Feeds Image Meta


This module was created for implementing the Feeds mapping API for file.module and image.module. It establishes a mapper for an image field title and its ALT values.

Media Browser Edit Link


This module fills in a missing piece of functionality. In Media Browser (media_wysiwyg) you cannot easily edit the fields of a file entity from the wysiwyg once the file is added.

This adds an "Edit" link above the preview image when you click the Media button for an existing embedded asset. Clicking the link opens the full file edit screen in another window.

This is designed to be compatible with Media 2.x branch. It plays nice with manualcrop, and adds "crop" to the link if present.


Image Private Token

With this module you can protect your images in your posts and prevent that another user link the image to own website.

Every X minutes (configurable time) the image token will change, internally is generated each time that the web is shown.

File Archive

What is File Archive
It provide a new field for entity. It collect all files that belong to the specific file/image field and create an archive from it.

Image style all

Use any path inside Drupal root to image style images. For example:

Derivative Generator

This module allows you to select image styles per field instance that will be generated when a new image is uploaded to this field. Image generation is done via a queue. You can run the queue with drush queue-run derivative_generator or with cron. When a derivative is not yet generated through the queue, visiting the url will still trigger the derivative generation.



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