Mailhandler D8

This is a sandbox project created as a part of Google Summer of Code 2016. It will be used to port Mailhandler to Drupal 8.



A Feeds fetcher module that handles OpenAM authentication


Access Feed URIs that are secured by OpenAM

InDesign Importer

The InDesign Importer is a starting point to allow content imports from an InDesign XML file. This module has been designed around the idea that a single InDesign file contains many pieces of content that are related to each other. For example, an InDesign file can be a representation of a single magazine issue containing many articles.

This module creates a base class which has no use unless extended by a sub-module you create. The extending class in your submodule needs to define the destination ie: node type, as well as any additional fields.

Scraper (D7)

Bringing together the collection of fetchers, scrapers and Parsers for importing remote content.


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