CKEditor Image2

CKEDitor Image2 captions and alignment

Image2 is an enhanced image plugin for CKEditor that supports image captions, CSS class-based alignment and centering.

This module effectively replaces the default Image plugin that comes with CKEditor with the Enhanced Image plugin.


This module requires CKEditor Standard or Full version to be installed in your site's libraries folder. CKEditor version 4.4 or higher is recommended. This module should work with both the CKEditor module OR the Wysiwyg API module, but currently has only been tested against the Wysiwyg API module.



Adds the field's body classes to every CKEDITOR instance. Automatically adds these:

  • type-ENTITY_TYPE (eg. type-node)
  • bundle-BUNDLE (eg. bundle-page)
  • field-FIELD_NAME (eg. field-body)

and you can add more in the field instance config.

Medium editor

This project has moved to - see you there :-)

URL filter reloaded

The drupal core filter "Convert URLs into links" (filter_url) is converting strings with "@" into email addresses even if there is no domain suffix present. (eg: working@home). While those strings contain valid domain name (home is a fully valid domain name by standard) with the current usage of "@" character this might not be the desired effect. (this is the topic of the ticket 2016739 )

Square Crop Effect

Image Effect for Image Styles.

This module fills a need for square crop effect that doesn't require any height or width to be specified. It examines the dimensions and produces the larges square possible (cropped on a top-center anchoring).

It also works great as a fallback filter to ensure squares for styles that also rely on modules like manualcrop or smartcrop.



Trim strips all leading and trailing whitespace from all fields in all form submissions.

The module trims prior to validation, so for instance if you have an integer field and a person entering data fat-fingers a space after a number, he gets a successfully saved node rather than an error message about invalid input.



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