spam filter

The Spam Filter module checkes the text content of nodes and comments for existence of any spam-text as a substring. If any spam-text is found the corresponding node or comment is set as unpublished. The spam-text are stored on database and new text can be added, deleted and edited using the UI provided by the module. There is a Validate Content section using which a text-paragraph can be tested against the current list of spam text.



Fixes "CAPTCHA session reuse attack detected" messages on certain AJAX-submitted fields (currently the File module's Upload field).


This module is aimed to call external Spam Databases in order to have information on the new users who are registering on your site.

Enkoder for Drupal

Want to guard against spam? Want to make sure sensitive information isn't easily nabbed by an automated script?

Use Enkoder for Drupal! This uses the logic behind Hivelogic's Enkoder to encode any field or arbitrary text in a recursively self-evaluating block of javascript, foiling all but the hardiest of spambots.

You can use this to harden any text-based field and this module also exposes a general-purpose php function (sclib_enkoder) for your own custom uses.

This module is supported by time from the Sierra Club.

Why use this?

In my examination of the Drupal module landscape, SPAM-hardening solutions either tend to be focused on forms (like CAPTCHA) or provide very limited email encoding (such as by providing HTML entity encoding or exposing an input filter).

By using this module, you

  1. can arbitrarily harden any core text field, even ones that don't use an input filter
  2. can arbitrarily harden any text, not just things look like email addresses.

Comment IP

IP address of each comment displayed in the table on the comment overview page.


This module displays a comments IP address in the comment overview page and allows you the option to "Delete the selected comments and block their IP's" from the comment overview dropdown list.

Another CAPTCHa free

Module provide protection against all spam-bots without JS processing


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