Open Atrium Folders

A folders and files management solution for Open Atrium 2.


  • Folders with file attachments
  • Folder or folder section as blocks or panel panes
  • Folder download as zip archive


Entityreference prepopulate


Workbench Access File Entity

Enforces Workbench Access on File Entities from Media 2x. Not thoroughly tested. Only works with taxonomy based access control for now. Also, doesn't work with the custom workbench access form option yet. See this feature request in Workbench Access.


Media Browser Override

Overrides the settings for Media 2.x's Media Browser and Media Browser WYSIWYG plugin.


File Entity Link Display Mode

Adds a display mode setting for File Entities that links to the file entity, not the file itself.


Upload Archives

This module was created to preserve filenames of uploaded documents. When a file is uploaded through Drupal, a folder is created with the filename and a subfolder with the file's timestamp. The file is moved into this folder and renamed to the value stored in the filename attribute.



The module can be configured at /admin/config/media/upload_archives.

There are two options available for configuration:

Embed Import


The module provides an easy way to import javascript code such as Facebook Tag, eXelate Publisher Tag or Google Remarketing Tag



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