Apsis mail

Interacts with the Apsis mailing list REST api.

  • Provides a subscribe form as a block
  • Allows subscribe and unsubscribe in user edit page



阿里大于模块主要集成阿里的短信服务,阿里大于,具体访问 http://www.alidayu.com/


Ezmlm Roles

This module maps Drupal roles to Ezmlm mailing lists and adds/removes users from those lists as appropriate.

Documentation is contained in the README.txt. Currently this module is not ported to Drupal 8 but that's on the list of future items.

Mail Guide

This module provides advanced email address checking. Detecting mistyped email addresses in javascript. Domain blacklist.

Repeat Registration Email

The module adds "Confirm E-Mail" input right after regular e-mail field at user registration form, and verifies that the emails match.

The module does not have any configuration, the input is added when the module is enabled.


Simplenews OG

This module integrates Simplenews and Organic groups to allow OG administrators to send newsletters to group members.
So far it works only with OG 7.x-2.x and Simplenews 7.x-1.x.


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