Text formats report

Provides a birds eye view of the usage of text formats, which is useful when analyzing this part of a drupal site's configuraiton.

Displays information around the usage of text formats available to the site, including:

  • Filters enabled for each format.
  • Custom blocks using the formats.
  • Entities using each formats.
  • Bundles using each formats.
  • Fields using the formats.

Also included:

Url to Video Filter


This module adds a new input filter that automatically converts URLs for various video sharing websites into embedded players into the text. It works much the same as the Convert URLs into links text filter, however instead of converting URLs to links, it instead converts the URLs into embedded videos.

Supported Services

Currently this module supports the following services:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo

If you have another service you would like added, please open a feature request in the support queue.

Dynamic Links Filter

This module provides a filter that converts predefined keywords into links. The keywords and links are defined via a custom administration panel.

CK Editor Tweetthis

Ck Editor Tweetthis Plugin
This module is useful in tweeting sentences in a content page quite easily. Provides a WYSIWYG plugin for making text in content tweetable, just by clicking on the sentence or phrase itself.

The module will create a twitter link button in the CKEditor.
Any plain text in the ckeditor can be converted into twitter links using this button. These links upon clicking will navigate to twitter page along with the text, source page url and a via hashtag. The via option can be added through the form interface provided.

Ace Editor Drupal 8

Project Description

This project port Ace Editor module for Drupal 7 to Drupal 8.

Ace is a code editor written in JavaScript, allowing you to edit HTML, PHP and JavaScript (and more). in a very natural way. It provides syntax highlighting, proper indentation, keyboard shortcuts, auto-completion, code folding, find and replace (including regular expressions). Try out a demo of the editor here.

CKEditor BiDi Buttons

Integrates the CKEditor BiDi plugin with CKEditor for Drupal 8. This plugin provides the bi directional text flow buttons, RTL and LTR .

The CKEditor BiDi plugin makes it possible to change the text direction for an HTML block-level content element like paragraph, table or list. This ability is essential for authoring content in languages that are written Right to Left like those with Arabic and , Hebrew writing systems.


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