Restricted links filter

This simple module adds a CKEditor filter that allows you to check the access permission for the links inside the editor for which the current user does not have access to them.

Actually you could remove those links or replace them with another url.

Ex. Create a node with this two links inside it and view the node when you're logged in and after when you're anonymous.

<a href="/user/register">Register</a>
<a href="/admin">Admin area</a>

Drupal Perimeter Defence

Basic perimeter defence for a Drupal site. This module bans the IPs who send suspicious requests to the site. The concept is: if you have no business here, go away.

Use the perimeter module if you get a lot of requests to 'wp-admin' or to .aspx urls on a linux server, or other similar requests.

Currently, the module bans users who generate "page not found" events for requesting any of the following url patterns:


Provides tokens for fields acquired from MYDIGIPASS.COM authentication.



Enable like any other module.
MYDIGIPASS.COM tokens will be available in all places where tokens are enabled.
For security and usability reasons, only the tokens enabled on admin/config/services/mydigipass/user_data_fields can be used.


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