example settings

When uploading files to the local file store on the server drupal defaults to disallowing symlinked locations outside of the document root.

This is a security feature which is designed to prevent file uploads being crafted to give access to system files.

When files are saved a 'streamwrapper' is called which handles the saving of the file and also does the check for symlinked folders

File Download With Counter

Provide an option to download a file and count the number of downloads

File Upload notification

This module provides an ability to send a notice Email to a node owner, user, site administrator as a new file is uploaded and save to a node or an user profile.

This is module requires the File module

Google Drive Uploader

This module provides a field to upload files directly to Google Drive and a formatter to display Download/View in drive link. It uses the Gauth for authentication and implements the "browser upload method" so the file never hits the Drupal file system. It saves storage and no limitations of file size. I plan to provide other features of google drive in later versions of the module.


GitHub Library

This module can to download any libraries from GitHub.
And It has UI for menage these libraries.
Of course only for *.js and *.css files.
In general the module provide UI to hook_library().

CKEditor Media Widget

The project started out as trial to understand and use CKEditor Media module. After many hours of learning I found myself rebuilding this module. This is using all the work what has been done on Media WYSIWYG and uses CKEditor widgets support.

This module is NOT duplicate of Media CKEditor module since it uses WYSIWYG module approach.



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