Table Bootstrap Filter

Activate Filter

Table Bootstrap Filter makes it possible to automatically apply the Bootstrap classes on the tables included in the editor.

You can delete the width and height styles of the tables.

Developped by SERVAL

Editor Advanced Image

Editor Advanced Image

Enhances the inline-image Dialog in D8 CKEditor.

Collapsible Drag 'n Drop

Managing drupal's menus relies heavily on draggable tables. Dragging menu items around to order them and manage their hierarchy is very intuitive.

But this system breaks down when your menu structure starts getting more and more elaborate, which makes it difficult to drag parent items with many children. It becomes almost impossible to handle an item if its sub-tree is bigger than your screen!

This module makes it possible to collapse these sub-trees to make the drag 'n drop action easy and intuitive again.

CKEditor Tweetable Text


CKEditor Tweetable Text - is an extension to the Drupal 8 CKEditormodule.

Provides an input filter and WYSIWYG plugin for making text in content tweetable, just by clicking on the sentance or phrase itself! .

Embedly Filter

The Embedly Filter module provides a text filter to embed URLs using the Embedly service.


Embedly (


Install as usual, see


Enable the Embedly filter for any text format at Administration » Configuration » Content authoring.


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