Proxy Rules

This module can be used to write Drupal rules that take actions on unwanted connections, e.g. through anonymous proxies or from bots.

Possible uses include writing a hook_boot to block all unwanted incoming connections, or use of the rules module to limit access to a subset of site functionality, e.g. account creation.

Automatic Image Moderation

The module uses the Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services API to moderate images and prevent to show images with racist or adult content.
This module should be used on all sites where users are allowed to upload images (fe. in Community solutions)

About the API:

Simplenews flood

This module introduces flood protection for all Simplenews subscription form blocks. The module leverages Drupal core's flood protection mechanism with no dependencies albeit for Simplenews.

Floodcontrol Settings API

flood control

What is this module?

If you want to extend Drupal core's flood control mechanism to your custom forms then
this module provide
1) an API to construct an admin form to manage flood control settings per form.
2) an example module (D8 version for now) to implement flood control to your custom form.

1. You need to implement hook_floodcontrol_settings in your custom module to construct the admin settings form.
2. Then in your custom form submission add code something like

Comment approver

On a busy website where administrator and moderators deal with high volume of comments, to moderate each and every comment could be a daunting task. Sometimes admins skip comment moderation but that could lead to high amount of spam, to address that need this module was built. The idea behind the module is for system to run some tests like profanity, sentiment analysis and for comment to be automatically published / unpublished as per the rules configured.


Check DNS


The Check DNS module simply prevents user registration with invalid email domain on user registration form.

It validates email domain before registration and checks if the domain exists. This prevents false registration.



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