Multisite Matcher

This project deals with organizing and automatting a multisite setup, especially in variying environments with more than one (virtual) host, database, setting or configuration.


File Entity Fonts

Adds a Font file type for the File Entity module. Includes font mime types missing from core for eot, woff, ttf and otf files.

Resumable field

Resumablefield provides field widget that allows multiple simultaneous, stable and resumable uploads via the HTML5 File API.




Conveyor provides a way to push and synchronize content and configuration from one environment to another. This tackles a common problem that content cannot be migrated across different drupal instances (e.g test, staging, production).

Private file url


Configuration Tools

Config Tools is a package of modules that help to manage your Drupal 8 configuration files. This includes two modules currently.

  1. Active configuration file handling
    Stores your current active configuration as yml in a specified directory. This is especially useful for tracking changes to your configuration through some VCS.
  2. Git Configuration
    Auto commits changes to your configuration to a specified git repository for every configuration change.



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