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Page2Images module allows user to create a website thumbnail preview in the content using only a website URL.

This module is sponsored by: Jeney Repro Ltd.

The module requires a free or paid account from Page2Images, who is the service provider.


FileField Sources View

This module is an extension of FileField Sources. It adds a file source based on existing files but uses a view to filter the list of existing files that may be referenced.

On the field settings form, you may specify the view and display to use.


S3 File System Migrate

Configuration form

This module integrates with the S3 File System (S3FS) module (version 2.x). S3FS enables storing newly uploaded and generated files on Amazon's Simple Storage Service. S3FS Migrate allows migrating existing locally stored files to S3. S3FS Migrate has the following features:


File Download

Provides a formatter to use that allows users to download file and image entities directly. This is a split of functionality from file_entity.



This is a personal module that extends Webform2PDF allowing you to save the PDF files to Webform file components from the same submission being saved. If the submission is modified, the module modifies a component to alert that the PDFs generated previously are expired. This component is modified again when generating the PDF.


Local / Network Files

Show network files outside the web document root on site pages.



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