A plugin to make Drupal work with Qiniu's storage and CDN services.

In-Place File Replace

file_replace screenshot

Sometimes an editor just needs to replace a file, nothing more and nothing less.

This utility module offers the ability for managed files (file and image field files) to be replaced without changing the path to the file and without the need for additional admin and editorial interfaces. It adds a "Replace" option on each file field widget that triggers a simple modal file replace upload form via AJAX. The replacement file assumes the exact same path, physical file name and file ID as the original. Any validation rules enforced by the file field are also re-enforced for the replacement.


Integrates the PHP FFMPEG with the media module.


Manage external css & jss through Drupal admin UI & Contexts. Files support multiple versions based on prod/stage/dev environments for easier development on production instances.
This module was developed by Interscope Records and designed with Acquia Sitefactory in mind to accommodate building sites in a multisite environment off a shared codebase without the need to push out updates for theme-level updates.

based on Javascript Libraries Manager

Feature List

File Exists

Module checks if the file uploaded already exist on the server or not. If it exist then throws error.
This notify user to choose file directly from server rather than uploading it twice.

Recommended modules to use along with this module:-

Cloudinary Integration

The module provides a library and stream wrapper of Cloudinary service.

It can help user easily to use Cloudinary image transformation in Drupal, and it can convert all drupal default image effects into Cloudinary transformations.


This module include several sub-modules, some modules can be used alone as other modules.


Provides image transformations of Cloudinary, implements hook_image_effect_info().

Provides image style feature with Cloudinary image transformations.



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