Dropcap ckeditor plugin

dropcap configuration


This module extend ckeditor plugin to insert dropcap and Improve the content authoring experience by using CKEditor's new widget interface.

-- Requirements --
* [CKEditor Drupal module](http://drupal.org/project/ckeditor)

Base64 Image Clean

This is a small module designed to do one thing: prevent base64 image data from reaching your database. Why would you want this? two reasons. The first is database size, since base64 image data can be quite large, bloating out tables. The second is search API, since you don't really need base64 data to be indexed, this prevents the search API from scanning through it.

Embed Templates

Clients often have a need for taking code from a third-party service and injecting that into their site through embed codes. Tracking pixels, third-party forms, and media assets are good examples of embeds that your clients might request for their web application.


Obfuscate field formatter

Obfuscates email addresses as a Field Formatter of the core Email field.

Provides a simple and flexible way to prevent spam by using the core default Email field.
For some reasons, you should prefer to leave the field formatter of some view modes to Plain text or Email.
All the view modes (default / full, teaser, search index, ...) that exposes publicly email addresses should define the fields to Obfuscate.

Credits to Alexei Tenitski for the obfuscation solution on the first release.

Highlight taxonomy terms

Provide textfilter to highlight taxonomy terms.

Field Case

Case notification

Content contribution hints related to case, for text fields

Notifies content editors if

  • the case is not compliant with the contribution guideline (e.g. ucfirst, propercase, ...).
  • a certain amount of caps are detected (e.g. caps lock activated).

The contribution hint is displayed while typing to avoid overhead on the field description initial state.


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