issue in the Image Captcha Refresh module issue tracker.



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