Visual Captcha

Module that integrates the usability of the visualCaptcha PHP library into Drupal

Cookie Content Blocker

This module will help you prevent the loading of specific parts and related scripts of a page until consent for placing Cookies and related technologies is given.

With this module you won't need a complete Cookie wall. Blocked parts of your content will dynamically be loaded and shown only after giving consent. No page refresh is needed and no additional calls are made to the back-end.

You can optionally show a message (with a button) instead of the blocked content. You can also just block attached JavaScript files without blocking any other content.

Rules flood

A rules wrapper for Drupal's flood control system.

Statistical Spam Filter

The comment spam box of the ssf_comment submodule

A statistical spam filter module for Drupal 8 based upon b8 - A statistical (“bayesian”) spam filter implemented in PHP by Tobias Leupold.

b8 has been designed to classify forum posts, weblog comments or guestbook entries, not emails. For this reason, it uses a slightly different technique than most of the other statistical spam filters out there.

This module offers a service that other modules may use to create their own spam prevention functionality. No outside services are required to use this module.

A submodule for blocking comment spam is included in this distribution (see below).

Stop Forum Spam Client

Stop Forum Spam

Stop Forum Spam Client makes use of the api services for blocking spam, spammers and spambots.
The modules aims at blocking spammers from registering and unregistered users from spamming.


  • Prevents known spammers from registering as user
  • Detects and disables registered users that are known spammers
  • Blocks known spammers from posting content
  • Blocks known spammers from posting comments
  • Blocks known spammers from sending contact mail
  • Maintainer can report individual content and comments as spam
  • Maintainer can report individual accounts and contributions by those accounts
  • Whitelisting of usernames, e-mail addresses and IP addresses
  • Can caches api calls to
  • Can delay form submissions by known spammers


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