Scald File Validators

Administer provider scald maximum size file upload and extensions allowed.

With this module you can configure for each enabled provider that uploads files, the maximum size of the files to upload and which are the extensions allowed.

File Access Permission

The File Access Permission module helps to manage the private file usage over the website.
The file access based on the following type.

File require email

Submission of an email address before a file can be downloaded.

Currently a work in progress and not complete & working module.

Dropbox upload

Dropbox upload allows you to add a new field type called dropbox_upload. Files added with this field are directly uploaded to an attached Dropbox account and stay there. The folder structure can be defined per field and can be token based.

When visiting content with dropbox files then the files are showed correctly.

Entity Browser remote stream wrapper widget

This module provides an entity browser widget implementation of the api provided by the remote stream wrapper module.

AWS Transcoding

AWS transcoder API integration with the Transcoding API module.


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