Support Mail

This module simply send an email from the website.

Live Chat Slack

Slack integration for your website

Finally your visitors will be able to chat with you in private. For each visitor a Slack channel is created. Your visitors use the block provided by this module while you answer from within Slack.


Helper module for Swift Mailer.

Takes care of inline WYSIWYG images that are inserted in body text using relative paths (default behaviour for most WYSIWYG editors).

Personal digest

Prepare some views with a special digest argument.
Each user's settings page allows selection from those displays & frequency
Users receive periodic emails containing several views with a one-time login link in the footer to the settings page.

E Greetings

A module that sends electronic wishes and greeting cards (e-cards) to a e-mail address or group of address on a scheduled date / time or now. Supports from Drupal 8.x Onwards

Contact Emails

How to access the Manage Emails section

This module provides a more versatile interface and functionality for managing
emails that get sent from Drupal Core Contact submissions. It allows users with
the new permission 'manage contact form emails' to add as many emails as
desired, each with a different recipient or set of recipients (including the
submitter of the form), each a different subject or message. It supports text formats (WYSIWYG) as well as tokens.


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