Zhilagg is a module to gathering data form several feed(RSS) addresses and scrape data, convert them into custom entity type accessible via views.

Apachesolr GetSatisfaction

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This module provides the bare need of indexing GetSatisfaction content along with Drupal content. It does so by hitting the API, creating a queue and working on that queue every cron run.

*.ics field


The *.ics field module provides a field type, along with a widget and a formatter that, when added to a node and combined with a Datetime field can produce *.ics (iCalendar) files that can be used with an email/calendar client program.


This module requires the following modules to be installed/enabled:

Wayback Submit

You are, of course, publishing your new articles to your own website.
But you could, by checking a box, make sure that the page was submitted right there and now and that the scraper form archive.org came around and grabbed your new content.

Feeds Entity

Leverages Entity API to provide new sources and targets for Feeds importers.


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