Obfuscate field formatter

Obfuscates email addresses as a Field Formatter of the core Email field.

Provides a simple and flexible way to prevent spam by using the core default Email field.
For some reasons, you should prefer to leave the field formatter of some view modes to Plain text or Email.
All the view modes (default / full, teaser, search index, ...) that exposes publicly email addresses should define the fields to Obfuscate.

Credits to Alexei Tenitski for the obfuscation solution on the first release.

Email confirmer

Provides an API and a service for email address confirmation.

G Captcha

This is a module for integrating Google reCaptcha V2 as well as the new Google Invisible Captcha.

Due to the way in which features that are to be implemented in the module, it was decided that a new module should be built with no dependencies on the Captcha module. This is to allow for more fine-grained control over specific security settings and Captcha types attached to each form.

Conversation AI

The module implements the Perspective API, which serves models created by the Conversation AI research initiative.


ArvanCloud, the first public CDN, Web accelerator and cloud security system in Iran


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