XPath scraper

XPath scraper allows you to scrape data from another website by parsing html using xpath.

How does it work:

  1. Download and enable XPath scraper module.
  2. Create new module that requires XPath scraper and put the configuration at {module_name}/src/Controller/ScraperConfigController.php.


kindly see xs_test which has the following files:

Config Role Split

Splitting roles when filtering configuration.

Feeds Spreadsheet

Provides an Excel parser for Feeds, which allows us to import very big data from Excel files. It's similar to Feeds Excel. The key difference is the library they are based on. Feeds Spreadsheet uses Spreadsheet Parser library which has much better performance than PHPExcel.

Term CSV Export Import

A module for those who need to import and export taxonomy terms via csv.

Similar Projects
None known for Drupal 8

Latest release of Drupal 8.x.

Enable the module
Go to /admin/config/content/term-csv-import
Go to /admin/config/content/term-csv-export

Drush Async API


Current Maintainer: Reinier Vegter

Drush Async API provides you a simple API (using hooks) to create queues of
operations/tasks and let them be processed multi-threaded (multi process
In the event of - for example - loading and saving all nodes in a large
content-repository, Drush Async API dramatically increases processing speed
by using a multitude of simultaneous workers, making use of all you
server's cores.


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