Automatic IP ban (Autoban)

Ban bots using rules

Autoban allows to automatize IP ban using watchdog table by the module rules. Need enable Database logging module (core). The module ban IP by cron, recommended to use an external cron.

Rule module finds IP in watchlog table entries and inserts IP to banned IP table. By default, IP is inserted into blocked_ips table (admin/config/people/ip-blocking). After installing IP_ranges module you can ban IP range (aaa.bbb.ccc.0 - aaa.bbb.ccc.255).

Simplenews Drush Sanitize

Sanitizes Simplenews Email addresses in exported SQL


Admin settings page

MinFraud module integrates with Maxmind Proxy detection and Light GeoIp

You will need an API Key to use this module. To know more about Maxmind proxy detection.

Module Features:

Disable Registration

This module helps to prevent spammers registration from certain e-mail domains.
You can manage the blocked domains on the admin page "admin/config/people/email-blocking".



Aspam is a challenge-response test for web forms to determine whether the user is human. Aspam offer the new idea of challenge-response test to block form submissions by spambots and automated scripts.


IP Whitelist

IP White-list module allows the user to provide access on particular node to particular set of IP address(s).
IP White-list Module provides an interface to the admin user to provide the range IP address to allow them access to a specific node.
The module allows the administrator to specify a redirect URL as well in-case the specific page is accessed by a non-white-listed IP.


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