S3 File Sync

Module Purpose

  • Uploads any file to AWS S3
  • Generates image renditions and uploads them to AWS S3
  • Uploads files synchronously or asynchronously

Funnelback Accessibility auditor

Integrate to Drupal the Funnelback Accessibility Auditor web service.
The Funnelback Accessibility Auditor tool examines files for accessibility issues. Currently it can check HTML and PDF documents.

In this module we integrate the auditor tool to the file upload widget in Drupal to allow live checking of the accessibility of a file.


Integrating Imagga smart cropping as an image style.


s3fs file proxy project logo

When content presents hardcoded paths of files migrated to Amazon S3, they would 404 at the localhost. With this module, they will instead be retrieved from s3.

Field filepath updater

Field filepath updater allows you to optimize the existing file system to maintain a nice clean filesystem based on the node creation time. It creates the new directories in public directory to store the images/files in a particular pattern.


  • Sort the files on the basis of year and month of node creation.
  • Creates a cleaner file system.
  • This module performs its operation on the basis of content type.


Album Hierarchy

For showing albums in a hierarchy of years and months of uploaded date of image, Album Hierarchy creates an album page having list of years album and on clicking to every year album, month album comes and next is list of images with an option to like & write comments with list of comments on image slider.


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