Disposable Email Address Blocker

DEA Blocker protects Drupal form email fields by disallowing mailbox addresses from a custom blacklist of Disposable Email Address domains.
Its main usage is to avoid user registration with temporary/disposable email addresses (DEA).

Multiple Recaptcha on One Single Page

Select a Captcha Type for a form

This module will add a challenge type into the dropdown that allows an admin to select a captcha for one of the defined forms.

If all forms on a page use this challenge type, the reCaptcha will show up for all of them.

Spam Link Block

SpamLinkBlock Configuration

SpamLinkBlock is a simple module which main purpose is to prevent spam by blocking form submissions that contain links.

Majority of spam on the web have some kind link attached. If your form does not need to accept links this is a great way to limit spam submissions.

Additionally, users can create a list of “Stop Words” which should also block form submissions.

This is a stand-alone module but for best effects it should be utilized together with other spam prevention modules like honeypot or antibot.

Advanced ban

Advanced ban module allows administrators to ban visits to their site from IP addresses.

  • IP range ban (IPv4 only)
  • Ban expiry date
  • Whitelist IP addresses

File require email

Submission of an email address before a file can be downloaded.

Currently a work in progress and not complete & working module.


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