Client-Side Encryption

This is a module implementing RSA encryption of data on the client side.
It's currently storing the public key and the cipher text on the front end.
I'm working on storing ciphertext and keys on the backend.
Here are a few screenshots from the current status:
/cse/store trying to encrypt without generating key

/cse/gen generates and locally stores the keys:

Shared Secret Access Control

This is a really simple module that allows you to lockdown access to your site by only responding to requests that contain a valid secret inside a custom HTTP header.

The primary purpose of this is to lockdown access to Drupal for use with Web Application Firewalls (WAF). Since a WAF is to protect your site, it can only do so if traffic does not bypass it and so this module's design is to deny unauthorised requests.

This module does require some setup with the WAF to forward the shared secret header.


ArvanCloud, the first public CDN, Web accelerator and cloud security system in Iran

Crypto Sandbox

Client-side crypto library for Drupal 8


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