Portable path plus

Fork of Portable path. Provides input/output filters to store/restore paths using either stream wrapper notation or a managed file ID token.

Restricted links filter

This simple module adds a CKEditor filter that allows you to check the access permission for the links inside the editor for which the current user does not have access to them.

Actually you could remove those links or replace them with another url.

Ex. Create a node with this two links inside it and view the node when you're logged in and after when you're anonymous.

<a href="/user/register">Register</a>
<a href="/admin">Admin area</a>

Image auto ALT Filter

After adding to a text format, this filter will parse the contents of submitted content and automatically add ALT tag with extracted keywords to images, if they don't have it.

D8 Entity Editor Advanced Link (Linkit)

Linkit field

Adds linkit support for link field in the entity embed dialog.


8.x-1.x only works with linkit 8.x-4.x which is maintenance only.

CKEditor Browser Context Menu

Image of CKEditor context menu (with "NO" on it) and Browser context menu (with "YES" on it)

This module disables CKEditor's own context menu (right-click popup menu) and allows the Browser's own context menu to display normally. This will allow users to use the browser's built-in spell checker, autocorrect and other built-in options.

NOTE 1: This is done by disabling the contextmenu, tabletools, and tableresize plugins. If you need these functions, do not install this module.

NOTE 2: There may be options in the browser's context menu that may not be handled properly within the CKEditor editor. Test these browser context menu options before relying on them.


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