Protected Download

This module provides a way to grant access to specific files for a limited period of time to anonymous users. The generated links are protected by a HMAC, i.e. a long string which is not likely to be guessed by an attacker.

Unlike private files delivered by Drupal core, downloads provided by this module are cacheable and also support HTTP cache revalidation. This makes it possible to efficiently serve assets to mobile applications while still maintaining some access restrictions.


Forbidden File Format

Provides setting for the file upload fields, which allows to upload all types of files except of specified.

For example you can deny to upload files with types js, exe, bat, com but all other types of files will be allowed for upload.

It can be useful if you want to give some freedom for users who want to upload something, but protect users who want to download something from dangerous files.


File Duplicates

The File Duplicates module provides a list of a site's duplicate files
by leveraging the filehash module. The filehash module generates hashes
of a site's files via MD5, SHA-1, and/or SHA-256 algorithms.

File Upload Secure Validator

This is a very simple and small module which performs a server side validation for the extension of an uploaded file of any content type's file field. Default drupal 7 file validation is performed by file_validate_extensions which only relies on the file name extension.


Media Internet Sources Check

Check all Media Internet Sources for validity and generate a report.

ownCloud Integration

Integrate Drupal with ownCloud such that all files in ownCloud will be known to Drupal as file entities.



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