Embed Import


The module provides an easy way to import javascript code such as Facebook Tag, eXelate Publisher Tag or Google Remarketing Tag


AmazonS3 Filefield Sources

AmazonS3 Filefield Sources provides integration between AmazonS3 and Filefield Sources, to allow content administrators the ability to attach to any entity a file that already exists on an S3 bucket, thereby removing the need to upload a file to S3 via the Drupal upload form.

This is a necessity for any websites that are providing access to very large files that are hosted on Amazon S3, such as media and games.



Provide a field type: package.
Allow collecting files into a pack.

Git repo: https://github.com/drupal-rain/package


External Image File Storage

This project mainly help to remote upload images to some hosting services like Picasa, Imageshack, Imgur, Postimage, etc.


Append File Info

Adds file info (file type icon, extension, size) to local managed file links.

This module offers a filter called "Append File Info Filter" which adds file info to any Media links (ie. media/3), File Entity links (ie. file/3) and Drupal core File links (ie. sites/default/files/example.pdf).

It also offers a theme override which adds this information to themed file links.


S3 File System CORS Upload

This module is a fork of AmazonS3 CORS Upload, re-written to work with the S3 File System module, rather than AmazonS3.

This module requires S3 File System v2.x.

You must install the jQuery Update module and set it to use jQuery v1.5 or later. Otherwise, the CORS uploads will fail.



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