Disposable Email Address Blocker

DEA Blocker protects Drupal form email fields by disallowing mailbox addresses from a custom blacklist of Disposable Email Address domains.
Its main usage is to avoid user registration with temporary/disposable email addresses (DEA).

Klaviyo Subscription

Klaviyo Subscription module provide Klaviyo email marketing with Drupal 8, Admin will need to add klaviyo api and he/she will be able to add/edit lists from klaviyo to drupal.

User will see checkbox of each created list on register form and will be subscribe if he/she checked that checkbox, later user will be able to edit subscription from profile edit page.

Workflow Notifications

Mail List

This module provide a way to configure a mail for state transition by the support of workflow module. Based on the state change, Mail template can configure. This is applicable for all entities. By using this, can also trigger a mail based on role or particular mailId.


Email token

Email token


This module provides 3 tokens.

(a) [etf:gin-title] gives current node title. (blank for front page)

(b) [etf:gin-url] gives current node url.

(c) [etf:gin-email] provides an email link.
A link will get generated "mail me" embedded in a div with class "gin-email-token".

Mail Settings Checker


This module was created in order to alleviate some of the issues related to the mailsystem settings getting automatically reset due to losing access to the mailsystem file. Please see https://www.drupal.org/node/2832447 for the issue discussed.

Verification Code

Verification Code

Verification Code module provide extra authentication ability for Drupal. By integrate with Drupal forms, verification code module can send short dynamic code to user's email or mobile phone, user need to enter the right verification code to submit a integrated form.



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