With this module you will be able to upload and view SCROM packages using Drupal.


H5P SCORM module has following dependencies:

HTML to entity

Import schema definition

Html to entity is a module that allow to import any html page to Drupal, giving you the opportunity to decide which part of the page you want to save in which field of a Drupal entity.

This module make an intensive use of Migrate and is plugin and service driven allowing it to be extended in the Drupal way.


  • Migrate (core module)
  • Migrate Plus

Recommended modules

  • Migrate Tools

Feeds paragraphs mapper

This module allows the feeds module to import content into paragraphs.

Webform LinkedIn Tokens

General information

This is a light weight module and an extension for the Webform module, to populate web form fields with user profile data from LinkedIn through tokens.


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