Swift Mailer Force HTML

This Drupal 8 module creates a very simple Swift Mailer mail plugin which checks each mail body for HTML tags, and forces that email to be in HTML format if any is found.

The only configuration required is selecting "Swift Mailer (Force HTML)" as your mail plugin, instead of the default Swift Mailer plugin, and everything else is handled automatically.

This requires the Swift Mailer module to work.

Email attachment helper

This is a module for developers who want to attach files programmatically to emails send from Drupal 8.

This module has no configuration options.



Obfuscate field formatter

Obfuscates email addresses as a Field Formatter of the core Email field.

Provides a simple and flexible way to prevent spam by using the core default Email field.
For some reasons, you should prefer to leave the field formatter of some view modes to Plain text or Email.
All the view modes (default / full, teaser, search index, ...) that exposes publicly email addresses should define the fields to Obfuscate.

Credits to Alexei Tenitski for the obfuscation solution on the first release.

Simplenews Scheduler Lite

Simplenews Scheduler Lite allows users to send a newsletter on a specified date and time. Unlike Simplenews Scheduler, which was designed for recurring sends, you just need to set a date and wait for cron to run.

This module also supports Date popup and Date popup timepicker.


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