Unisender API

This module provides integration with Unisender, a more affordable alternative to MailChimp email delivery service. The module makes it possible for website users or visitors to control which of your email lists they want to be on (or off).

The code in mostly taken from MailChimp module, and rewritten to adapt Unisender API features:

MS Exchange Mail System

This module allows drupal to send emails through MS Exchange Web Services by providing an implementation of the MailSystemInterface .

MailChimp Accounts

MailChimp Accounts is a sandbox project that uses the MailChimp module's hook_mailchimp_api_key_alter to support a more robust implementation of multiple MailChimp accounts (and API keys) for a single Drupal install. This module has currently been tested with MailChimp Signup, MailChimp Lists and MailChimp Automations.

A few examples of possibilities with this module include:

Subscribe Newsletter

Newsletter Listing Page View

The Subscribe Newsletter Module provides functionality to subscribe for the Newsletter.
A block which can be placed in any region. Authorized person can see a list of all emails which are subscribed.

Support Mail

This module simply send an email from the website.


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