Mail Copy

Sends bcc or cc copies of all or selected outgoing emails to predefined list of email addresses based on mail_id patterns inclusions / exclusions.

Send Bulk Email CSV

Send bulk email using csv file.

Swift Mailer Force HTML

This Drupal 8 module creates a very simple Swift Mailer mail plugin which checks each mail body for HTML tags, and forces that email to be in HTML format if any is found.

The only configuration required is selecting "Swift Mailer (Force HTML)" as your mail plugin, instead of the default Swift Mailer plugin, and everything else is handled automatically.

This requires the Swift Mailer module to work.

Email attachment helper

This is a module for developers who want to attach files programmatically to emails send from Drupal 8. This module doesn't send emails but rather intercepts emails from other emails. If an 'attachment' key is present in the $params array, it will be converted into an actual MIME attachment.

This module has no configuration options.

Example code to put into your module:


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