File upload

General information

The Drop2S3 module provides a custom file field that renders a drop area that
upload files directly to AWS S3 bucket using the Evaporate JS.


  • Use Dropzone JS, popular plugin to Drag & Drop files;
  • Use Dropzone JS configurations as maxFilesize, acceptedFiles and more;
  • Upload files directly to AWS S3 using Evaporate JS;
  • Progress bar indicating the remaining time.


Use the README.txt into the module folder, it's contain all information necessary.

File field download link timestamp

This simple module will provide a way to alter all file download paths slighty to avoid some file caching systems to prevent blocking access to new file versions. This module will add a checkbox to file field configuration page.

Use case

Some aggressive file caching may cache files based on the filename, failing to refresh the file when it is being updated in Drupal filesystem. This may happen when users are allowed to overwrite existing files with new versions instead of adding new files with new names (new version of file.pdf becomes file_0.pdf).


Settings form

The aim of this module is to provide integration of tools provided by BPMN.io.

The module provides some file formatters for BPMN, CMMN and DMN files.


Because BPMN.io projects are not distributed under GPL compatible license, you will need to compile the scripts by yourself.

To do that you will need node.js (and npm which comes with node.js) and then enter npm i.


Integrates https://github.com/adamsro/DropzoneS3 with Drupal. Access Control on files directly uploaded to S3.

FlowJS Uploder

Drupal FlowJS Integration


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