Content Pager

Split up the long posts into multiple pages.

Menu Pager

Menu Pager adds a block for each menu that adds previous and next link navigation based on the current page.

It does this by flattening the menu tree to calculate which links should come before and after the menu link corresponding to the current page. This can optionally be restricted to links with the same parent as the active menu link (by default, it uses traverses the entire menu tree).


Menu Pager provides a simple API for retrieving previous and next links for a given menu item.

Views HTTP Pager

This module adds HTTP Link headers for the "pagers" of a Views Rest Export.

Simply enable it and you will see Link headers such as:

Link: <>; rel="self", <>; rel="first",
<>; rel="next",
<>; rel="last"

This can be used to facilitate client-side paging by systems integrating with your Views-driven Web API.

Entity administration and history

entity_admin screenshot

The Entity Administration and history module displays all entities on a unique page, in a similar way that nodes can be administered on the admin/content page.

This new page will help to :

  • easily access to your datas or configurations.
  • monitor changes on you site, thanks to the history tag.
  • perform mass update or deletion operations.

Field group Bootstrap Scrollspy

Integration for Field Group module and Bootstrap enabled theme to use Bootstrap Javascript Scrollspy.


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