Append File Info

Adds file info (file type icon, extension, size) to local managed file links.

This module offers a filter called "Append File Info Filter" which adds file info to any Media links (ie. media/3), File Entity links (ie. file/3) and Drupal core File links (ie. sites/default/files/example.pdf).

It also offers a theme override which adds this information to themed file links.


S3 File System CORS Upload

This module is a fork of AmazonS3 CORS Upload, re-written to work with the S3 File System module, rather than AmazonS3.

This module requires S3 File System v2.x.

You must install the jQuery Update module and set it to use jQuery v1.5 or later. Otherwise, the CORS uploads will fail.


Lexicon Meta

The Lexicon Advocate Image

Lexicon Meta


* Introduction
* Features
* Requirements
* Installation
* Configuration
* Roadmap
* Similar Projects
* Maintainers



File Entity Archive

Adds an archive file type for the File Entity module. Includes some archive mime types missing from core.

Bulk download field formatter

This module create a field display formatter for "image" and "file" type fields.

  • It outputs a link to download all the content uploaded in the field instance.
  • Configurable link title
  • Make it easy to download the field content as a .zip package.

Image Tag


Image Tag aims to be the image tagging solution for Drupal, providing a flexible suite of modules for "tagging" areas in an image. Other examples of this include Facebook, Flickr, iPhoto, etc.

The main Image Tag module provides a fieldable image tag entity that defines the bounding box of a tag. It will be possible to define any number of tag types with different fields. Possible examples may include: user tag, simple text annotation tag, product tag to tag multiple products in one image.


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