MIME file validator

"MIME file validator" validates file type on server side. This is simple module. In drupal 7, files validate only on file name extension.
This module is dependent on "fileinfo" php library.
There is no setting related to this module. Automatically working after installation


This module allows users to generate access token dynamically and
allows users to upload files to box.com through CORS method with out uploading the files to local file system.

This module requires a Box Application to be created from
https://app.box.com/developers/services. Please specify the urls of the website in the configuration settings.

Créditos rápidos File Manager Lite

Créditos rápidos FM is a web-based file manager that has a drag & drop user interface powered by AJAX. The lite version has limited features.


Linkit picker file

What it does

Provides integration between file_entity and linkit_picker.

How to use

  • Enable the module.
  • Go to "admin/config/content/linkit_picker".
  • Enable the file tab.

File Accept

Adds an accept attribute to all file upload fields that have allowed extensions set. When provided with this information, browsers will only allow files of that type to be uploaded via dialogs, instead of offering all files.


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