Push Notifications (jembree)

This sandbox project is a fork of Push Notifications.

Patches applied are:

Forgot Email

Forgot Email
Today every user have multiple E-mail ids So they forgotten which E-mail address registered in a Site.
This module helps to user can known which E-Mail Address they registered with a Site and then they can reset the password .

Forgot Email module is provided with a configuration page. This configuration page configure to alternate field of retrieve the Email address.


Module integrate Drupal 8 with Freshmail mailing system - http://freshmail.com/

In config page You need add mailing list hash, API key and API secret key.

API key can be get from http://freshmail.com.

Freshmail block, add simple block with form, were users can subscribe to your newsletter.

Import and Invite

The main purpose of this module is used to find out the imported users count and send a notification mail to those users using cron.

Email Field Subscribe

Email field auto subscribe to subscriptions.

Add-on for Email field (https://www.drupal.org/project/email) to auto subscribe entities to subscriptions (newsletters) on entity insert, update, or delete.

Currently this module supports Simplenews (https://www.drupal.org/project/simplenews), but can very easily support more subscription modules. Create an issue if you would like another subscription module supported (or submit a patch).

MailJet Formatter Bridge

Bridges an email formatting module (HTML Mail or Mime Mail) with MailJet's sending capabilities.

Drupal's mail system has two primary functions when acting on an email: *format* the email and *mail* the email. MailJet is a great system for sending emails, but those emails are still formatted in plain text.


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