Mollom Blacklist

Mollom does a terrific job in catching and preventing spam, although recently some of my sites have still been getting spammed as Mollom isn't catching everything. I have been manually processing uncaught spam and adding the links to my mollom blacklist. This modules allows admins to flag content from content list and add it to a blacklist queue. The queue can be used to choose which links should be added to the sites mollom blacklist.


Comment Antispam

Simple antispam solution.
Module check comment's text and if strings '


GraphMath CAPTCHA is a graphical version of the well-known Math CAPTCHA, which is part of the CAPTCHA module. In this case the mathematical equation is hidden in an obfuscated image. The amount and types of distortion
and noise can be configured along with the image type, the types and sizes of the fonts used, and color settings.
This module is intended as a submodule of the CAPTCHA module. This module was built using the Image CAPTCHA submodule of the CAPTCHA module.

Block Commenter

This Block Commenter Module will provides a flexible method for Drupal site
administrators to block the list of registered users from commenting
corresponding to selected content types.
Thus it prevents spammers from commenting on the Drupal site.
Watch video demonstration of block commenter
To configure this module,


Poem Captcha

Poem CAPTCHA example

Poem CAPTCHA is an unique kind of CAPTCHA which uses verses of poems displayed as an image with disturbing informations in the background to provide a challenge.


This project integrates with the OpenX ad server to provide an ad based CAPTCHA.

An input filter that expands a simple macro into an OpenX JavaScript tag for banners, campaigns or zones is included.


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