Australian postcodes

This module creates entities for Australian postcodes.
It does this by importing from a csv file that is included in the module.

NOTE: The included csv file is quite old (2011 I think, back when it was free). A more recent version can be purchased from though I have not seen the format of the newer version so can not be sure it is in the same format.


Panels Bean Widget

Did you ever wanted to add a bean to a panel but you can't export a bean, don't want to have content on git and dont wan't to lose your modifications on panels in a feature revert? Then this module is for you!

The module provides a widget that works like a placeholder in panels, you add the module to a panel, input the Bean Label (it's called delta on database), and exports with features. It's just like if you were using a machine name in a bean, instead of depends on bean ids.

How to use:

When editing a panels page:


The goal of this project is to parse a views_json url and create a file that can be sent to an ftp server. This will be developed for D6 since services is not available. This gets around CORS and provides a way to distribute your view on a cron schedule in a usable format.

Export PDF

This module provides "save as pdf" function for nodes and users
(please report to me if you need other entity types).

Before you save an entity as pdf, you can choose which fields of this
entity to print and which not.

Scald Services


Scald Services is Services resource (hook_services_resources callback) for creating Scald atoms (media), eg. via json.

Currently only atom creation, not retrieval (easy to add, we'll see what the interest-level is like).

Works with uploaded files of any atom type (tested with atom types: image, audio, video, file). Also works with Scald Youtube and Scald Vimeo.


This project is provided as a features module. You need to have features installed.


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