Entity administration and history

entity_admin screenshot

The Entity Administration and history module displays all entities on a unique page, in a similar way that nodes can be administered on the 'admin/content' page.

This new page will help to :

  • easily access to your datas or configurations.
  • monitor changes on you site, thanks to the history tag.
  • perform mass update or deletion operations.


Field group Bootstrap Scrollspy

Integration for Field Group module and Bootstrap enabled theme to use Bootstrap Javascript Scrollspy.


This is a port of Clean Pagination module for Drupal 8.

This module will change pager links and will work only with selected pages.

Main functionality options was copied from the 7.x version.

Views remote pager (VRP)

A common views task is to display a set of node teasers, filtered and ordered by any condition. However, these filters and orderings are limited to the actual views display in the first place and is lost once a visitor follows the link to one of the result nodes, seeing the actual node page.

If you do not like the existing common approaches (like using fields instead of teaser row style, cloning full node displays into another paged view, manually maintaining book structures or node orderings etc) or if you simply want to extend bookish navigation to any views result containing teasers, VRP may be a remedy.


Cacheable forms

This module was created primarily to address issues related to the cache_form table in Drupal.

1. Ajaxified forms throw an error if the the form was served from a cached page after the corresponding record in cache_form was deleted
2. cache_form table size can grow to be extremely large in enterprise websites


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