Message Token Filter

This module provides an input filter that replaces tokens for Message entities. This is meant primarily as a solution to the issue in which tokens inside links are messed up by input filters when sending a message. By using this module you can keep your favorite filters for messages.


ColoFilter CSS

Integrates the ColoFilter CSS library for image effects in Drupal using CSS blend modes.

Using this module you can add any one of the 30 effects on any image field in Drupal. Among other uses, it works great for profile images adding a cool color filter to any image. No coding necessary!

Widgetfy Filter

Widgetfy Filter is a filter to turn video links into HTML embed widget.


Onomasticon is a text filter to provide basic glossary functionality in Drupal 8 by using a designated vocabulary that contains all glossary terms.

CKEditor Div Manager


This module integrates the Div Container Manager plugin with CKEditor for Drupal 8.

CKEditor Dialog API


This module integrates the Dialog and Dialog UI plugins with CKEditor for Drupal 8.


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