OVH Mailing List

List of mailing lists

This module is independent of OVH company

This module provide way to manage mailing list created on OVH backoffice.
Feature of they first release :
* List mailing lists
* list/add/remove subscribers

Reply To

Many email service providers, such as AWS SES, require a validated 'From' email address. However, by default Drupal 7 allows any email address as the from address. For example the contact module uses the user entered email address as the 'From' address.

Reply To is a very simple module that replaces every outgoing mail's 'From' email address with the site email address, and adds the original 'From' as the 'Reply-To' email.


Entity reminders

This project's goal is to aggregate all the functionality of several Drupal reminder projects.

Main tenets of reminder API:

  • Reminder API only handles the storage configuration, notification, and repeat/unsubscribe functionality
  • Integrations only provide a reminder criteria, and eligible users

With Reminder API you can build reminders similar to the ones that many other modules provide like:

Email UTM

Automatically adds utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_term and utm_content query parameters to every URL in an email.

A UTM query parameters enable Google Analytics to tell you where searchers came from as well as what campaign directed them to you.


This modules requires hook_mailkeys from Mail Editor to be implemented in modules. Example:


Mailgun Advance

This module provide basic functionality of mail using Mailgun like send mail via Mailgun and also provide the Mailgun Mailing list functionality. where you can create mailing lists using Mailgun Mailing List API. A mailing list is a group of members (recipients) which itself has an email address, like This address becomes an ID for this mailing list.

Currently I have developed this module for 7.x using Mailgun API > 1.7 and working on 8.x module.

Mail on login

This module is use to send email after users logged in on website.
But new thing is that by using this module admin can choose users
list by this path [admin/config/mailonlogin] to send them mail.


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