Symfony File

This module provides the tools for work with files in object-oriented style. Namely, it uses a File subcomponent from HttpFoundation component of Symfony.

Angular Media

Rethinking the media dialog interface with the help of Angular.


* A better user interface for selecting and editing files in Drupal
* Easy multi-upload built-in to every selection method
* Search for and easily add creative commons photos with proper attribution


Media Field Collection

Small tweaks to better integrate the Media and Field Collection modules.


Image Insane

Enables drag and drop image replacement. Change image field values in entity view mode.

The problem
It takes long time for editors to change images on site: you have to find the correct node, open up the edit form, find the right image, upload, then save the node - it's a lengthy process.


Page2Images logo

Page2Images module allows user to create a website thumbnail preview in the content using only a website URL.

This module is sponsored by: Jeney Repro Ltd.

The module requires a free or paid account from Page2Images, who is the service provider.


FileField Sources View

This module is an extension of FileField Sources. It adds a file source based on existing files but uses a view to filter the list of existing files that may be referenced.

On the field settings form, you may specify the view and display to use.



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