File Shelf

File Shelf remove the access to the "unpublish node files" automatically.


Drupal doesn't have the ability to stop users to access files when an associated parent entity (e.g. Node) is unpublished. Instead old file links will still remain accessible even the old revision is outdated. This becomes an issue when users click on any old file links that cached by search engines until you remove the files entirely from the server.

File Link

This module provides a field that extends the core Link module field by storing metadata about the target file like size and mime-type. The link URI must point to file not to a directory. The site builder can define a list of allowed target file extensions.

Windows Azure Storage

Windows Azure Storage

This module is a fork of the Windows Azure Blob module which looks to have been abandoned for more than a year.
This module only support the Drupal 8.x.

S3 File Sync

S3 File Sync

Module Description

The S3 file sync module uploads any file or image to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Solution (S3). The module can be used to facilitate a Digital Asset Management solution (DAM) with AWS S3 as the storage backend.


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