Image Tag


Image Tag aims to be the image tagging solution for Drupal, providing a flexible suite of modules for "tagging" areas in an image. Other examples of this include Facebook, Flickr, iPhoto, etc.

The main Image Tag module provides a fieldable image tag entity that defines the bounding box of a tag. It will be possible to define any number of tag types with different fields. Possible examples may include: user tag, simple text annotation tag, product tag to tag multiple products in one image.

Module Skeleton

Module Skeleton

This module allow users to create skeleton of module.

Step for module skeleton :

Step 1 : goto Administration >> Configuration >> Module Skeleton.

Step 2 : Enter the relevant information and submit the form.

Step 3 : After submit you will get zip file. extract its and use as custom module.

Basically it gives you module structure format. so you did not need to create files manually.

Redirect File

This module provides support for redirecting public file assets.

The following problem exists with the redirect module:


File Resumable Upload

Step 1: The widget is displayed

File Resumable Upload aka file_resup adds large files multiple and resumable upload to the File and Image field widgets.

Watch Daily Dose of Drupal Episode #181 about File Resumable Upload on!


Multisite Matcher

This project deals with organizing and automatting a multisite setup, especially in variying environments with more than one (virtual) host, database, setting or configuration.


File Entity Fonts

Adds a Font file type for the File Entity module. Includes font mime types missing from core for eot, woff, ttf and otf files.


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