External Repository Update Status

For connecting with external repository services such as github or bitbucket in order to obtain update status information for custom work. Currently only supports GitHub.


By default ERUS will pick up any module that uses the project status url option in the .info file of the module or feature.

project status url = 'http://www.example.com'



This module exposes the Box API to Drupal, and provides functionality other modules may leverage, such as authorizing Box Apps, and handling saving/refreshing of access tokens.

Media Wrapper

Sandbox project to create a media field formatter than can handle ANY media type based on the media module.

This means users can upload or embed images/files/video all in the same field and change the display settings per content type rather than having to tie a field to a particular file type as per the current media/field formatter relationship.

This module provides a media field collection for all the media related fields along with a custom field formatter for the media field itself. Out of the box this provides:


Description will be added once module code is pushed.

Turn.js Magazines

Make a flip book with HTML5
Works on most browsers and devices
Simple and clean API



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